People like to say that shadows are only present with light, but they die once the light is put out.  But that’s not true.  They turn into darkness, then.  But when darkness dies, the shadows return.  There’s no escaping from it.  After all, everyone has a shadow that follows them wherever they go.

Welcome to my blog, where I like to make weird metaphors about things in a probably lame attempt to be creepy.  While I do love creeping people out, I’m actually really nice once you get to know me, and I know when to dial it back.  Anyway, I like writing on the darker side of things, and I don’t shy away from what some people would call “objectionable content”, but I make sure it has a point and don’t get too gratuitous with it, and I always make sure to give warnings if I’ve got any of it posted here on the blog. (Generally speaking, though, this is a safe blog)

I post bits of my own stories here, along with reviews and general thoughts on writing and storytelling.  Blogs usually come out every Sunday, though on occasion I might post something special during the week as well.  If you like what you see, why don’t you stick around?  I’m always brimming with fresh ramblings.

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