11.11.93 – Night 4

They refused my resignation.  I mean, sure, most people hand in a two week’s notice, but this is just…  I honestly think they’re trying to get me killed.  I think they know what’s happening here at night and they don’t care.  It would make sense, considering the first phone call.  He said that if they discovered that I had died, they would wait until they had cleaned up all trace of incident before filing a missing person’s report.  They know.  They know what’s going on here and they’re denying everything.

I seriously considered just not coming into work tonight.  I wasn’t going to, but then I got a call asking if I was coming.  Like they knew what I was planning, and they were making sure I wouldn’t go through with it.  So I went, just like the nights before.  The night manager led me to the security room herself and made sure I was all settled in before leaving and locking the place up; they wanted me to stay, that’s for sure.

I played the message on the machine that was waiting for me.  It was… more than unsettling tonight.  It downright terrified me.

Hello, hello? Hey! Hey, wow, day 4. I knew you could do it.

Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow. *banging sound* It’s-It’s been a bad night here for me. Um, I-I’m kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you *clears throat* uh, when I did.

Uh, hey, do me a favor. *bang bang* Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room? *bang bang* I’m gonna try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. *bang bang* Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there. *chime plays*.

You know…*moan* oh, no – *noises followed by an animatronic screech and static*

I didn’t know what to do at that point.  That message… did I just hear the last words of this man I never even knew the name of?  This man who had tried so hard to warn me, to give me advice to stay alive?  Was he actually dead?  Check the suits in the back, he said.  Was he asking me… to check and see if he had been stuffed inside one of them?  If that was the case… was I about to suffer the same fate as him?

I was on edge that whole night, constantly checking the cameras and the lights outside my doors.  It felt a lot more humid in the room than usual, and even the fan wasn’t doing much to help.  I was having trouble breathing, but perhaps that was a side effect of the stress and fear of my situation.

This was… the worst night of my life.  Three times – three whole times – I thought I had died.  The first time, I felt a touch on my shoulder while I was staring at the monitors.  I looked up and Chika grabbed me and screamed in my face.  I screamed and kicked myself back, and my chair hit the wall as I kept my hands over my eyes.  When I looked up, Chika was gone.  I’m not… I’m not sure if that had been real even.  My heart throbbed in my chest and I was having even more trouble breathing than before.  It was so hot in this room.

It happened a second time, just as before.  While I was looking at the monitors, I felt a tap and looked up and Chika was there again, screaming in my face.  I pressed my hands over my eyes, not even able to scream myself.  My body shuddered with sobs.  Chika was gone when I looked up again.  Was this… was this just my paranoid mind playing tricks on me, or were the animatronics playing some sick game with me?

Well… the third time was the worst of all.  I was checking on Pirate’s Cove frequently; Foxy had peered his head out.  I was getting worried that he would leave the place entirely.  But after checking, I put the monitor down, and then Freddy jumped into the room and screamed.  I cried out so loudly my voice broke and my throat hurt.  I fell off my chair entirely and curled up on the floor, openly sobbing and begging him to go away.  After a moment I realized that I was okay and Freddy was gone.  My body ached so badly, both from sobbing and from falling out of my chair.

When I managed to steady myself and settle back in my chair, I checked my monitors again.  Foxy had come out of the curtains entirely.  I wiped sweat from my brow, checking the camera on Foxy every few moments to make sure he hadn’t moved.  And then it happened.  I checked the camera and he was gone.  In a wild panic, I switched over to the hall camera and I saw the most horrifying sight ever: Foxy sprinting down the hall toward my door.

I dropped the monitor screen and punched the button to drop the door as hard as I could.  I heard banging on the door and my power level dropped significantly.  But then it stopped.  I glanced out the window and there was nothing there.  I cautiously opened the door again before checking the cameras.  The hall was clear.  Foxy was back behind the curtain.  It was five a.m. and I still had enough power to last me through the night.  I was going to survive.  I was going to make it.

I continued to check on Foxy to make sure he wasn’t coming out again.  I checked the hall lights to make sure none of the others were around.  I was feeling confident.  But then the hall light at the left wouldn’t come on.  I tried closing the door, but that wouldn’t work either.  I knew, I knew that Bonnie was there waiting for me.  Waiting for me to drop my guard and look at the cameras.  I only had a little while to wait before the shift was over.  I could make it, I just had to wait.

But then another thought crossed my mind.  If I wasn’t checking the cameras, Foxy might come out.  If I couldn’t close the door, Foxy might come running down the hall again and get in.  Would he get in with Bonnie standing there waiting to jump in on me?  I don’t know.  The panic started to set in again.  I thought of hiding under my desk.  I kept checking the hall light on the other side of the room.  I was getting more and more scared and sweat covered my skin.  I was convinced Foxy was going to come back for me.

The clock chimed to tell me that my shift was over.  I let out a long, shaky breath, a last shuddering sob wracking my body.  The lights in the building came on soon after that.  There were no animatronics at my doors or even out of their place.  Somehow they always knew to go back at six a.m.  The day manager came to relieve me.  I was free.  Free at last.  I had survived the worst night of my life.  I had… survived.

But I have one night left to go back there.  Just one left.  It was a five night job.  I don’t want to go back.  But they’re not letting me get away with not coming in.  I’m so scared.  It just keeps getting worse and worse each night, and I hardly survived this one.  What’s going to happen to me tomorrow?  I don’t know…  I just don’t know.


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