11.12.93 – Night 5

I did it.  I actually… survived the night.  I survived the week.  I’m… alive.

I can’t tell you – you can’t even imagine the suffering I went through just waiting to go into work this last night.  I haven’t been sleeping well at all this last week, as you can well imagine.  First of all, working a night job doesn’t do well for your sleep; secondly, working a night job that is probably going to kill you makes your sleep even more impossible.  Every time I have slept, I keep having nightmares of being back in that place.  I kept trying to sleep the entire day but each time I did, I was back there.  Those things kept coming in to kill me.  Foxy popped in through the door and slashed me with his hook hand.  It was awful.

But that was nothing – nothing at all compared to what really happened my last night on the job.  The night manager set me in the room and left with this… sad, worried look on her face.  She obviously didn’t think I was going to survive the night.  I didn’t think I was either, to be honest.  So I sat there in my office, just waiting for the shift to officially start.  And that’s when I noticed the message waiting for me on the machine.  I was… hesitant at first.  After all, the message from the previous night made it sound like he had… died.  Maybe he hadn’t, though!  Maybe he survived and he was now going to tell me how I would survive too!  So I played the message.

What I heard, I… I can’t even describe.  It was the most horrible thing… static, a garbled, demonic sounding voice mixed with the horrible shrieks of the animatronics I had come to fear.  I-I don’t know… what it was.  When it had finally stopped playing, I was so scared that I was ready to run out of that room right then and there.  But I couldn’t.  They had already started moving out.  Foxy was already peering out from behind his curtain in Pirate’s Cove.  I was trapped here with them.  This was surely the end for me.

I didn’t want to relive those nightmares I had been having all day long.  I put my foot down and said that I would survive no matter what the cost.  Bonnie and Chika were always coming in at the doors beside me when I wasn’t looking, and Freddy seemed to do the same.  Foxy only came out if he wasn’t watched.  So I decided to be quick about my every movement.  All throughout the night I switched between checking the doors and the camera without cease, keeping my right hall door down whenever I looked at the camera, because that seemed to be where Chicka and Freddy came from, and they were the ones most aggressive toward me it seemed.

Near the end of the night, Foxy came sprinting down the hall, but I was ready for him.  I shut the door before he could get to me.  There were a few thumps but nothing else.  I was going to win.  But… that’s when I saw my power meter.  Foxy’s knocking had drained it quite a bit.  The power was going down farther and farther and I was getting more worried.  And then something worse happened.  I saw Bonnie at the door and tried to close it… but it wouldn’t respond.  I couldn’t turn on the light either.  I was trapped.  I sat there, panicking, my breaths coming in short, fast intervals.  I was done for.  I wasn’t going to make it.  This was the end for me.

As I watched my power meter go lower and lower, I was curling in on myself, ready to hide under my desk and wait for them to find me.  The power meter dropped to 0% and I held my breath, waiting for the lights to shut off completely.  But… then the clock chimed at 6 a.m.  The lights in the entire building switched on.  I couldn’t believe it for a moment.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.  The day manager came in, looked at me, seeming surprised that I was even in one piece, then he told me I could go, but not without first handing me a paycheck.

I did it.  I survived.  I survived my five nights at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria.  Oh thank God, I’m alive.  I’m alive.  I never have to set foot in that godforsaken place again.  Never… again.


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