11.11.87 – Night 4

I had another strange dream before going into work.  It was the same as the one before, except Bonnie and Chica were looking me full in the face.  But this time, as I looked between the two of them, I saw something else.  It looked like Freddy, but he was yellow instead of brown, and he had no eyes.  He just appeared in front of me all of a sudden, or rather standing beside Bonnie.  Then the static came again with the words “It’s me.”  I woke up.

I don’t know what to make of these dreams, or anything else that’s going on.  I actually did start hearing rumors about Freddy Fazbear’s from some neighbors and people at the store.  They talked about children who had gone missing back at the old location – something I knew nothing about – and that the place was ripe for horrible crimes like it.  I have a feeling it was just gossip that didn’t mean anything, but I wasn’t so sure.

My suspicions got even worse when I came in for the night and received my phone call from the head of security.  Here’s what he had to say.

Hello? Hello? Uh, hey there, night four! I told you you’d get the hang of it!

Okay, so uh, just to update you, uh, there’s been somewhat of an, uh, investigation going on. Uh, we may end up having to close for a few days… I don’t know. I want to emphasize though that it’s really just a precaution. Uh, Fazbear Entertainment denies any wrongdoing. These things happen sometimes. Um… It’ll all get sorted out in a few days. Just keep an eye on things and I’ll keep you posted.

Uh, just as a side note though, try to avoid eye contact with any of the animatronics tonight if you can. Someone may have tampered with their facial recognition systems – we’re not sure. But the characters have been acting very unusual, almost aggressive towards the staff. They interact with the kids just fine, but when they encounter an adult, they just…stare.

Uh…Anyways, hang tight. It’ll all pass. Good night!

A police investigation?  What would they be investigating, exactly?  He didn’t elaborate.  Is it something to do with the animatronics, or is there something else going on?  These thoughts whirred through my brain as I concentrated on what I was supposed to be doing.  The distraction nearly got me killed a couple times.

I have to say, tonight was brutal.  Winding up the music box is especially what’s getting to me.  Each night I’ve been here it seems to be unwinding faster and faster so I have to worry about it a little more each time.  Near the end of the night I thought my flashlight’s power had run out entirely.  It probably would have if I had to wait any longer than I did.

Foxy and the Mangle both kept appearing down the hallway in front of me, and several times I saw the old Bonnie standing there as well.  Did I mention that it has no face?  You can see the metal endoskeleton inside the head, and its eyes were glowing red when looking at it with the flashlight down the hall.  It came into my office once or twice; snuck up on me once when I was winding the music box.  I managed to get my mask on just in time.  Chica snuck up on me the same way.  Freddy also appeared just at the end of the night, one hand stretched out as if to take mine.

Strangely enough, I haven’t seen the newer models walking around much recently.  I don’t know if they ever left the show stage, but then again I haven’t been watching.  I’ve just been concentrating on keeping them away from me and winding the music box and that’s it.  There’s another animatronic, I don’t think I ever mentioned it yet.  In the game center, there’s what appears to be a standee holding balloons.  Apparently it’s called BB which stands for “Balloon Boy” or something like that.  I didn’t think it was anything but a standee.  But then I heard child’s laughter and a small voice saying “Hi” every once in a while.  Also, BB has appeared at my left-side vent several times.  Throwing on my mask makes him go away like all the others but… I dunno, it’s just creepy.

But I survived the night.  I just have one night left before getting paid.  I’m confident I’ll be able to do it.  I’ve survived this long, right?  And really, what’s the worst that could happen if they do end up catching me?


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