11.12.87 – Night 5

I had another dream, and this one was the most terrifying of all.  I’m convinced these dreams aren’t a coincidence.  Why would I be having so many similar dreams all in the same week?  It was the same as before: I was seeing through Freddy Fazbear’s eyes, with Bonnie and Chica on either side of me, but something else was there too.  I’m pretty sure it was that creepy puppet.  It was in front of me, staring right at me, its eyes glowing in the darkened room.  The worst part was, no matter where I turned my head, it was always following me so it never broke eye contact.  It ended with the static and the “It’s me” just like before.

I really didn’t want to go back to work tonight, but as I said, it was my last night.  I had to see it through to the end.  I mustered up determination that I would get through this and that the animatronics weren’t going to defeat me tonight.  I would be victorious just as I had the rest of the week.

The mandatory call from the head of security came in.  It was short and sweet this time, and more than a little suspicious and worrying.  This is what he had to say.

Hello, hello? Hey, good job, night 5! Um, hey, um, keep a close eye on things tonight, ok? Um, from what I understand, the building is on lockdown, uh, no one is allowed in or out, y’know, especially concerning any…previous employees. Um, when we get it all sorted out, we may move you to the day shift, a position just became…available. Uh, we don’t have a replacement for your shift yet, but we’re working on it. Uh, we’re going to try to contact the original restaurant owner. Uh, I think the name of the place was…”Fredbear’s Family Diner” or something like that. It’s been closed for years though, I doubt we’ll be able to track anybody down. Well, just get through one more night! Uh, hang in there! Goodnight!

So this was my last night here after all.  I can’t say I was sorry to hear that, but… what was this business about being on lock down?  And about the day shift position having just become available?  The way he talked, it sounded like something had happened with an employee, perhaps even the day shift guard who had worked here previously.  Maybe that’s why the shift had just become open for me; maybe he did something and… but I dare not think about it at the time.  I had a job to do.  Just one last job.

I didn’t realize how brutal it would be.  The music box was unwinding even faster than before and I could hardly keep up with it.  Foxy appeared down the hall even before I got off the phone.  I was in a constant sweat as I switched between winding the music box, checking the vents and flashing my light down the hall.  I had to put my mask on several times.

Then it finally happened.  Chica – the old Chica – snuck up on me while I was winding the music box.  I didn’t get my mask on fast enough.  After fumbling with it for far too long, just as I got it over my face, it was torn away and Chica got right up in my face.  Her two rows of teeth were so close to me, I thought I was going to have my head ripped off.  I fell backwards in my chair and my vision went black for a moment.

When my head finally cleared I glanced around, but my office was empty.  I stood shakily, pulling my chair back up and glanced at the security cameras.  They were all centered around the game room… all of them.  What’s more, they were pointed at the arcade games, which the one in that room never had been before.  Then one of the arcade machines switched on.  The screen of the arcade machine then encompassed the entire video feed.

It seemed to be some sort of game where you play as Freddy.  He went around the place chasing after the puppet which was hovering through the rooms.  The rooms were a bit… unsettling.  There seemed to be some bodies laying in some areas, and a puddle of blood in another.  There was garbled audio that sounded like someone saying letters, and then I realized they spelled out: S A V E T H E M.  When Freddy got to the last room, the puppet had vanished and there was a giant present box there, which is where the puppet stays at night.  There was also a body.  Freddy approached it and the screen went to red static.  Then the screens went black.

I glanced around, feeling for the first time a true sense of terror.  I glanced at the clock and it said it was still 12 a.m.  I thought it was later than that.  The screens switched back on and I immediately went to wind up the music box.  Then the normal cycle of things started again.

I kept more alert this time, making sure to manage my flashlight power as it didn’t seem I ever had much to spare, and keeping my mask ready to pull down every time I looked away from the monitors.  It got intense.  There were a few times I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.  Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy all appeared in my office, with Freddy reaching out as if to grab me.  But putting on the mask fast enough made them go away.

But at long last, the night came to an end.  All of the animatronics went back to their proper places and I was safe to leave my office.  I got to the front door just as the morning shift manager got in.  She looked me up and down, smiled, then handed me an envelope and patted me on the back and said, “Welcome to the family.”

I received my paycheck and went home, glad that I would never have to go back there at night again.  It was someone else’s problem from now on… that is, if the place was going to stay open at all.


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