Fan Fiction – The Day Severus Snape Turned Into a Pink Sparkling Vampire

This is a story I wrote with my characters Damen, Cecil, and Zultio as Hogwarts students and they decided to pull a prank on Severus Snape.  It’s silly and ridiculous and was ridiculously fun to write.  Please enjoy.

Harry Potter and all characters within Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling.  Damen Black, Cecil Ashwing, and Zultio Raeltann belong to me.

What’s that look for?” Damen asked as Cecil flopped down beside him in the library. Cecil grunted and shifted slightly, laying his book bag on the table.

I got detention,” Cecil said. “Didn’t you know?”

Damen blinked. “Why would I know unless I was in class with you when you received it? It’s not like we’re in the same House together. I’m not privy to everything that happens to you at all times.”

Cecil stared at Damen a moment then shook his head. “There you go with your big words again. Yes, I got detention. Snape gave it to me.”

Professor Snape,” Zultio said as he sat down beside Cecil.

And what did he make you do?” Damen asked in a half irritated, half amused tone.

He made me do lines,” Cecil muttered. “Made me write over and over, ‘I must not doodle in class’. Then he docked me fifteen whole points when I tried to give my natural talents passed down from my mother.”

Damen raised an eyebrow. “And just what is that supposed to mean?”

You know, my mum’s a Veela, and just because I’m not a full Veela or a girl, it doesn’t mean she didn’t give me some of her talent. They say Veela can charm any man who sees them, so I tried it on Professor Snape… like I said, he docked me fifteen points.”

I don’t even want to know,” Damen said, turning his attention back down to his book.

I want revenge,” Cecil whispered.

Damen and Zultio both glanced up at him. “Revenge on Snape?” Damen asked, raising an eyebrow. “For making you do lines?”

And docking me fifteen points.”

So you want revenge on a teacher for doing his job?”

Doing his job? He’s a lunatic! He just likes giving out detentions and taking away points left and right, unless it’s to students in his own House.” He looked Damen up and down and narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “You’re a Slytherin. You’re probably sticking up for him because of that.”

Damen closed his book and turned to Cecil. “I’ll have you know I hold no particular loyalty to Severus Snape. He doesn’t exactly fancy me, either. He says I’m too ‘rebellious’ for my own good and he’s somewhat surprised I didn’t end up a Gryffindor considering how ‘rebellious’ students are in that house.”

You mean like Harry Potter and his friends?” Zultio said.

Most likely,” Damen said with a nod. “But I’d prefer not to get involved with any of that. Draco Malfoy keeps trying to get me to join his little gang and I keep refusing and I think he’s whining about it to Snape or something. I really don’t know.”

Then help me get revenge on him!” Cecil said, raising his voice a little too high as the witch who happened to be the librarian came round just then and hissed at them to be quiet. Cecil coughed and shrank back down in his seat. “Please?”

Damen rested his head in his hand and glanced toward Zultio. “What do you think?”

Zultio blinked and glanced around. “Well… he’s not very nice, but we could get in trouble if we do anything to him… besides, it’s not good to do mean things to people who are mean to you. That’ll only make them meaner.”

Hey, I never said I was going to be mean to him,” Cecil said, shaking his head. “Just… get back at him. And he doesn’t have to know it was us.”

Us?” Damen raised an eyebrow. “What makes you think that whatever it is you plan on doing to him won’t be able to get traced back to you?”

I have confidence.”

Damen stared dully at Cecil for a moment. “Confidence isn’t going to make something happen. Confidence isn’t magic.”

Hey, I’m not fully human, remember? I’m half magical creature; confidence could be a magical trait for me for all you know.”

Damen shook his head. “You really are hopeless, Cecil.”

C’mon, help me out! Just… just hear me out, okay? Please? You’re really good at magic, Damen. You’ve even figured out how to do unspoken spells before we’re supposed to actually learn them. I could use your help.”

Damen sighed. “What do you want to do?”

A grin spread over Cecil’s face. “Okay, so what if in the middle of class, we turned his robes hot pink? It would be hysterical! Public humiliation really is the best way to get revenge after all.”

Zultio started to giggle. “Yeah, that would make him look less like some scary old vampire, wouldn’t it?”

So how do you plan on us changing his robes?” Damen asked, his eyes narrowed.

Isn’t there a charm for changing the color of things?” Cecil asked.

It seemed rather unimportant so I didn’t bother retaining knowledge of that spell after using it in class.”

I remember that spell!” Zultio said excitedly. “I could lend you my notes on it. In fact, I’ve been experimenting on ink to see if I could change it to sparkly purple! I’m really close.”

Cecil and Damen both stared at him. “Sparkly purple ink?”

Yeah! It’s the best kind of ink, after all. Why are you looking at me that way?”

Oh, no reason,” Damen said, glancing away.

So, you get Zultio’s notes on that spell and start practicing it and practicing it without speaking,” Cecil said. “Once you think you’ve got it, we can put our plan into action!”

And what happens if we get caught?” Damen asked.

We won’t, we won’t,” Cecil reassured.

But what happens if we do? We have to be prepared for every possibility, no matter how unlikely.”

Geez, why aren’t you in Ravenclaw?” Cecil frowned and thought for a moment. “I guess we get detention.”

Or worse,” Damen said with a snort.

They can’t expel us for something as harmless as that.”

It’s making a mockery of a teacher.”

Longbottom did that in Defense Against the Dark Arts already with that boggart,” Zultio said with a grin. “It was awesome.”

And Snape heard about it and started doing horrible things to him afterward,” Damen said. “Do you wanna risk that?”

Yes,” Cecil said with an air of solidarity. “I am sure. It will be worth it. Hogwarts is counting on us.”

I think you’re being a bit dramatic there,” Damen said. Cecil grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him a bit before shouting,

Hogwarts is counting on us, do you hear?”

The librarian witch came round again and hissed at them to be quiet or they’d be thrown out.

Several days later, the Slytherins and Hufflepuffs had double Potions together. Damen sat beside Cecil and Zultio, who were staring crookedly at their potion books.

Now,” Snape was saying, “turn to page three hundred and ninety two.”

Cecil whispered to Damen, “His back is turned, you should do it now!”

Damen elbowed Cecil hard in the stomach and Cecil almost yelled but managed to stay quiet. There was a time where Snape spoke and gave them their instructions and students went to work on mixing their potions. Cecil began to look more and more impatient, glancing at Damen almost every five seconds.

Fine then,” he whispered at last. “If you’re not going to do it, I will.” He pulled out his wand and pointed it at Snape’s back, but before he could do or say anything, there was a slight flash and Snape stumbled forward.

His black robes which often camouflaged him in the dark dungeon turned to a dazzling hot pink with sparkles all over them. There was a moment where the whole class seemed to hold their breath and then a few students started laughing. Their laughs died down quickly as Snape turned around with a menacing look on his face. He seemed even more of a vampire than ever before, despite his ridiculous attire.

Throughout all this, Cecil had forgotten to put down his wand, and so what Snape saw first was Cecil pointing his wand at him. Snape took one step forward and Cecil slowly lowered his arm, a hard lump growing in his throat.

Mr. Ashwing,” Snape said in a quiet, deadly tone. “You will see me in my office at the end of class, is that understood?”

Y-yes, sir,” Cecil squeaked. Zultio was having a hard time keeping a straight face. Snape turned his attention on him next.

You too, Raeltann. Mr. Black.”

Damen blinked. “What did I do?”

The fact that you were sitting here the entire time and let Mr. Ashwing use a spell during class makes you suspicious as well. After class, my office.”

He turned away and went back to the head of the class. He pulled his wand from one of his long sleeves and flicked it at himself and his robes changed back to black, though there still seemed to be a hint of sparkles in them.

When class was over, Damen, Cecil, and Zultio all went to Snape’s office with trembling with fear. Snape had his back to them and spoke in that same quiet, intimidating voice. “Was it you who changed my robes, Mr. Ashwing? It certainly looked that way, but I’m not so sure.”

Um, well,” Cecil started, but Snape interrupted him.

The presence of these… sparkles,” Snape began, seeming revolted at saying the word sparkles, “suggests that it was Mr. Raeltann’s doing, as we all know that seems to be his trademark.”

Zultio shrank down a bit, shaking noticeably.

However, Mr. Black, the most likely suspect is you, as you have been able to perform spells without speaking, and I heard no spell spoken.”

Damen stood his ground, a cool look on his face. “That is true, sir, I can perform such spells. But I do not know the spell for such a thing as this, as I found it rather useless and had no reason to retain it after learning it. Also, I’m not dumb enough to do something like that when I’m most likely going to get caught, and I have no reason for pranking you in the first place.”

Snape narrowed his eyes, gazing at Damen for a long moment. “So who do you believe the culprit was, Mr. Black?”

Damen glanced between the two Hufflepuffs standing beside him with pleading looks on their faces. Then he turned to Snape and said, “It was Ashwing, sir. I apologize that I didn’t stop him before it was too late. I didn’t notice what he was doing until he was speaking the spell. It was just a quiet whisper but I was close enough to hear.”

Cecil stared at Damen with a look of disbelief on his face. Snape cracked a small smile. “Thank you, Mr. Black. You can go now.”

Damen turned and left the office as fast as he could, getting away with the knowledge that he had cast the spell and that the ones who had come up with the idea were getting punished for it.

Later that day while he was in the library, Cecil and Zultio came in and slumped down beside him. “So, how bad was it?” Damen asked.

He said he would have expelled us if we were in his House,” Cecil muttered. “Instead he told Professor Sprout. She gave us detention for a month, added onto the detention Snape gave us.”

I told you this might happen,” Damen said.

Thanks for laying the blame on us!” Cecil said with a scowl.

You’re welcome,” Damen said with a faint grin.

I got punished for being an accomplice,” Zultio said with a sick look on his face. “Detention for a month… ugh.”

We have to get back at Snape for this,” Cecil muttered.

You realize you got into this mess for trying to get revenge in the first place, right?”

Cecil ignored him. “We have to come up with something really good this time that he’ll never suspect us for!”

Damen sighed and hid his face in his book. “Why do I hang out with you two?”

The librarian witch came round and hissed at them to be quiet.


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