Short Story – The Christmas Dance

A short story I wrote for a friend.  It’s a high school AU version of my characters along with two of hers.  It’s just silly and stupid really, but I had fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy reading it.

All characters (except for Jack and Mia) belong to me.  Jack and Mia belong to my friend Sophia.

Pencils scratching on paper was the only sound which could be heard in the class room for the time being. The sound was interrupted on occasion by a cough or an audible sigh. When at last the bell rang, the students noisily got out of their seats and left the room.

Damen and Jack walked side-by-side down the hall with each other, the two of them looking rather bored with the test they just finished. “I can’t wait until graduation next year,” Damen mumbled as he hefted his backpack over his shoulder more. “Get out of this hellhole once and for all.”

Jack nodded a bit, pushing his glasses further up his nose and brushing his long bangs out of his eyes. “Move away from this town. Go to college – a good college at that, one where they’ll actually respect my intelligence.”

Damen snorted a little. “Good luck with that, Jacky boy.”

Jack glared at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Damen simply smirked and kept walking with no response.

The two of them were suddenly grabbed from behind in a double headlock hug. Cecil grinned down at them. “Hey, guys! ‘Sup? Are you planning on going to the dance this weekend?”

Damen glared at Cecil. “Remove your arms from our necks.” Cecil coughed nervously and took a step back, holding his hands up in a surrendering position so he was no longer touching either of them. Damen cracked his neck. “And what are you referring to? What dance?”

Cecil blinked and crossed his arm. “Are you serious? You don’t know about the dance?”

Why would we pay attention to unwanted social conventions such as that?” Jack asked with a dull look on his face.

Well, gee, the two of you are somehow privileged enough to have really pretty, really smart girlfriends,” Cecil said as he narrowed his eyes. “Dances are generally to take out your girlfriends and have fun with them and get closer to them. Why don’t you take advantage of the situation?”

What exactly would you know about having a girlfriend?” Damen asked.

Cecil coughed a little. “Well, um, er… I have street smarts, you don’t need experience to know what makes women happy.”

That’s interesting,” Jack said without looking back at Cecil. “Considering I’ve never even seen you talking to a girl, let alone dating one. How could you possibly know how to make women happy?”

I told you, I have street smarts! Don’t question it, man. Now are you going to take them out or not?”

Why are you so insistent on knowing?” Damen asked with a frown. “Whether or not we take them to the dance won’t affect you in any way.”

Well, let’s just say I like playing matchmaker.”

You’re not even being a matchmaker if they’re already our girlfriends!” Damen growled. “Just lay off, okay?” The two of them walked off leaving Cecil standing all by himself looking dumbfounded. Damen muttered as they walked, “Who is he to be butting into our business anyway?”

I doubt Mia would even want to go to something as trivial as a school dance,” Jack said as the two of them went to lunch together.

Exactly. Who says they would even want to go? I’m sure they think dances are just as stupid as we do. In fact, why don’t we ask them just to see? Prove a point to him.”

They sat down to lunch with Mia and Caroline and broke the question to them. The two girls quirked their brows and glanced at each other for a moment.

You think it’s stupid, don’t you?” Damen said. “That’s exactly what we were telling Cecil. You probably won’t want to go anyway so why even both-”

Actually, we would love to go,” Caroline said. Damen’s jaw hung open with his fork raised partway to his mouth.

Yes, I think it would be fun,” Mia said, smirking slyly at Jack. “It would be especially fun to see the two of you dancing. Or attempting to, anyway.”

Jack just stared at Mia with a look of defiant irritation on his face. Damen managed to close his mouth at last, shoving the forkful of food into it and chewing before answering. “I don’t see what’s so great about a dance. We get together with a bunch of people we generally can’t stand and dance awkwardly and probably get made fun of by people who are even worse at it than us. What’s fun about that?”

I think they’re just scared,” Mia said to Caroline. “They don’t want to look like fools.”

Duh,” Jack mumbled as he put a bite of food in his mouth.

Oh, come on, Damen,” Caroline said, reaching her arms across the table toward him. “I never took you to be that sort of person. I thought you liked having fun.”

I don’t consider this sort of thing to be fun,” Damen stated.

Have you ever actually been to a dance before?”

Damen and Jack glanced at each other then turned their faces away. “Erm… no, not exactly.”

Pfft. See, what I tell you? They’re just being wimps.” Mia shook her head. “Can’t even take their own girlfriends out on a date.”

School dances do not count as dates!” Damen protested.

I concur. And who said anything about you being my girlfriend anyway?” Jack muttered as he took another bite.

Are you saying I’m not you’re girlfriend?” Mia asked, narrowing her eyes at Jack. He ignored her.

Caroline took hold of Damen’s hands and squeezed them almost painfully, a dark look in her eyes. “You’re going to take us to that dance,” she said in a deadly soft voice. “Understood?”

Damen swallowed and whispered, “You’re crushing my knuckles.”

She let go of his hands and stood up along with Mia. “I expect to see tickets by tomorrow.” The two girls then walked away, leaving Damen and Jack alone. Damen rubbed his hands and frowned.

What’s with these girls? They’re so forceful…”

Cecil then slid into the recently vacated seat in front of Damen with a grin on his face. “Soooo, what was that all about?”

Go away, Cecil,” Damen growled. “Stop stalking us.”

Me? Stalk? I don’t stalk! I just happened to be close by and couldn’t help but listen in-”

You were stalking us,” Jack said.

Fine, fine, whatever. But you’re going to the dance now, are you?”

Well it seems if we don’t they’ll murder us in our sleep,” Damen muttered.

Cecil laughed. “Ah, but you gentlemen have to go in prepared! I can help you.”

Oh can you?” Damen stared dully at him. “What makes you think so?”

Street smarts.”

Jack snorted. “Street smarts don’t work for school dances, you idiot.”

Oh, don’t they? I guarantee you I will have you ready for that dance, free of charge!”

And you’re not just trying to make us look like idiots?”

Why would I do that?” Cecil drew back with an almost hurt look on his face. “I’ve never done anything like that to you, Damen.”

You hanging out with us makes us look like fools.”

Now that’s just mean. But I won’t hold it against you! Please, just give me a chance?”

Damen glanced at Jack for a moment then let out a heavy sigh. “Fine. Whatever, if it’ll get you to leave us alone.”

Cecil grinned wide. “Leave everything to me!”

On the night of the school dance, Cecil drug Damen and Jack toward the decorated gymnasium. He had been telling them to get tuxedos at first but they talked him down. Now Jack was wearing a white dress shirt and red tie with black suspenders and trousers and a blue scarf; Damen rebelled a bit and the nicest thing he had on was a suede jacket.

Everything’s perfect,” Cecil said with a grin. “Now go in there and get your ladies!”

I still find it rather worrying how obsessed with this you are, Cecil,” Damen muttered. He and Jack stepped into the gymnasium together. Mia and Caroline were standing nearby and spotted them as they came in. The girls were wearing matching halter tops with fur trimmings.

Well, don’t you two look dashing?” Mia said with a chuckle. Caroline reached out and took Damen’s hands in hers, pulling him back into the dance floor. He was starting to sweat.

You’re going to dance with me now, Damen,” she said. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

You’re a sadistic woman, Caroline,” he murmured as he gazed down into her eyes.

And that’s why you like me,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck as they began to sway with the music. Before Damen realized it, they had started to dance.

Mia came up beside Jack and took his hand. He practically squeaked as he jumped away. “Please, I can’t dance.”

Don’t be a wimp,” she said, grasping his hand and pulling him onto the dance floor. He looked absolutely traumatized.

Cecil watched from the sidelines with a grin on his face. “Go on, you crazy kids. Make happy memories while you can.”


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