Short Story – Of Frost Dragons and Ice Wizards

This is a really old short story I wrote set in a fantasy world that I created but will probably never do anything with again.  But I still like this story.  I think I was inspired by Adventure Time for a lot of the stuff in it (especially the Ice Wizard).

Everything belongs to me.

Pay attention, Alistar!”

Ms. Khrall slammed her staff down on Alistar’s desk, snapping him out of his daydream. He turned his eyes to her, wide with shock. “Huh, what? Oh, right…”

Ms. Khrall gave him a stern look. “Have you heard anything I’ve said?”

Yes,” Alistar replied. “You were saying that the octarine gems are what fuel portal spells to allow travel to other planets and galaxies and that some of them can even be used for time travel.”

Ms. Khrall glared at him. Alistar grinned, reclining in his chair.

Fine, so you were paying attention,” she said, barely keeping the anger out of her voice. She never could handle the fact that Alistar was able to pay attention and daydream at the same time. Or rather, as Alistar put it, she couldn’t handle the fact that he was more intelligent than most everyone else.

Where are these gems found, Ms. Khrall?” Alistar asked. This seemed to extinguish some of her anger.

As best any of us can tell, they grow in deep caves on planets with extreme conditions such as volcanoes or arctic temperatures.”

Any specific planets?”

Not now,” she replied. “Any time a deposit of octarine gems are found they’re harvested and haven’t grown back since. It’s rare to find them.”

So you wouldn’t happen to have any to show me then?” he asked. She shook her head.

Any unused ones are kept under lock and key. And they haven’t found any caves containing them for about a hundred years now.”

What about the one they found just a few days ago?”

Excuse me?” She gave him a hard look. Alistar smiled.

I heard some of the mages talking about it. They said an octarine cave had been spotted on Whitmaar. But they said it was too dangerous to go.”

Ms. Khrall nodded slowly. “I see. And did they mention why?”

Alistar shook his head and murmured, “I bet I could get those gems without any trouble.”

Don’t be foolish, Alistar,” Ms. Khrall said. “Just because you can slay dragons in your imagination doesn’t mean you could do it for real.”

I could if you gave me a chance,” he mumbled. Ms. Khrall shook her head and continued her lesson and Alistar continued to daydream, and to scheme.


Late at night, Alistar snuck out of his room and up to the Keeper’s Library and to the room of artifacts. Specifically the magical artifacts. There were no guards posted and that was because the room was locked with magical wards. Magical wards that he had learned how to unlock.

He crept into the mage’s artifact room and looked around at everything. He took a pack that could hold an infinite amount of items of any shape, size, or weight. Then he found a large shield that was supposed to protect against frost and ice attacks. “After all, I am going to an ice planet,” he said to himself.

Then he took an unbreakable sword and put that into the pack along with the shield. He put the pack on his back and started to leave, but then noticed an open book of elemental spells. He flipped through the pages quickly, looking at all the fire spells and committing them to memory. He then made his way to the portal room.

There were portals to all sorts of worlds, but the one he needed to go to was Whitmaar. He found the correct portal gem and said the words to activate it. Taking the gem with him so he could get back, he stepped through the portal. “I’ll be back before anyone realizes I’m gone.”

Alistar appeared in a vast frozen wasteland with snow as far as the eye could see. “What a beautiful sight,” he said to himself. “Finally, away from that college. I’m free!” He started running off through the deep snow, not even bothered by the cold wind. “Freeeeee!”

A shadow passed over him. He stopped and looked up. “Hm?” There was nothing there. He shrugged and continued running around like a kid who couldn’t wait to play in the snow. But really that’s because he was a kid who couldn’t wait to play in the snow.

He climbed over a snow bank and saw the entrance to a small cave down the hill. He wouldn’t have noticed it if it hadn’t been for the fact that there was a magical glow about the mouth of the cave that was clearly visible even through the blizzard of snow falling all around him.

That must be where the octarine gems are!” he said excitedly. He was just about to start down the hill when he heard a loud roar behind him. He turned to see a large frost dragon staring down at him.

Alistar gulped. “Uh, nice dragon…?” The dragon roared again and blew a stream of ice at him. He found himself frozen to the spot where he stood and heard someone laughing. Surely it wasn’t the dragon. Dragons didn’t laugh, or at least if they did they didn’t sound like that. It was then that Alistar saw a man on the dragon’s back. He was the one laughing.

So, another one trying to steal my gems, eh?” the man said. “And this time they’ve sent a child! Oh, this is too rich.”

Hey, I’ll have you know that I’m no child!” Alistar retorted. “I’m twelve years old!”

Oh, of course, of course, my mistake.” The man smirked and jumped off the dragon’s back. He was wearing, Alistar could see, wizard’s robes the color of frost. He held a staff with what looked like an icicle on the tip of it.

So, you’re an ice wizard?” Alistar said.

Brilliant deduction,” the man said sarcastically. “Now then, what to do with you? Hm…” He strode around Alistar a few times, appraising him.

You could let me go,” Alistar replied.

Nice try, kid, but no.” The wizard shook his head. “My dragon is in need of some food, though. You’re no knight, but I’m sure you’ll do.”

Not a knight?” Alistar fumed. “I’ll have you know I am a great warrior!”

Then why was I able to capture you so easily?” The wizard raised an eyebrow.

Um…” Alistar didn’t respond. The wizard chuckled and the dragon slowly lowered its head and opened its jaws. Alistar’s eyes widened.

Wait, don’t kill me just yet! I could be very valuable to you!”

Oh yeah, how so?” the wizard asked as the dragon waited for a response.

Um… I could… help you gather the octarine gems?”

I can do it myself, thank you,” the wizard said. “Now be a good little meal and let my dragon eat you.”

But that’s not fair!” Alistar screamed.

Life’s not fair, kid. Get over it. Now die!”

Alistar shrieked and one of the fire spells leapt from his brain and to his lips. A burst of flame flew from his fingertips and hit the dragon, at the same time melting the ice that kept him frozen in place. The dragon reared up, roaring in pain. Alistar ran as fast as he could, pulling his shield out and using it like a sled to go down the hill.

The wizard snarled and leapt onto the dragon’s back. It took to the skies and flew after Alistar who was quickly approaching the mouth of the octarine cave.

Almost there!” Alistar breathed. A frost colored wing blocked the entrance to the cave. Alistar slammed straight into it and fell over. The dragon craned its long neck down to glare at him. Alistar chuckled nervously. The dragon grabbed him in its paw and the wizard stared at him.

No more running, kid; it’s time to die.”

Wait,” Alistar choked as the dragon began to squeeze. “You forgot one very important thing!”

Oh, and what’s that?” the wizard said, obviously humoring the boy who was about to die.

Dragons are very ticklish.” Alistar reached out and started stroking the dragon in just the right spot between it’s neck and ribs. It released him, rumbling happily, almost seeming to chuckle. Alistar pulled his sword out and stabbed the dragon’s wing which was still blocking the cave entrance.

It roared, rearing up, removing its wing. The wizard pointed his staff at the cave entrance and ice began to gather around it. Alistar got through just in time and the entrance froze over. He could hear the wizard cursing and screaming. Alistar let out a sigh of relief and then went deeper into the octarine cave.

There he found the most beautiful gems he had ever seen. They were somehow different from the portal gems that he used, but they must have needed to have special work done on them before they could be used as portal gems. Alistar pulled the pack off his back and started gathering the gems up and putting them inside of it.

And they said this was dangerous. Ha.” There was a loud crash. He turned and saw the ice at the entrance was broken and the wizard was running in, staff in one hand, a sword in his other.

Alistar pulled the portal gem out quickly and said the words. The portal appeared and he jumped through just as the wizard’s sword was about to connect with his neck. The portal disappeared again before the wizard could get through.


“I just don’t understand it,” Ms. Khrall said the next morning. “None of the mages do either! When they came in this morning a load of new octarine gems was sitting in the artifact room! No one knows how they got there!”

Wow, that’s amazing,” Alistar said, reclining in his chair and smiling. “I’ll bet whoever found them had a grand adventure in getting them here.”


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