Short Story – Die For You

This is a story based on the song “Die For You” by RED.  Essentially Christ’s crucifixion.

Hatred. That’s what I see in all your faces. I’m sorry. I never wanted you to hate me. All I ever did for you was good deeds, healing. I wanted you to be my friends. You were my friends. But you betrayed me.

You stripped me and beat me. Humiliated me. Tormented me. Put me through the worst pain imaginable. And unimaginable. You didn’t realize that as I hung there dying, I felt all the sin of the world, of all the people in the world, those that were, that are, and all that would come in the future. I felt it all weighing down upon me in that moment. All the pain, all the hatred, all the consequences of it all. I felt it in that agonizing moment.

Despite all that, despite the hatred I see on your faces, I still love you. That’s why I didn’t run away when I had the chance. I did this for you. I feel the madness of the world swarming upon me, strangling me, choking me. I feel the flames of hell burning upon me. But this was my choice. I decided to go through with this so no one else would have to die this way. I did it all for you.


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