Short Story – Hymn For the Missing

This story is based on the song “Hymn For the Missing” by RED.  Yet another story with my character Gail and Cecil (well Cecil is mentioned even if he’s not directly in it).

We were always together, Cecil. Always. Just you and me against the world. A little girl with a huge imagination, and her guardian angel who wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

Do you remember those times at my family’s lake house in the summer? We would walk along the shore together, and you would hold my hand. We watched the sunset and gazed up at the twinkling stars. Back then, everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

But you started to change. Things grew darker, and I was scared. I reached out to take your hand, but you weren’t there. You were someone else. You terrified me. I ran from you and I didn’t see you since.

Sometimes, I thought I heard your voice, calling to me, saying you were sorry. You would cry, and it would make my heart hurt all the more. We both just wanted things back to the way they used to be.

I would wander the woods alone, wishing I could find you again, but scared all the same. I wondered if you wanted to find me, or if you were running away because of what happened. I wondered if I would ever see you again. But then your face began to fade from my memories, and I forgot about you entirely.

Axel took your place. He was the best big brother I could ever ask for. He just wanted to make me laugh and smile. It felt like we were two rebels fighting against the world, and we only had each other. In some respects that was true. We understood each other like no one else could. We went swimming in the lake together. We were happy.

We were happy. The summer after I started college, we were supposed to go back to the lake house. But I was upset, angry at our parents. I didn’t want to see them, even if I wanted to see my brother. I waited too long to come. He went swimming without me.

I dropped the phone when I got the call. I couldn’t even drive myself to the hospital, I had to have someone else take me. It was to late. He was gone. And in his place he left another battered scar on my heart.

Cecil and Axel, the two greatest men I ever knew because they just wanted to see the smile of a little girl. They wanted to protect her and never let anyone hurt her. And yet, they ended up hurting her the worst because they both left without saying goodbye.

Why did you have to leave me here like this? Why couldn’t I have come with you, either of you. I just want to see you again. Either of you. Just for a moment. Just to let me say goodbye and tell you that I love you. Please, come back.


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