Story Idea – Dream of Me

Some of you may remember a short story I posted a while ago called Dream of Me.  Well, this novella that I’m going to be working on is based on that story, making it longer and more detailed with more characterization.  The main reason I wanted to do this is because one of the characters is going to be in another longer story, and I think this is good for telling her back story (also I just love the idea for this story).

Joel is bored with his life and the world in general.  After being rejected by his best friend when asking if she would be his girlfriend, he hides away from the world more than before.  But then he dreams of a beautiful dark angel named Kalina and she shows him an all new world, a world he’d like never to leave.  But he loses sight of reality in this dream paradise and it’s slowly killing him, while ruining the lives of those around him.

This story (like the short story I’m adapting it from) is based on the song “Make Me Real” by She.  When I first started outlining the story, it was just going to be about a boy who couldn’t tell dreams from reality because he was fed up with life.  But then as I thought it through, it turned into something more.  It’s now seeming to turn into something about how porn-addictions will ruin your life as well as the lives of people around you.  But there are two sides to it as well, with two different characters.

This story will be for my April 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo project, so I hope you stay with me as I write it through the coming month.  I’ll be posting an excerpt of it when it’s finished, just as I’ve done with my previous two novels.


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