Why I Love Art: Storytelling

This is going to be a new series sort of thing I wanna try out.  I’m going to talk about why I love a certain broad subject and go into more details about it by using a more specific example.  This will sort of be an informal way for me to write reviews for things as well (or more accurately just ramble about them).  For this post, I’m talking about why I love art, with a main focus on storytelling.

Now, what is art?  Most people just think of art as painting and drawing; visual art.  While that’s certainly a large part of it, that’s not the only thing that can be defined as art.  Really, the act of creating anything could be defined as art.  Music, writing, performance, woodworking, baking and other sorts of food making, etc.  The simple act of creating and expressing one’s self through creating is art.  And I would argue that storytelling is the greatest act of all.

Now, I may be biased in saying that, as I’m an author myself, but my argument for saying such is this: stories have been around longer than anyone can remember.  Stories were told even before there was the written word.  Stories are used for entertainment and for education.  Stories shape civilizations and cultures.  You don’t need anything to tell a story but your imagination.

Stories have enchanted and ensnared people for all time.  Whether they’re true, fiction, parables, fables, or just something silly, everyone tells and shares stories.  They teach us about history and other cultures, different religions and beliefs, helping us to understand the world and the people around us.

Stories inspire people.  They teach us courage, bravery, faith, hope.  They help us to find strength or comfort when we feel like we have nothing left to live for.  A good book can save a life.  A relateable character can make someone feel not so alone.  Stories are magic and can change the course of everything with just a simple word.  It may be just a small drop of water, but that drop will travel until it reaches a place where some thirsty creature needs it.

There’s so much more I could say about it but I’m not sure I have the words to say it (a bit pathetic, seeing as I claim to be a writer and storyteller myself, no?)  But my point is, stories are important; we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.  Some people take them for granted, some people don’t think they’re anything special.  But if you stop and really think about it, I’m sure you’ll realize there’s at least one story that has touched you or taught you in some way at some point in your life.

Your life is a story, too.  And if you open it up and tell it to someone, you may just change their lives as well.


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