Into Blue Dusk – i.i

I WAS IN A CAR – AT LEAST I THINK I WAS – GOING DOWN A HIGHWAY AT HIGH SPEED, the lines on the road rolling by me as I went along. The sky was gray with early morning light, or perhaps late evening, I couldn’t be sure. There was nothing on either side of the road as I went along; nothing at all. It was just an empty wasteland with an endless road as far as the eye could see. Perhaps I wasn’t even in a vehicle at all, I might’ve just been a soul surfing through the endless universe with no purpose but to keep rolling along. Everything was the same for the longest time. I don’t know how long I stayed here, surfing the universe highway with not a single change for the longest time. But then there was a growing light up ahead and I heard a voice and felt a touch, and it all faded away. I opened my eyes – I realized I had a body – and found I was curled up in a small bed. Mom stared down at me and told me it was time to get up. Everything looked familiar and yet alien at the same time. I’ve always been here, and yet I’ve never been here. I was just born, just brought into existence, nothing happened before that, right? But that was wrong. I may not have had tangible memories before this point in time, but I had memories letting me know all of this was familiar and real, that I have existed before this point. I went about a daily routine from there. But still, I keep telling myself this was the point when my existence began, with that strange dream of flying down an empty, lost highway.


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