Story Idea – Illuzia

This is the story I’m writing for Camp NaNoWriMo July.  I’m really excited to be writing it, as it stars one of my favorite characters, James Dantes Illuzia.

Dantes, a son of the Illuzia camp, goes off on his own journey to discover himself, who he is, and what his purpose in the world is. After the disappearance of his mother, he can’t cope with staying in his home any longer. Though everyone in the camp is like a family, he’s never felt close to anyone aside from his mother, and he never even knew who his father was.

Now he travels from camp to camp, deciding to learn as much magic from each tribe as he can, wanting to become powerful. But a darker power begins to awaken in him, and soon he’ll learn about his true heritage.


The thing about Dantes is that he has multiple personalities, and being that I’m writing this story in first person, that’s going to be an interesting challenge to write.  I’m quite excited about it.  I even have a sort of theme song for this story (Where Butterflies Never Die, by Broken Iris).  I hope you stick with me during the coming month of writing this.


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