Fan Fiction – For One Night Only [Sebastian x Reader]

This is a Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji fan fiction I wrote after having a dream.  Honestly the story probably isn’t that great and feels a little bit disjointed and I probably shouldn’t even bother posting it at all but I am so here it is.

Also this is my first time writing “Character x Reader” stories, and second person stories in general, so it’s probably a bit shaky on that department.  But I tried.  (I also tried to make it look like something it wasn’t because my brain said it’d be funny, shhh).

(This is a rough draft story that is not likely to be edited)



And here we have a tale spun from a dream the author had. Oh, there be that dark butler, with his devilish charms and handsome demeanor. His very nature seduces those weak of heart around him, even when he doesn’t try.

You think you are special enough to win such affections? My dear, you are terribly mistaken. But don’t take my word for it. Ask him yourself. Make your wish, and perhaps he shall grant it. Just be careful what it is you wish for. After all, wishes granted by demons never turn out how you expect them to.


You stood just outside the door, waiting for him to come out. He always got his child-master ready for bed like a loving parent might do – of course, he’s merely a butler. The boy’s parents are both dead.

The moment the door opened and the lights from his candelabra illuminated the hall, you straightened and looked at him. He closed the door behind him, not paying much attention to you, even as he turned your direction and started walking down the hall. Clearing your throat did not lead to a response either, so instead you followed him down the hall.

Sebastian,” you called, jogging a few steps to catch up with him, a frown on your face. “Sebastian, I need a word with you!”

At last the butler stopped and turned his gaze to you, his eyes almost seeming to glow in the darkness; you told yourself it was just a reflection from the candle light. “What is it?” he asked, his voice smooth as silk, yet uncharacteristically cold. The sound of it makes you stop in your tracks and hesitate in continuing, but you regain your courage.

Look, I’ve been here a while now, and-”

Yes, I know,” he said, cutting you off. “I was going to mention this to you. While I am grateful that you aided me in helping my young master, I’m not sure we have a place for you here permanently.”

Oh yes, because three bumbling servants is all you need,” you muttered sarcastically with a roll of your eyes. “Or is this because I know your secret?”

A foreboding silence passed between you as he gazed at you, and now you were sure his eyes were glowing red. He lowered his head a bit, as if looking down upon you, then said in a cold, dark tone, “Do tell me, what is it you wished to speak with me about?”

You swallowed, taking in a breath to build up your courage once more. “I know what you are.”

Yes, I know,” he said, his eyes almost seeming to grow darker. “You told me that already, and yet I’m still having trouble fathoming just why you’re sticking around.”

Well, it’s…” You hesitated, rocking back on your heels for a moment and biting your lip. “Well, you see… the truth is that I… I followed you and helped you out because I wanted to be closer to you.”

He raised an eyebrow, the flickering of the candlelight casting strange shadows on the wall around you. “My dear, why would you possibly want to be closer to me? After all, I am merely a butler.”

You’re more than that, not just to me but to everyone around you. You’re that boy’s protector, and-”

If you know what I am, and you know the contract I have made with my master, then you should know that I’m doing this for my own gain. Do you honestly think I care for that boy?”

His tone still held a coldness that seemed so unlike him, which took you back at first. You frowned at him, then insisted, “I don’t believe that. You’ve been through so much with him. True, it may have started out one way, in the beginning, but don’t tell me you haven’t grown some sort of attachment to him.”

He gave you a quizzical look, which then turned into a cool smile. “Is that what this is about? Are you here to try and convince me otherwise of what I will take from him after the contract is fulfilled?”

No, that’s not it at all. The truth is-” You cut yourself off, blushing and biting your lip. “Well, I mean…”

Go on, girl. I’m listening.”

Well… you share a special bond with him. There’s no denying that, right?”

Sebastian nodded his head. “That is true. I do have a certain bit of attachment for him, but it’s not any kind that you could understand.”

Then help me understand.” You planted yourself in front of him, a frown on your face. “I want… I want to know what it’s like. That connection the two of you share. Please. I just want to know for one night.”

He stared at you for a long moment, then leaned forward and murmured, “You really wish to find out?”

Your heart began to beat faster and you nodded your head. “Yes… even if you only show me in a dream. I want to know.”

A dream you say.” He nods his head slowly. “Very well. Then go to your quarters and when you sleep I shall give you my dream.”

Yes… yes, thank you, Sebastian.” You bowed your head and turned away from him, hastening to your bed chambers. Sebastian watched you then shook his head with a slight smile on his face.

You readied for bed and settled under the covers, resting your head on the pillow and closing your eyes, waiting, as if expecting him to come into the room while you slept – or pretended to sleep. Nothing of the sort happened, of course. You waited and waited until finally you succumbed to sleep.

It’s time. Don’t be afraid, though, I’ll be gentle. I wish to savor you.

You felt a hand on your face and hot breath on your neck. And then teeth, ripping into your flesh; no, not your flesh, your soul. You screamed and tried to struggle, tried to pull away, but you couldn’t move at all.

Your eyes snapped open and you found yourself in a strange, dark place. You stood in a long corridor, the walls and floor and ceiling all black. Ahead you could see a mirror on the wall. Being the only discernible thing around, you headed toward it, stumbling forward with your head feeling dizzy.

When you reached the mirror and looked into it, there was nothing reflected there. It looked like a pool of darkness, shimmering faintly, like water tainted with ink so that nothing could show through it. But the longer you squinted at it, you could start to make something out. A shape. A figure.

A hand reached out of the mirror and grabbed you, pulling you inside, submerging you in the inky depths. You felt drenched with some substance, and yet you could breathe in it, though your lungs started to feel labored with the effort of breathing, as if they couldn’t get enough air in every time you inhaled.

You floated inside this inky sea for some time before emerging on the other side, expelled out through a different, taller mirror onto the floor of a different corridor. You gasped for breath, shaking hard, and while you still felt chilled and damp, your clothes and skin were perfectly dry.

The narrow hallway stretched out in front of you, still as dark as the one before, but this one you could tell actually led somewhere. You stood, still a bit shaky, and made your way down the hall, feeling as if the walls were closing in around you, which made your already labored breaths even harder to take in.

When you got to the end of the hall, you found yourself in a large room with three different doors. There were inscriptions on each of them. One read, This is the Realm of Sadness, while another read, This is the Realm of Hatred, and the third read, This is the Realm of Agony.

Where the hell am I?” you whispered, your heart beating faster as you gazed at the three doors. None of them sounded particularly appealing to go into, but you decided to pick the one that seemed the least terrible, and opened the door into the Realm of Hatred.

You walked through the door and it slammed shut behind you before disappearing completely. Total darkness surrounded you for a moment before a deep crimson light started to become visible. You heard the sound of heavy breathing all around you, accompanied by a beating heart. The walls and floor around you seemed to be undulating as if they were the ones breathing.

You ran down the hall as fast as you could, hearing a strange squishing sound as you went, and you realized the floor seemed to be made of flesh. The walls were as well, and they dripped with moisture, almost as if it were saliva, like the walls were the inside of a mouth.

You made it out of the corridor of flesh and into a large room, which looked relatively normal. There were mirrors hanging on every wall, though none of them showed your reflection even when you stepped right up in front of them. And there were whispers all around the room, spouting off terrible things.

What a stupid little child she is, thinking she could ever amount to anything!” “She’s nothing but a wench; she deserves what she’s getting!” “Selfish, stupid, evil child!”

Stop it,” you screamed, shaking your head and pressing your hands over your ears. “Stop it, stop it, stop it! Leave me alone!”

Hands started groping at you, fingers squeezing you painfully, pulling and tugging and your hair, limbs, and clothes. You thrashed in their grasp, but it only made them tug at you harder, pinching and bruising you. You cried out until your throat felt raw.

Sebastian, Sebastian!”

And then he stood there in front of you, gazing down at you with his cold red eyes. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” he said. “You wanted to see what it would be like to gain my affections. This is it.”

No, no, this isn’t what I want! Please, this isn’t what I want!” Hands began wrapping around your neck, strangling you, stealing your breath. “Please,” you cried.

Are you going back on your wish, then? Didn’t you realize that once you make a wish, it can’t be undone? That’s how this works.”

No, no, please…”

However…” His voice was in your ear now as he spoke, warm breath tickling your senses. “You’re lucky, because this is only a dream.”

You opened your eyes to find yourself lying in bed. Sebastian stood over you, gazing down into your eyes, his glowing a deep red-violet color. A grin crossed his face.

Did you enjoy your dream?”

What… what was that?” you whispered, still shaking from the nightmare.

It’s what would happen to you if you found yourself in my affections. The contract I have with my master will end in my devouring his soul. What you saw was a terrible hell that you barely even scratched the surface of.”

You sat up slowly and gazed at him. “What do you mean?”

He leaned in close to you, eyes flashing. “It means, when I devour someone’s soul, they are taken to hell. If you had stayed there much longer, things would have gotten much, much worse. Be glad it was only a dream.”

Sebastian turned to leave the room, then you called back to him, “Sebastian, wait!”

He glanced over his shoulder and said, “This is why you should not fall in love with demons, my dear.”


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