Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 1, Chapter 1

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter one of part one.  I wouldn’t necessarily call this chapter good because it’s very much just emulating the beginning stages of the game, and translating that into a written format is hard to do without it feeling boring or repetitive, but I did my best and I think everything after this will be less like that.

Please enjoy.

Part 1Part 1 – Fiona’s Patience

Chapter 1 – Puzzles

Shouldn’t have listened to those dumb boys. Shouldn’t have climbed the mountain. This was a bad idea.

Fiona stood up slowly, wincing from the pain in her side. “Ow… my leg hurts.” She glanced up at the ceiling of the cave she was now in and saw a beam of sunlight shining down on her and around the patch of buttercups she had fallen into. The golden flowers had cushioned her fall somewhat, but it still hurt, falling down all that way. It was a miracle she hadn’t been seriously injured, or died for that matter.

She glanced around the rest of the cave, but everything around her aside from the flower patch was pitch black. There didn’t seem to be any other plants growing except for that single patch where the sun hit, for that matter. After taking a moment to catch her breath and gather her bearings, Fiona pushed herself up to her feet, wobbling a little on her aching ankle, but she was able to stand without falling over. She started walking, wondering if she could find some exit to this place. If not, she was pretty much screwed.

A little ways from the patch of flowers, she found a large doorway. Seeing no other options, she headed through it, hoping to get out of the dark mountain cave. While Fiona knew there were bound to be monsters around here somewhere, she’d prefer encountering them over being stuck in a hole and starving to death. That was the whole point of coming here after all, right?

I’m not afraid of any monsters!” Fiona had said. “I’ll fight every last one of them, I’ll beat them and be victorious!”

Well, if that’s true, why don’t you go down and fight them? They all live underneath Mt. Ebott after all.”

You don’t think I can? I’ll prove it to you! I’ll come back with the head of the monster king in my hands, you’ll see!”

I’m dumb,” Fiona muttered as she wandered further into the darkness. She could see a light further up ahead, so it gave her a glimmer of hope. She could maybe find her way to some monsters. And maybe, just maybe, she’d last long enough against them to not die in a completely pathetic way.

As she reached the light source, she found two staircases – one on the left, the other on the right – leading up into the mouth of some huge building that looked like some sort of great palace. She climbed up the stairs and headed inside, filled with awe and wonder at the huge place.

Is this the monster city or something?” she wondered aloud as she passed through a hallway. There was a door there, and it was sealed tight. She blinked and tried pushing on it, but it wouldn’t budge. Fiona huffed and glanced around the room. There were several switches on the ground and in front of them a lever on the wall. She went over to the lever and tried pulling it down, but it wouldn’t budge. Then she tried stepping on the switches on the floor before pulling the lever, but that still didn’t work.

Hmm, what am I supposed to do? I don’t get this. Is this door just broken?” She wandered all over the room again before finding a sign on the wall opposite the one with the lever. It had a cryptic riddle about walking the middle path, and at first she didn’t understand it, but looking at the switches on the floor again she realized it was a clue as to what order they should be pressed. She walked over them again, this time being careful not to walk on the ones in the middle of the pattern, then she pulled on the lever on the wall. It finally moved and the door opened.

Yes, I did it!”

Fiona hurried onward to the next room, and there she found a pathway leading to the east. Curiously, there were two places where streams of water ran vertically from one side of the room to the other, and a wooden bridge led over the stream to continue through the room. At the end of the room, she found a platform with spikes blocking the way.

She tapped her foot, gazing at the spikes, then she glanced around the room again and found three levers on the wall. She narrowed her eyes, wondering if this was another puzzle where she had to do them in just the right order. Fiona walked over to the first lever and pulled it down; so far so good. She went across the room and pulled on the other one. There was a clicking sound and she saw that the spikes had gone away. That was far easier than she had been expecting.

Fiona walked to the next room. This room was far smaller and had nothing in it but some sort of training dummy. She looked at the dummy, scrutinizing the fact that it didn’t seem to have any eyes. “Why’s this down here?”

Why’re you down here?” the dummy responded.

Fiona reeled back in shock. “Uh-uh-uh… you can talk?”

You can talk, too,” the dummy said, sounding rather apathetic.

Yeah, but I didn’t think dummies could talk.”

I’m not a dummy, I’m a ghost living inside a dummy.”

Fiona’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, okay, well… bye!” She turned and ran through the other doorway and as far away from the dummy as possible. She thought she heard tcks of disapproval from behind her, but the dummy-ghost did not chase her, and that’s probably because it didn’t have legs.

She ran into the next room and pressed herself against the wall, breathing hard. She had encountered her first monster, but it wasn’t at all what she had been expecting. For one thing, she hadn’t been expecting ghosts of all things to be here. Or wait, maybe it was the ghost of a monster who had died down here.

A shiver ran down her spine and Fiona shook her head, deciding it was best not to think such morbid thoughts as those. No, she had to keep moving and find a way out of this place. She let out a deep breath and turned to her right and began walking down the eastern hallway. As she walked along, a huge frog jumped in front of her with a menacing look in its eye.

Fiona pulled out the toy knife she had in her pocket and pointed it at the frog threateningly. “S-stay away from me, you dirty frog! I’m warning you!”

The frog stared at her with its big black eyes for a long moment before slowly slinking away from her and into a huge crack in the wall. Fiona watched it go then grinned. “Yeah, you’d better be scared! Hrmph, dumb frogs, trying to mess with me.” She slid the plastic toy knife back into her pocket and proceeded down the hallway, where she came to a large room where the entire floor was made of spikes.

She stared at the spikes for a long moment then turned around and retraced her steps. She found a sign on the wall that said, “The western room is the eastern room’s blueprint.” She frowned at the cryptic hint. The first puzzle’s solution seemed far easier – and less dangers – than this one did. She sighed and continued to retrace her steps, staring at the floor as she went. That’s when she noticed some parts of the floor were a different color than the rest of it, making a very specific pathway going up and down.

After studying the floor for some time, Fiona went back to the room with all the spikes and gazed out across it to the other side with the doorway. Really, though, how in the world was she supposed to get past all those spikes? It’s not as if she could just step on them and they’d magically disappear– oh wait.

Fiona stepped out onto the first tile of floor and the spikes sank down into it so they wouldn’t hurt her. Now she understood. She stepped carefully across the floor, and with each step she took, the spikes would sink down. She found out that if she made a wrong step, the spikes wouldn’t go away, and she luckily made that discovery before stepping on any spikes. She made her way carefully along the path, slow but steady. Finally she made it to the other side and held her hands up in a victory pose.

I am the greatest at puzzles! Or monsters just aren’t very good at making puzzles. It’s probably that.” She shrugged her shoulders and went on into the next room. This room seemed to be an excessively long hallway with literally nothing in it. No doors, no windows, no decorations of any kind. Fiona just kept on walking and walking and walking and walking and… well, you get the picture. It was long.

It felt like half an hour before she even spotted the doorway at the end of the hall, but in actuality it was about three minutes. “Whatever’s at the end of this hall had better be good, this is ridiculous.”

Finally she reached the end of the hall, and aside from the doorway, she also found a single large pillar. And from behind the pillar, she heard horrible growls and snarls. Fiona gasped and took a step back. Oh no, she thought. It’s a monster sentry! It’s taking advantage of the fact that this hall is so long that I’d be tired out by the time I got here!

Heavy footsteps sounded as the monster stepped out from behind the pillar, and once Fiona got a good look at it, she let out a scream.


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