Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 1, Chapter 2

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter two of part one.  I think I did a little better with this chapter in terms of not making it quite so repetitive and/or boring with just replicating the game, though there’s still parts like that in there.  There’s a bit more character in this one, at least.  And yes, Puppo is just Doggo as a puppy, because I thought it’d be cute.

Please enjoy.

Part 1
Part 1 – Fiona’s Patience

Chapter 2 – Puppo

A puppy!”

Fiona knelt down and held her arms out as the little puppy came toward it. It was still growling, though its tail was wagging and it was patting its paws on the ground in a playful way. When Fiona beckoned it forward it started sliding its front paws toward her, only moving its back feet, rushing at her at full force before falling over.

She smiled and lifted the puppy up, brushing the pup’s long ears out of its face. “What are you doing in a place like this? This doesn’t seem like a good place for a little puppy to be.”

The puppy yipped in response and started mouthing at her hands and wrists. Its teeth hadn’t even fully come in yet, so it didn’t hurt at all. Fiona rubbed the pup’s belly and it let out a groan and flopped over in her arms, totally resigned to fighting her. Its tongue lolled out the side of its mouth and it began panting hard.

You’re so cute,” Fiona said, standing back up and lifting the puppy with her. “But I think you need a name. Hmm… how about Puppo? That seems appropriate. Come on, Puppo. This is no place for you. Well, it’s no place for me, either. So we can find our way out together.”

Fiona carried the puppy with her into the next room. There she saw another large frog sitting beside a doorway, but it didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her and instead was just staring off into space. She crept past it and into the room, and there she found a small pillar with a bowl of candy on it. There was a note next to the bowl that said, ‘Please take one’.

It was at about that moment that Fiona realized how hungry she was. She set Puppo down on the floor next to her and took a piece of the candy, pulling it out of its wrapper and popping it into her mouth. As she chewed, she tasted a distinct flavor that was definitely not licorice.

Though she was tempted to take another piece, the note said to take one, so one was all she figured she should take. So, with her a sigh of resignation and her stomach still grumbling, she took Puppo out with her and back into the corridor with the frog, who was still staring off into space.

As she walked to the other end of the corridor, Puppo started growling in her arms. Fiona blinked and glanced around. “What is it, Puppo? What’s wrong? Do you see something?”

Then she saw a small, strange little creature with wings flying around her. At first she thought it was some kind of fairy, but it sort of looked like it was covered in hair or fur or something. It also appeared to be on the verge of tears.

I-I-I’m so sorry,” the little creature whined. “I don’t want to do this, but I have no other choice!”

Fiona then realized she was surrounded by butterflies – or maybe they were moths, she couldn’t really tell. They floated around her in a sort of menacing way, but they didn’t ever get too close to her. Puppo snapped at them whenever they ventured too close, but one of them smacked him in the nose and he yelped.

Hey, leave Puppo alone!” Fiona shouted, hugging the puppy protectively against her. The smaller creature seemed to be weeping now, but it continued summoning more buttermoths that just danced around her in the air.

Sorry, sorry, I don’t want to do this.”

Fiona stared up at the creature, wondering why it seemed so upset. She opened her mouth to say something. “Um, hey, you don’t have to be sad, I-” But before she could say anything more, the creature burst into tears and a fit of sobs and it flew away, taking its buttermoths with it. Fiona stood there, quite perplexed, but at least she was safe from it now.

Well, I’m not quite sure what just happened, but if frogs and bugs are all we have to worry about in here, I think this’ll be a breeze. Come on, Puppo. We’ll get out of here, I’m sure of it!”

She started running off to the next room, filled with a sense of adventure like she had before she had fallen down into the mountain. She remembered what she had told those boys, now. She was going to go and fight all the monsters and bring back the head of the monster king himself just to prove how amazing she was. Well, she wasn’t so sure that was going to happen, but maybe the monsters weren’t all quite as bad as she had originally been led to believe. Maybe if she found some she could actually talk to and reason with, they could even help her find a way back home.

When Fiona reached the center of the room, the floor beneath her feet crumbled and she fell through. She let out a scream and Puppo howled. Their landing was soft, however, for they fell into a large pile of red leaves. She blinked and glanced all around, pushing herself back up to her feet. The room she was now in looked similar to the one up above, except it had doorways on each of the walls, while the room on the upper floor had some sort of strange holes.

Fiona jumped out of the large leaf pile and waited for Puppo to follow. He seemed to be having fun hopping in the leaves, though, so she had to drag him out herself. Together, they went through the doorway on the eastern side of the room. They climbed up a flight of stairs and found that it lead to nothing but a wall, except the wall had a sort of window opening in it just big enough for them to squeeze through. Fiona pushed Puppo through first then climbed through after him, and she found herself back in the room on the upper floor.

Gee, I wonder if there are any other rooms like this later on?” she wondered aloud, picking up the puppy again and rubbing his belly. He thumped his leg lightly and licked her face, and she smiled. “Well, we’re on the other side of that crumbling floor now, so let’s keep moving.”

They went through to the next room. The way to the next room after that was blocked by spikes – no surprise there. Fiona looked all around for something that could deactivate the spikes, and she found a switch on the ground. She stepped on it and the spikes went away. She lifted her foot up, and the spikes returned.

How are we gonna do this?” She glanced at the wall behind her and noticed a sign. Signs had been rather helpful to her for solving puzzles, thus far, so she figured this was worth a shot. This sign read, ‘3 out of 4 grey rocks recommend being pushed‘. Fiona blinked at the sign and turned back to the switch, and suddenly there was a large rock sitting in front of it, which she could’ve sworn wasn’t there before.

She shrugged her shoulders and pushed the rock onto the switch and the spikes disappeared again. She grinned and walked across them into the next room, Puppo tagging along at her heels.

I wonder how big this place is, even? It seems like we’ve been wandering around for hours.”

Just as Fiona was about to put her foot down, Puppo grabbed at her ankle with his jaws, holding her foot back. She blinked down at him then looked at the floor and saw there were cracks in it. She frowned and took a step back.

Is this another one of those crumbling floor puzzles? It was easy to get through last time, but I don’t really feel like falling again.”

Puppo sniffed around at the floor and tested it with one paw, then he started moving forward carefully. The floor didn’t crumble, and Fiona wondered if it was because he was lighter than she was, or perhaps because there was an actual path that needed following here. She decided for the moment it was best to follow him, so she watched her footsteps as she walked the same path he went.

They made a few twists and turns on the path, and at one point Fiona thought she felt the floor about to give way under them, but they made it to the other side of the room without falling down once. Fiona let out a deep breath then patted Puppo on the head.

Good boy finding the path like that! Come on, let’s keep going.”

They went through the door, and found yet another room with spikes blocking the way to the next. Fiona rolled her eyes at the sight of it, wondering why monsters seemed to have such a fetish for spike traps. Then she noticed three switches on the ground with rocks in front of them. So she pushed the rocks onto the switches. Well, she pushed all but one of the rocks.

The third rock, as it turned out, was not too happy about her touching it. “Hey!” it shouted in an angry voice. “Don’t go pushin’ people around! Where did you learn your manners?”

Fiona’s eyes grew wide and she took a step back. “Oh, I’m sorry! Ah, are you a ghost that lives in a rock?”

No!” the rock shouted. “I am not a ghost that lives in a rock, I am a rock! Geez, rude much?”

Sorry! I didn’t know, I’ve never met a talking rock before.”

Yeah? I’ve never met a puppy before, and there’s one now. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

Fiona huffed, tired of the rock’s attitude. “Excuse me, I am very sorry for offending you and it was not my intention. If there’s anything I can do to make it up to you.”

Hrm…” The rock, though it didn’t have a face, seemed to be looking her over. “Well… you are pretty cute. I guess I can let it slide.”

Fiona wasn’t sure what to think of a comment like that, but she decided not to say anything about it. “Um, listen, we need to get through there and the only way to pass is for something to be holding down that switch. Do you think you could sit on it for us? At least until we get through?”

You mean you want me to move?” The rock seemed flabbergasted by this statement. “Look, kid, you’re cute and all, but I like where I’m sitting now. It’s nice and warm, and that switch looks really cold, so-”

Please?” Fiona mustered up the sweetest, cutest smile she could give, and the rock seemed to quiver.

W-well, okay, if you insist. Just realize I wouldn’t do this for just anyone.” The rock then slid across the floor on its own and settled onto the switch. The spikes went away and Fiona clapped her hands.

Thank you very much!” She ran over the bridge where the spikes had previously been and into the next room, Puppo hopping along behind her. “It feels like we’re getting real close to the end now. What do you think, Puppo?”

Puppo barked in response and Fiona giggled.

As they walked through the next room, Fiona noticed a little mouse hole and a small table. Other than that, the room was despairingly empty. She dug through her pockets and found a small piece of cheese she had totally forgotten about. It had some lint and a few hairs on it, but she brushed them off and set it on the table.

Here, we’ll leave this for the mouse for when it wants something to eat. I’m sure it’s hungry.”

Puppo sniffed at the cheese then snorted and headed off to the next room. Fiona giggled and went after him. The next room had a huge pile of red leaves in it that Fiona and Puppo rolled around in for a moment before getting to the other side of the room. They found two different paths, then decided to check out both. One of the rooms was just a dead end and she found nothing in it but a couple spider webs and a sign that said, ‘Spider bake sale: all proceeds go to real spiders.‘ She thought about buying something before remembering she didn’t have any money.

The next room was nothing but a long hallway with several frogs sitting around staring off into space. She waved her hand at them, but they didn’t really make a response. She shrugged her shoulders and went to the next room. “Frogs are weird.”

And in the next room, she found yet another version of the crumbling floor puzzle. She frowned at this. There seemed to be six sections of floor to fall down into, all leading into separate rooms underneath the main large room. A sign on one wall read, ‘There’s only one switch.

Does this mean I have to fall into every single room until I find a switch?” Puppo snorted in response, inadvertently nodding his head at the same time. Fiona sighed and braced herself as she stepped onto one of the crumbling floors, then fell until she landed in a large pile of red leaves.

The small room she landed in held nothing at all. Nothing except for a… uh.

Vegetoid springs out of the earth!”

Fiona screamed and fell back into the leaf pile as a huge carrot with a face sprung from the floor and floated in front of her, cackling menacingly. She stared at the carrot, and it stared back. They stared at each other for so long that Fiona decided they were having a staring contest, but then she blinked and silently berated herself for losing.

Uh, can I help you?” she asked.

Gyeheheheheh!” The carrot just laughed maniacally, but otherwise it did nothing. Fiona blinked slowly and tried to stand, but she seemed to be sucked back into the leaves.

Um, hey, it was great meeting you and all, but I’ve gotta get going.”

The carrot hopped on top of her then, a horrible grin on its face. “Eat your greens!”

Vegetables started appearing out of nowhere, flying all over the room and toward Fiona’s face. She let out another scream, but was quickly muffled as broccoli filled her mouth. She shuddered and tried to spit it out, but it wouldn’t come out, and she realized the only way to get rid of it was by eating it.

She chewed and chewed then finally swallowed, giving a little shudder. Vegetoid seemed pleased with this, then it hopped away and disappeared. Fiona sat up with a groan, holding onto her stomach. “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Puppo barked from up above and Fiona remembered she needed to get out. She went through a little door and climbed up a short flight of stairs before finding the opening to crawl through to get back to the upper floor. Puppo licked her when she returned and she hugged him close.

Vegetables are scary, don’t get near them, okay?” Puppo barked and nodded his head.

Fiona went around the whole room, falling down into the smaller rooms below looking for the switch she was supposed to press to move forward. She encountered another Vegetoid but this time hit it with her toy knife before escaping back to the top floor. At another point when she fell, she saw something rather spooky.

Ah! A ghost!”

A little white ghost with big black eyes was floating around in the room. It had on a pair of headphones and didn’t seem to hear her. Fiona blinked at the ghost then moved toward it slowly. It turned and noticed her for the first time, then it seemed to be blushing.

oh, hey. didn’t see you there, sorry. i’m, uh, i’m just gonna, uh… sorry, i didn’t think anyone else would come down this way. oh, this is embarrassing.”

The ghost faded away. Fiona blinked and felt a twinge of regret for reacting as she did. The ghost seemed so sad and shy that now she wished it would come back so she could talk to it. Oh, well. She ran her hand through her hair and blinked.

Hey, what happened to my ribbon? Where’d it go?” The orange ribbon she always wore in her hair was no longer there. Thinking back, it probably fell out when that first vegetoid attacked her. She frowned and thought about going back to rescue the ribbon, but she didn’t want to keep falling down into holes. This thought struck her as very lazy, or perhaps cowardly, but it was just an old ribbon, anyway. She could always get a new one.

Finally, she found the room with a switch on the wall. She pressed it down and heard a clicking noise up on the top floor. When she returned, she found that the spike trap had gone away. She let out a breath.

Finally. I hope we’re almost out of here.”

Fiona and Puppo went through about four more rooms before coming to a large hallway splitting off in two directions. They went to the east and found a door that led out onto a balcony. Fiona walked to the railing and rested her chin on her arms, gazing out at some vast city.

Whoa, so that’s where all the monsters live? I wonder if the King of all monsters is in there somewhere?”

She felt a small tug on her hip and looked down to see Puppo grasping the handle of her toy knife with his jaws, trying to pull it out of her pocket. When he saw that he had been caught, his eyes grew big and he went very still.

Hey, you can’t have that, it’s mine!” She snatched it out of his mouth and held it above him. “Besides, you could hurt yourself with this. It’s only to be used in real emergencies.”

Puppo’s eyes were still wide with fear, but Fiona noticed he wasn’t looking up at her, but rather at something behind her. Fiona turned her gaze in the direction he was looking, and she dropped her knife.

Ah, monster!”


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