Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 1, Chapter 5

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter five of part one. It is also the end of part one.  This is the point where you remember what happens in Undertale and realize this cute, happy story can’t stay that way forever.  So have some feels.

Please enjoy.

Part 1
Part 1 – Fiona’s Patience

Chapter 5 – Asgore

Undyne took Fiona on a boat and rode up the river to a place called Hotland. Fiona noticed Undyne seemed to have slowed down a bit once they got there, and maybe it was because the place was hot and Undyne was wearing such heavy armor.

They took an elevator straight up to the Core of the underground, and from there Undyne took Fiona to the king’s castle. Luckily it wasn’t quite so hot there and Fiona didn’t feel the need to find a glass of water like she had before.

Um, excuse me?” Fiona said quietly as she followed Undyne to the throne room. “Are you going to kill me?”

Undyne glanced down at her, eyes flashing. “Only if Asgore commands it. He may ask me to do it, or he may do it himself. It depends on his mood, I suppose.”

Oh. Well… do you think he’ll let me talk to him a bit first before either of you kill me? I have something to say to him.”

Undyne snorted. “If you’re going to plead for mercy, then forget it! King Asgore has ordered the death of any human who falls down here! Really, you should be lucky I’m taking you to him at all and not killing you on the spot. That’s what I would have liked to have done, but I thought it best to present you to him first.”

Fiona frowned and turned her face away, deciding that Undyne couldn’t be reasoned with, but she still held hope that the king could be. Then she thought of Toriel and she felt a knot in her stomach. Toriel would get home – no, she probably already had gotten home – and she would see that Fiona wasn’t there. Poor Toriel. Fiona felt awful about doing this to her more than she worried about what fate may befall her.

Finally they reached the throne room, which looked like a large garden full of golden flowers with a single throne set in the center of it. Undyne removed her helmet and freed her hair from it, revealing that she was some sort of fish lady. Fiona blinked at this, but shook it off quickly enough.

Asgore,” Undyne said, dropping to one knee and pressing her fist over her chest. “I have brought a human.”

That was when Fiona noticed the huge monster standing on the other side of the garden. His back was turned to them, and he seemed to be tending to the flowers, but he went still when he heard what Undyne had to say. “A human? Here?”

He turned around slowly, and when Fiona saw him she was struck by how similar he looked to Toriel. He was also a big goat monster, his horns long and curling over his head. He had a long yellow beard and a kind looking face, but the look on it was one of sadness.

Ah, so you have. I wasn’t expecting to see one so… soon.” He ran his eyes over Fiona for a brief moment before turning away again. “So young, too…”

Shall I take this human’s soul, my king?” Undyne asked, seeming eager and even excited at the prospect. Fiona stepped away from her a few inches.

No, no, I should be the one to do it,” Asgore said with a heavy sigh. “Undyne, would you please leave us? I’ll call for you again if I need you.”

Undyne gave a strained nod then turned and left the room, shoving Fiona forward a bit more and making her stumble. Fiona gasped then glared in Undyne’s direction.

Asgore was silent for a long time, then when he spoke his voice was low. “Do you understand what’s going on here, human?”

Fiona swallowed and nodded her head. “I do, at least… I think I do. I, uh… I heard the story from this lady living in the Ruins.”

Asgore seemed to shudder and he rubbed his face with one large hand. “So you know why I must do what I’m about to do.”

No, I don’t!” Fiona interjected. “Look, I… I wanted to talk to you anyway. Please, just hear me out, that’s all I ask. I won’t run away if you still want to take my soul.” She sighed shakily and closed her eyes. “Not like I’d have anywhere to run to, anyway.”

Asgore sucked in a deep breath then nodded his head. “Alright, human. I’m listening.”

Fiona took a small step forward, but now her whole body was shaking and her throat started to tighten. Fear gripped her, but she couldn’t let it take control of her. She didn’t want to break down crying in front of the King of all monsters, after all.

I’m… I’m sorry all of this happened to you. It isn’t fair. It’s not fair at all. From what I’ve seen of your people, monsters aren’t bad at all. I think they could live peacefully with humans if we both tried. So I’m asking if you’ll let me go home. If you do, I can tell people what I learned about you. And besides, if they see I’ve come out unharmed, that should tell them something too. No one is supposed to return from the mountain, so if I did…”

Her voice trailed off. She felt like she was rambling and possibly not making any sense. Her throat tightened more, along with her chest, so instead she just shut her mouth and looked down at her feet.

A large hand rested on her shoulder and Fiona looked up to see Asgore standing directly over her. There was a sad smile on his face – no, rather, it was a look of absolute heartbreak. “Oh, my child,” he murmured, sounding so much like Toriel. “If only things could be so simple. You have no idea how desperately I wish I could let you go. I wish that we could live in peace with the humans like we once did so very long ago. But I do not think it can be so.”

Why not?” Fiona asked, tears forming in her eyes in her desperation. “Why can’t we live in peace together? Is it really so impossible? Is it just destiny that humans and monsters be enemies with each other?”

I do not have an answer for that,” Asgore said, looking regretful now. He gave Fiona’s shoulder a gentle squeeze. “Listen… what I’m doing is for my own people. We have been trapped down here for so long. We suffer for it. There is not much room here, and we long for the days when we once lived on the surface. I wish to give hope back to my people, even if what we wish for cannot be achieved. I’d still like to try.”

By… by killing me? By taking my soul so you can go to the surface and destroy all the humans?” Fiona rubbed her arm across her face, wiping tears from her eyes. “Don’t you think that by doing that you’re confirming all of the humans’ fears of you?”

Asgore grimaced and turned his face away. “Perhaps. But I’m doing this for my people. All I want is for them to be happy. If that’s what it takes, then…”

But what about those people like me?” Fiona asked in a soft voice. “People who wouldn’t want to hurt monsters, and would want to live peacefully with them?”

Tell me, child, why did you climb the mountain in the first place?”

She blinked at the question. “Well… I was dared to, but I also wanted to see monsters for myself, if they were real.”

And what were you planning on doing when you found us?”

Fiona grimaced then and looked down. “I… I was going to slay you to prove I was stronger than you. That’s what I told my friends anyway. But that was before I found out what monsters were really like! I always thought they were bad, evil, scary creatures, because that’s what I was told. But I was wrong, and I don’t want to hurt any monsters anymore.”

Is that so?” Asgore asked in a quiet, monotone voice. “Does that mean you won’t try to slay me?”

No… no, I won’t. Well, even if I wanted to, I doubt I’d be able to. I lost my weapon back at the Ruins and, well… you’re big and strong, and I’m small.”

Size matters not,” Asgore said, resting a large hand atop Fiona’s head. “It’s your will and determination that matters.” He sighed heavily. “I’m sorry, but I must do what I must do. Please know I hold no ill-will toward you.”

Fiona shuddered and closed her eyes, then she swallowed back the lump in her throat and nodded her head. “I… I understand. I won’t try to run away. C-could I have a last request before you do it, though?”

Of course, child. What is it?”

The lady in the Ruins who was helping me. Her name is Toriel. I left when she was gone, and I felt really bad about it. She would have gotten home to see I wasn’t there. I wanted to apologize to her and let her know what happened. It’s the least I can do since I can’t do that for my own family.”

Asgore’s eyes were wide when he heard Toriel’s name. He let out a small choked sound and said, “Of course. I’ll have s-someone go and deliver the message to her.”

Tell her that Puppo found his family, too, so at least someone got a happy ending.” Fiona rubbed her eyes a bit then straightened and looked up at Asgore. “I’m… I’m ready.”

The king nodded his head slowly. “I shall… make it as painless for you as possible, child.”

Thank you.”

Asgore knelt down to get a little closer to Fiona’s level, then he wrapped his arms around her, giving her a warm hug.

Human, it was nice to meet you. Goodbye.”


There was a knock at the door to the Ruins. Toriel opened it and found a dog sentry standing there with an envelope in his mouth. Toriel blinked and took the envelope, and the dog saluted before marching away.

She went inside to read the letter, and as she did her eyes filled with tears.

Asgore. I swear I’ll stop you.”


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