Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 2, Chapter 2

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter two of part two.  Loox blocks the way!  Please don’t pick on him.  Also, I really hope I’m not making Toriel out to be way too annoying with how overly protective she is.  That’s not my intention, though I feel like that’s how she’s coming off (of course that’s sort of how she was in the game too, but still.)

Please enjoy.

Part 2
Part 2 – Grifford’s Bravery

Chapter 2 – Don’t Pick On Them

Grifford stayed with Toriel for several days. He stayed in the room she showed to him that was clearly meant for a child – there were even toys that he could play with, though doing so alone wasn’t quite that much fun. Toriel would read different books to him when he seemed bored. He asked her questions about the underground and monster history, and she seemed delighted to tell him everything she could. Well, everything except how to get out, and certain things about Asgore.

At one point, Toriel said that she had to go out to run some errands, and she told Grifford not to go out. She gave him this stern look that told him she meant business, and it made him far too intimidated to go against her will.

What she said was to not leave the Ruins, Grifford thought to himself as he puttered around the little house, thinking of something to do. She didn’t say I couldn’t go back and explore the Ruins a bit on my own. It’d be something to do, at least.

He found a piece of paper and a broken crayon, but it was good enough to write with. He then scrawled a note out to Toriel and left it on the table, hoping she would be able to decipher his sloppy handwriting. “Now she’ll know where to come look for me if she gets back before I do.”

Grifford left the house and went back into the Ruins, hoping to find something cool, or perhaps even some treasure. If nothing else, maybe he could find some other monsters to talk to. He remembered seeing some when he was coming through the Ruins the first time with Toriel. All of the monsters had been avoiding the two of them, looking rather intimidated. Grifford couldn’t tell if they were scared of Toriel or him, since he was human. He couldn’t imagine them being afraid of someone as sweet and caring as Toriel had been.

Much to his relief, Grifford found that all of the puzzles they had to go through on the way in had not been reset, so he didn’t have to worry about remembering how they worked to do them again. These Ruins seemed to have a thing for spike traps, and Grifford couldn’t truthfully say he was all that fond of them.

As he wandered down a corridor, he heard a voice behind him and turned to look. There was a strange looking monster with one huge eye in the middle of its face, and horns on its head. It looked like a stereotypical schoolyard bully, Grifford thought.

You wanna mess with me?” Grifford said, pulling his pink leather gloves on a little tighter. “Well come on, fight me!”

The monster backed up a bit, blinking its huge eye, then it said in a quiet voice, “Don’t pick on me.”

Eh?” Grifford blinked and tipped his head. “Uh… I’m not gonna pick on you, I just thought that you were gonna…”

The monster closed its eye, looking rather sad. Grifford growned and dropped his arms to his sides. Man, now it’s gone and made me feel bad.

Hey, I didn’t mean to scare you or anything. I’m not gonna hurt ya, at least as long as you don’t try to hurt me.”

The monster opened its eye, looking hopeful. “You really mean that? You’re not going to pick on me for how I look?”

No, of course not. I think you look pretty cool, actually. Do other monsters pick on you?”

It nodded its head sadly, and Grifford frowned.

Well that’s not cool. Hey, you shouldn’t listen to people who are jerks, you know. They’re just gonna get you down, and, well, how much more down can you be than where you already are, am I right?” The monster didn’t look all that impressed by Grifford’s joke, so he quickly tried to think of something else to say to change the topic.

Hey, you look big and strong. Do you wrestle at all?”

Erm…” The monster shrugged its shoulders, now seeming rather aloof.

Oh, well, hey, would you be up for sparring some time? I like practicing, but I’m not gonna go and pick fights with people who don’t deserve it. So I dunno, I thought maybe you’d like to?”

Oh, uh, well no, that’s okay. You might wanna ask my big brother, though. He likes to fight.”

Oh, awesome! Where is he?”

Uh, right behind you.”

Grifford blinked and turned around to see another monster that looked just like the one he had been talking to, but this one was way larger, and it was glaring at him. Grifford squeaked and took a step back. “Uh, hi.”

Are you picking on my little brother?” the monster growled.

No! No, I’m not, I was just looking for someone that I could, uh, spar with. He said you’d be willing to, uh… would you like to? J-just for fun! Not for hurting each other or anything.”

Hrm.” The monster continued to glare at him, then it raised its fists up. “Fine, we’ll spar.”

Great!” Grifford raised his fists as well, sliding into a fighting stance. “Oh, uh, don’t hit too hard, and I won’t either. Like I said, this is for fun. Think of it as training!”

The monster nodded then made a punch at Grifford, a little too forcefully he thought, but Grifford managed to doge to the side. He made a punch at the monster, nearly hitting its huge eye, then changing the direction of his punch last second to go for the shoulder instead.

The monster grabbed Grifford’s fist and pulled him up into the air off his feet. Grifford squeaked and looked into the monster’s eye. “Um, well, that’s not exactly what I meant. Uh, could you maybe put me down?”

Bro,” the smaller monster said, its eye wide with terror. The bigger monster turned around and also looked terrified, then it dropped Grifford and ran away together with its little brother.

Grifford pulled himself up to his feet and brushed himself off. “Gee, what was that all about?” He felt a hand rest on his shoulder and looked up to see Toriel standing behind him, a stern look on her face. “Oh, hi there!”

Child, are you hurt?” she asked. “Didn’t I tell you to stay home?”

N-no, no, I’m fine. And I figured it would be okay as long as I didn’t leave the Ruins. And I did leave you a note, right?”

Yes, you did, though I had some trouble making it out.” Toriel sighed and led Grifford back toward the path to the house. “I just don’t wish to see you harmed, my child.”

Yeah, yeah, I know.” Grifford stretched his arms above his head and glanced up at the high ceiling in the Ruins. “I was just bored and thought it’d be fun to explore around here some. Oh, and those monsters weren’t hurting me, I asked if they wanted to spar. We were just playing.”

It didn’t look like that to me,” Toriel grunted.

Well, we were. That’s just what boys do, so it’s nothing to be worried about.” There was a long moment of silence as they walked up to the door of the house, and as they stepped in, Grifford seemed to think of something. “Um, listen, Toriel?”

Yes?” She looked down at him, a twinkle in her eye.

I’ve been doing some thinking, and I was wondering what was going to happen to me – in the long term, I mean. If I stay with you, I’m going to grow up, and I don’t think it’d be right for me to stay for so long. I’ll have to leave at some point at least, right?”

Toriel frowned but nodded her head. “Yes, I suppose that is true. But you are still a child, so it will be some time before that happens, right?”

Well, that’s the other thing I was thinking about. You’re trying to keep me from getting my soul taken, right?”

Yes,” Toriel replied, looking suspicious now.

So, if I eventually leave, there’s a possibility I’ll still get killed and have my soul taken. But if I never leave, I’ll still die at some point, and then you can take my soul still.”

Where are you going with this?” Toriel sounded somewhat incredulous, as if the talk of all this were putting her into a panic.

Well, I was thinking, if there’s some way out of here, I think it’d be best to attempt to leave sooner than later, rather than waiting around and doing nothing. They’re going to get my soul in the end if I never get out, no matter if I run straight into danger or stay hidden. Isn’t that right?”

Toriel didn’t say anything. She merely gazed down at Grifford, as if she were looking straight through him and into his soul. It gave him a slight shiver, but he didn’t back down.

Well, if you won’t let me leave, at least let me do some training with the monsters in the Ruins. I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t do even that.”

Finally Toriel sighed and nodded her head. “Very well, I’ll allow you to do that at least. Maybe… perhaps if you get stronger you will be able to handle yourself out there. Perhaps you would be able to get past Asgore on your own, even.”

Grifford’s eyes brightened. “You really mean that? Wow! Then I’m gonna get as strong as I possibly can! I won’t let you down, Toriel!”

Toriel turned from him, a sad frown on her face. You’re letting me down for considering that you can go against Asgore at all.


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