Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 3, Chapter 1

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter one of part three.  The blue soul arrives, and Toriel loves her way too much.  This can only end badly.

Please enjoy.

Part 3
Part 3 – Hannah’s Integrity

Chapter 1 – Spiders and Snails

Please don’t be broken, please don’t be broken.

Hannah sat up slowly from the place she had fallen to and she pressed her hand to her leg. She winced in pain, but to her relief it didn’t seem to be broken, just bruised and sore. She let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the hole above her that she had fallen through. It was a miracle that she hadn’t died from the fall, let alone making it out without any broken bones. The patch of flowers she had landed in had broken her fall somewhat, though.

Hannah shakily got to her feet, limping forward a step, but soon she got used to the aching in her leg enough to walk okay, though she still had to go slowly. She wandered through the cave she had found herself in and soon came to a doorway. When she walked through, she was met by a strange creature.

Greetings my child, I am Toriel. Have you fallen down? Oh, here, let me heal your wounds.” Toriel placed one hand upon Hannah’s leg and a moment later it felt good as new. Hannah blinked and gazed up at the goat woman, who was smiling down at her.

Th-thank you,” Hannah said. “Um, my name is Hannah.”

What a lovely name.” Toriel seemed to be beaming, though Hannah was just confused and wasn’t sure what to say or do at this point. Toriel patted her on the shoulder. “Please, come with me. I will take you through the Ruins and bring you to my home. You’ll be safe there, my child.”

Oh, well… okay.” Toriel then took Hannah by the hand and led her up a flight of stairs and into the Ruins beyond. The Ruins were a huge structure that seemed to go on forever, and in every room they went through, there seemed to be puzzles and traps of all kinds. Toriel took them through each of the puzzles without a second thought, and Hannah figured that if Toriel lived here she must just know the solutions by heart.

About halfway through the Ruins, Hannah saw a sign for a bake sale, and her eyes lit up. She lightly tugged on Toriel’s sleeve and pointed to the sign. “Could we go back and see what they have?”

Toriel blinked and squinted at the sign. “Oh, well… I’m not sure you would like things from a spider bake sale, dear. Spiders are, well-”

Spiders are cool, what are you talking about?”

A strange look came over Toriel’s face then, but she quickly replaced it with an affectionate smile. “Well, if you insist. Come on.” They went back to the room where the bake sale was taking place. There were two large spider webs asking to have money deposited in them. Toriel took out 7G and placed it into one of the webs, and a spider crawled down and handed them a donut. Hannah’s face lit up at the sight of it and she took it gratefully, then she smiled at the spider.

Thank you, it looks delicious.”

The spider seemed to blush, though being as small as it was, she couldn’t really tell. Then it crawled back up from where it had been. Though Toriel didn’t seem too enthusiastic over the spider bake sale, she was glad to see Hannah looking so happy with her donut.

Hannah nibbled on the donut as Toriel led her the rest of the way through the Ruins and to her house. When they got there, Toriel showed Hannah to the small child’s bedroom at the edge of the hall. “You may sleep here and regain your strength. If you’re still hungry, I can make us some dinner.”

That sounds nice,” Hannah said with a smile. “What do you have?”

Well, I have some snails, but I doubt you’d like that-”

Snails? I’ve never had them before, but I’ve always wanted to try them!”

Toriel stared at the child then gave Hannah a big hug. “I will make you all the snails you like,” she said. “I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

Hannah smiled and watched as Toriel left the room, then she settled down on the bed and finished her spider donut. Though it was sweet, it had a strange flavor in with it – probably the spiders. She licked her fingers and looked around the room, wondering what all she would find. There was a box of all different sorts of toys, a wardrobe with clothes in different sizes, and a box of shoes, also in different sizes. This struck Hannah as somewhat peculiar, but maybe Toriel had had a child at one point who had grown up and she just never got rid of any of their clothes.

Hannah pulled the backpack she wore off her back and dug around through it. She had been hiking around the mountain with a group of other people, but then she wandered off and fell through a gap. Thinking back on it, she wondered if anyone had noticed her absence, and the thought made her heart heavy.

Was she ever going to get out of here? Would she be able to get back home and see her family? Oh, and her recital. That was coming up this weekend. If she couldn’t get out, she wouldn’t be able to perform.

Hannah reached into her backpack and pulled out the ballet slippers and tutu she had in there. Why she brought them with her on a trip up to a mountain, she didn’t know, she just liked having them with her. It made her feel better. Dancing was what made her life meaningful.

Toriel opened the door a little while later and peeked her head in. “Dinner is ready! Uh, Hannah? Are you okay?”

Hannah was hugging her backpack tightly, sniffing back a few tears. She rubbed her arm across her face and nodded her head. “Y-yeah, I’m fine.”

Toriel went in and sat on the bed beside her, resting an arm around Hannah’s shoulders. “You miss the surface, don’t you?”

Hannah nodded her head with a shaky sigh. “I… I had this big dance recital coming up this weekend. My whole family was going to be there. I was so excited. But now, if I’m trapped down here, I can’t do it, can I?”

Toriel frowned sadly and pulled Hannah into a comforting hug. “There, there, child. It’s going to be alright. If… if it would make you feel any better, you could perform for me.”

Hannah sniffed a bit and looked up at the goat lady who had been so kind to her. “Maybe…” A little smile touched her face and she brushed the hair out of her eyes. “Thank you.”

Toriel stood, taking Hannah by the hand. “Come along, then. Dinner is ready, and we don’t want it to get cold, do we?”

Hannah shook her head and laid the backpack on the bed, then followed Toriel out into the dining room, where a meal of cooked snails awaited them. Hannah sniffed at it a little then took a small bite. Her face lit up and she ate the whole thing. It was one of the best things she had ever tasted.

Toriel was beside herself with joy. She would protect this child as long as she could; there was no way she was letting Hannah attempt to get back to the surface.


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