Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 3, Chapter 2

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter two of part three.  Just dance, just dance.

Please enjoy.

Part 3
Part 3 – Hannah’s Integrity

Chapter 2 – Dance Recital

Toriel taught Hannah through all of the history books she had on her shelves. Hannah was surprised about all the facts on monsters she learned, though she also never learned much about monsters even from a human perspective in her own school. She said that what little she did know came from old fairy tales and bedtime stories, but they weren’t even taught as fact or legends; just something made up to scare children.

When Toriel wasn’t teaching her and she wasn’t reading, Hannah was in her room, practicing her dance moves. There wasn’t much space in the room for her to move around in, but it was enough for what she was doing. Still, though, she wished she had a wide stage to practice on instead. Her heart ached every time she thought about how she would never get to perform in front of her family and friends, and she wondered what they were up to right now. Were they worried about her? Were they looking for her? Did they have any idea what had even happened to her?

Whenever Toriel found Hannah looking down about this, though, she would cheer her up by asking to see her dance. This did make Hannah feel a bit happier. Toriel would clap and tell her how amazing she looked doing her dance, and this did brighten Hannah’s spirits, though she also had to wonder whether or not Toriel actually meant it or if she was just saying that to make her happy.

You know,” Toriel said one day after Hannah had finished dancing, “there are other monsters living in the Ruins here. Perhaps I could convince them to come watch you dance as well.”

Hannah blinked and blushed a bit. “What, you really mean that?”

Of course. I know you said you had a recital, and I still think you should do it. But I’m not much of an audience. I’m sure the others would love to watch you as well.”

W-well… if you think they would, I wouldn’t be against it.” The idea of performing for monsters was strange, though it did fill her with excitement. “Yes, I would like that.”

Hannah started practicing more and more after that. Toriel went around the Ruins, asking all the other monsters she saw whether they’d like to see a dance recital. All of them seemed more than eager to come watch. The Ruins were a dull place where nothing happened, so to have some entertainment for once was exciting.

Toriel found a wide open space in the Ruins where Hannah could dance, and there was still enough space for all the monsters to come and watch. They even decorated it a bit with red leaves sprinkled all around.

Finally, it came time for the performance. It was the same date and time that Hannah was supposed to have had her real recital back home on the surface. She dressed in her ballet outfit, her slippers laced all the way up to her knees, her tutu adjusted perfectly. She peered out into the room where all the monsters had gathered to watch her. While there weren’t nearly as many as there would have been at her actual recital, she still felt nervous.

Toriel gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “You’ll do great. Go on out there and dance. If you get too nervous, just close your eyes and pretend no one else is watching. I know you do even better when you’re dancing on your own.”

How do you know that?” Hannah asked, looking up at Toriel suspiciously. Toriel blushed a bit then gave her a guilty smile.

Well… you should go. I believe it’s time to start.”

Hannah sighed and nodded her head. She walked out into the room, shivering a little when she felt all the eyes of the monsters on her. She stopped in the center of the room and glanced toward Toriel, giving a slight nod of her head. Toriel turned on a CD small CD player that Hannah had stored in her backpack, and music began to play.

And she danced her heart out. She did close her eyes and pretend there was no one else there watching, that she was all alone as she moved. She swayed with the music, keeping perfectly in time with it. Her body became like liquid in its movements, muscles swaying back and forth like the flow of a river.

All the monsters there were entranced by her and watched in still silence. They had never seen anything like her before. Toriel smiled at the reaction of the audience, and she felt a sense of pride in this child she had taken in, though Hannah wasn’t even her own child. They had only been with each other for a couple days, but even so Toriel felt like she was her own.

When the music stopped, Hannah had finished with her dance and ended in a glamorous pose. She opened her eyes and gazed at her audience, and they all began to applaud. She blushed slightly, but she felt good about herself. They liked her, they liked her dance. That was enough to make her forget about the fact that she missed her other recital. She would have had to have shared the spotlight with other dancers then, but this was all her own, and they loved it.

Hannah gave a deep bow and they applauded harder. She smiled to herself and exited the room. Toriel came up to her a moment later and gave her a big hug. “You did wonderfully. I’m so proud of you.”

Thank you. Thank you for letting me do this, it really meant a lot.” Hannah hugged Toriel back, feeling a great sense of relief wash over her.

It was my pleasure. Oh, and the other monsters said that any time you wish to do another recital, they’d be more then willing to come and watch you again. They’re happy to see something fun, and you were amazing.”

Hannah blushed and nodded her head. “Oh, Toriel? Would it be okay if I got something else from the bake sale? That donut was really good, and it looks like the spiders set up shop here as a concession stand.”

Of course.” Toriel handed her 7G and Hannah went off to find the spiders. There were two large spider webs in the corner of the room she had performed in, and she set the money in one of them. A spider crawled down and handed her a donut, and she thanked it happily. Before walking away, the spider also handed her a note. Hannah blinked and read the note.

‘You have been invited to Muffet’s Parlor to partake in spider goods and dance with our mistress. We have told you about your kindness toward us and your dancing skills, and she would very much like to meet you.’

Hannah looked at the spider again. “You want me to come visit this Muffet person?”

The spider seemed to nod, then it crawled back up to the ceiling. Hannah turned the note over in her hands and found there were directions to the parlor. She thought about this, then decided to bring the matter up with Toriel, and she ran back home.

Toriel read the note as Hannah ate her donut. Toriel didn’t seem overly pleased with the note. “I don’t know about this, Hannah,” she said, frowning a bit. “Outside of the Ruins is a dangerous place.”

Well, I did get an invitation,” Hannah said. “I think it would be alright. Do you not trust spiders or something?”

No, no, it’s not that… well, it is that a little, but no, that’s not my concern at the moment. I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea for you to leave the safety of the Ruins. There are monsters out there who will try and capture you because you’re a human. They may try to kill you.”

Hannah’s eyes grew wide. “Why? Do… do monsters hate humans that much?”

Toriel bit her lip and realized her mistake. “Well… yes and no.” She sighed deeply and shook her head. “I never did tell you about… about Asgore. I was hoping if I kept that information from you, you’d be safer and stay here with me.”

Hannah settled down on the floor next to the fire. “You could tell me now.”

Toriel sighed and nodded her head gravely. “Yes, I suppose I have to.” She told Hannah everything about Asgore, about his plans to collect the seven human souls. About the fact that he already had two. “I do not wish you to suffer the same fate as they did. They died because I was not there to protect them. I was foolish to let the last one leave. I don’t want it to happen again.”

Hannah nodded her head. “I understand. But the other two went directly to him looking for a way out, right? Maybe that wouldn’t happen to me if I didn’t do that. If I just went outside to visit someone, I could come right back when I’m done, right?”

Toriel hesitated at the thought, still looking wary of the prospect. “I… I’m not sure. I feel like it would still be a risk.”

Hannah gently squeezed Toriel’s hand, a pleading look in her eyes. “I’d really like to go and visit. And I’d like to see what’s outside the Ruins, too. I promise when I’m done I’ll come back. I won’t try to look for a way back home. It doesn’t sound like one exists, anyway. Or if it does, I don’t think it would be possible for me to get past the king. I’m not foolish enough to risk my own life for something like that.”

Toriel smiled. “Well, alright. If you insist, I’ll let you go. Just… I want you to be careful. There are sentries patrolling the area waiting for humans to come by. If they capture you, you will be taken to Asgore. Don’t let that happen.”

I won’t, I promise.” Hannah gave Toriel a hug, and her heart began to feel warm. “I’ll go tomorrow. I need to get some sleep first.”

Alright, little one. Sleep well.”

As Hannah went off to bed, Toriel sighed and settled into her armchair, opening up a book and idly skimming over the pages. Please, let her be safe. Don’t let him take her away, too.


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