Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 3, Chapter 3

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter three of part three.  Sans appears, and he’s not exactly the most friendly skeleton around, despite what you may think.

Please enjoy.

Part 3
Part 3 – Hannah’s Integrity

Chapter 3 – sans.

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast of cinnamon buns and eggs of some sort, Hannah packed her few belongings into her backpack along with a little bit of food Toriel had given her for the trip. Toriel then led her to the door out of the Ruins and hugged her tight.

Now remember what I said,” Toriel reminded her. “Be careful and don’t let any of the sentries capture you. Perhaps, if they ask, you could tell them where you’re going and they’ll let you by without further argument?”

Hannah nodded and smiled a bit. “Alright. Thanks again for letting me go.”

Toriel nodded her head. “I’ll be waiting for your return. Be safe, my child.”

The door opened and Hannah went through and out into the dark forest beyond. There was snow on the ground and it gave her a small shiver, but Toriel had given her warm clothes to wear, warning her about the snowy area beyond the Ruins. Hannah did not dislike snow, but she could do without the cold part of it.

As she walked through the forest, she couldn’t help but feel like there was somebody watching her. Shivers went down her spine, but no matter where she looked, she couldn’t see any sign of anyone or anything around her. Just trees and snow. Unless the trees were alive. Unless the snow was alive. That was a scary thought.

She walked past the first sentry station and there were signs that some sort of animal had been around it, though she didn’t see anything. There were large paw prints in the snow, and a food dish sitting on the counter part of the station. The dish was tragically empty.

Hannah continued walking down the path, but then she heard a growl behind her. She froze an slowly turned around. There was a huge dog standing there, its lip curled up to show its fangs. It wore a suit of armor and held a pair of knives in its paws.

Human,” it snarled. “Must capture the human!”

Oh no,” Hannah whispered. The dog lurched forward and she let out a cry then started running from it as fast as she could. She got a fair way away from it, but then she slipped on a patch of ice and fell to the ground. The dog was upon her just like that, wielding its knives high above her head.


And then a bone hit the dog in the head. It fell over then blinked and got back up, looking all around. It saw the bone lying on the ground and practically leaped for joy, then it grabbed the bone in its mouth and pranced away. Hannah blinked and watched it go, then she pulled herself to her feet.

What just-?”

hey there, kid. looked like you were in a bind, so i came to help you out.”

Hannah spun around to the sound of the voice and saw a short, stout figure standing a few feet away. On closer inspection, she realized it was a skeleton. She blinked several times and even rubbed her eyes, but when she looked at it again, it was still a skeleton.

Um… th-thank you?” She wasn’t quite sure what to think about seeing a skeleton. Then again, she had seen all other sorts of strange monsters up to this point. She wasn’t sure why a skeleton was so surprising to her.

no problem. by the way, i’m sans, sans the skeleton. pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Uh, right. I’m Hannah.”

The little skeleton nodded and walked toward her, his hands stuffed deep into the pockets of his blue hoodie sweatshirt. “so, tell me something. what’s a human doing walking around down here? the underground is full of monsters, not humans.”

I… I fell down here through the mountain. It was an accident.”

i see. and just where do you think you’re headed off to, anyway? lookin’ for a way out of here?”

No, I’m going to see someone,” Hannah said, frowning a bit at the skeleton. “I got an invitation to see her.”

oh? see who, if i may ask?”

Her name is Muffet. She’s the mistress of the spider clan, I guess. She invited me to come to her parlor after she heard about my dancing…” Hannah’s voice trailed off, then she frowned some more and glared at the skeleton. “I don’t see why it’s any of your business, come to think of it.”

Sans shrugged his shoulders and started walking casually down the path. “well, i could give you directions if you don’t know where to go. but if you don’t think you need my help, i’ll just be heading off. see ya, kid.”

Hannah hesitated, watching the little skeleton amble off, then she ran after him. “W-wait! No, I’m sorry. I would like some directions. I guess I was just… I was scared after that dog came after me.”

heh.” Sans turned around, the permanent grin on his face seeming to grow wider. “well, i did save your life, if you forgot already, but i’ll let it slide. yeah, i know where she lives. i can lead you there if you want.”

Hannah nodded her head a bit. “That would be helpful, thank you.”

then follow me, kid. we can stop by snowdin on the way there and grab a bite to eat, if ya want.”

Sure, thanks.”

Sans led Hannah through the snowy forest, over icy terrain and across terrible puzzles. Finally, they made it to the town of Snowdin, where, despite the cold and gloom around them, all the people seemed happy and cheerful. Hannah couldn’t help but think that many of the citizens looked so cute and adorable, being fuzzy bunnies and other sorts of animals.

yo, in here.” Sans went into a large bar with the name Grillby’s over it. Hannah followed him and they went and sat at the counter, where a man made of flame stood cleaning a glass. “double order of burg,” Sans said, and the flame man walked off into the back room.

Hannah glanced around the place and saw other dogs seated around a table. They all seemed to be dressed like sentries, wearing armor and holding weapons. It was a bit unnerving, but despite the heavy gear, they did look just like adorable puppies.

so,” Sans said, glancing up at Hannah. “you’re a dancer, you said?”

Yes, I am,” Hannah murmured, lightly wrapping her arms around herself. “The spiders invited me after I bought some things from them and they saw me dance. I guess they liked me.”

i see, i see. well, i was gonna say you should watch out for them spiders. they have a habit of eating people they don’t like, but it sounds like you’ll be alright with ’em.”

Erm, thanks, I guess.”

anyway, seeing as you’re a human, i gotta warn ya that it’s pretty dangerous walkin’ around on your own. like that dog i saved you from, for instance. he was a member of the royal guard, and he wanted to take ya back to the castle to see the king. you really don’t want to be goin’ there.”

Yeah, I know. The king will kill me if I go there. I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon.”

heh. well, if i hadn’t been around, i think that might just be where you’d be headed right now. you’re lucky i happened along when i did.”

Hannah grumbled a little under her breath. She didn’t like this guy. He seemed far too arrogant and it unnerved her. Just then, the barman came back and set two plates with burgers in front of them. Sans straightened in his seat, and Hannah thought that if he had lips, he’d probably be licking them. Then again, that would also require a tongue.

hey, grub’s here. want some ketchup?”

No, thanks.”

well, more for me then.” Sans lifted the bottle of ketchup and started drinking from it. Hannah made a face and turned away from him in disgust. She gazed down at the burger on her plate then picked it up and took a bite of it. It was really good. Just like all the monster food she had tried.

So, is it real far from here?” she asked. “Muffet’s parlor, I mean.”

Sans rubbed the back of his skull and shrugged a bit. “you could say that. we have to pass through waterfall and go on to hotland. it won’t take more than a day, but it will take some time to get there.”

Hannah nodded as she ate her burger. It made her feel warm and relaxed, despite the unnerving atmosphere of the place. When she finished with her burger, she spun around on her seat and stood up. “Thanks for the food,” she said.

no trouble at all. grillby, put it on my tab. we’re headin’ out.”

Grillby nodded and Sans got out of his seat and headed out the door. Hannah got the feeling he wanted her to follow him, so she went out the door with him. Sans headed off to the edge of town, moving pretty fast for a short little skeleton. Hannah actually had to jog a bit to catch up with him.

As they headed into a frozen fog, Sans stopped in his tracks. Hannah stopped a few feet away from him. “Hey, what’s the holdup?”

Sans stood still for a moment, then he started speaking, but it was in a different tone of voice than he had been using before. “You know about the policy on humans the king has decreed. You seem like a real nice kid, so I hate to do this to you, but I’m gonna have to take you to him. Sorry about that.”


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