Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 3, Chapter 4

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter four of part three.  Sans, why are you being such a big meany head.  C’mon, Sans.  Be a pal, don’t go trying to kill people.  That’s more of Undyne’s thing.

Please enjoy.

Part 3
Part 3 – Hannah’s Integrity

Chapter 4 – Run!

Is… is this for real?” Hannah took a step away, a shiver running down her spine, and it wasn’t from the cold. “Are you saying you’re going to hand me over to be killed?”

yeah, guess so. it’s a bummer, i get it, but you’ll get over it eventually, i’m sure.”

Get over it? I’ll be dead!”

and when you’re dead, you won’t have anything to worry about, am i right?”

Hannah glared at the little skeleton. She wondered how easily she could overpower him. All he had done thus far was throw a bone at a dog. That wasn’t so bad. But he might have other tricks up that baggy sleeve of his.

Sans sighed and shook his head. “i really am sorry about this, kid, but it’s the only way. we monsters are searching for freedom. now, i will tell you this, my partner and i are looking for a way to break through the barrier without the use of human souls, but so far, we haven’t turned anything up.”

Well then keep searching!” Hannah shouted. “If there’s a possibility of doing it without a soul, you should spare me! Please… it’s not like I’ve done anything to you. This isn’t fair.”

He was silent for a moment, then his eye sockets grew dark. “no, it isn’t fair. but kid, hate to break it to you, but that’s just how life is. you do all you can to make things work, and even when you’re nice to everyone and try to make everyone happy, things won’t work out. because life ain’t fair. that’s a lesson us monsters learned thousands of years ago. it’s a lesson you humans should learn, too.”

Hannah started shaking her head over and over. “No, no, this isn’t right. You can’t be serious. This has to be some sort of bad dream.”

this ain’t a dream, kid. this is reality. really am sorry to be doing this to ya.”

A line of bones suddenly grew from out of the ground. Hannah’s eyes grew wide at the sight of them and she took a small step back. Sans stood on the other side, grinning in such a way that it seemed as if he were taking pleasure from this.

The bones started rushing toward her. There was a solid wall of them so there was no way to dodge to the side. The only thing she could see to do was jump over them. Just as they got to her, she took a running jump and made it to the other side unscathed. Sans seemed surprised by this.

oh, right. you’re a dancer, aren’t you. i probably should have thought this through a bit more.”

Hannah rushed past Sans, kicking his legs out from under him as she ran by and making him fall to the ground. He grunted, but she didn’t bother to look behind her to see if he was giving chase. She just ran as fast as she could until she was out of Snowdin, out of the frozen area entirely.

She found herself in an area full of waterfalls. As she ran over one of the watery pathways, she noticed an area behind the waterfall that she could go through. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that Sans was indeed chasing after her, but he was far enough away that he wouldn’t see her duck behind it; at least she hoped that was the case.

The cave behind the waterfall was cool and dry. Hannah settled down in the center of the cave and curled up, hugging her knees to her chest. “This isn’t fair,” she whispered. “This wasn’t how things were supposed to be.”

She reached into her backpack and pulled the invitation out of it, gazing at the words. She wondered if she would ever even reach the spider parlor, or if the skeleton would end up capturing her and taking her to the king. Then she thought of Toriel. She had promised Toriel she’d come back safely. That wasn’t true now, was it? She was going to break her promise to Toriel.

Hannah’s heart started to hurt and she pressed her hands to her chest, groaning and lying on the cave floor. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. This wasn’t how they were supposed to turn out.

sorry to bother you, kid, but i don’t give up that easily.”

Hannah lurched up and saw Sans had walked through the waterfall and was now in the cave with her. She pushed herself to her feet, clenching her hands into fists. She wiped one across her face to get rid of the tears in her eyes. “Get away from me. Don’t take another step closer, I’m warning you.”

Sans tilted his head to the side. “oh, think just ’cause you’re a human, you can intimidate me? sorry kid, doesn’t work that way down here, especially not with me. now, im giving you a chance to come quietly, but if you keep this up, things are gonna get ugly.”

I think it’s too late for that,” Hannah muttered under her breath. Sans seemed to narrow his eye sockets just a bit, and the look on his face grew just a bit more sinister.

are you saying you’re going to fight me?”

Not… not quite.” Hannah reached into her backpack, pulling the first thing she could out of it and throwing it at Sans’ face to distract him so she could run by. She ended up throwing out her tutu, and though it pained her to do so, she figured her life was far more important than some silly article of clothing.

She ran past Sans as fast as she could as he flailed against the attacking tutu. She rushed through the waterfall and made her way over to the other side where the path continued. She almost slipped and fell down to the lower level, but she managed to keep her footing long enough to make it.

What am I even doing at this point? Maybe I should just go back to the Ruins where Toriel is. It’d be safer there, right? No, I’ve come this far. If I turn back now, that just doubles my chances of being captured. If I can just make it to the spiders, then I should be safe. At least, I hope I will be.

After running through a large patch of tall grass, Hannah reached an area with large bodies of water. There wasn’t a bridge to get over, but she saw a sign talking about something called bridge seeds. Glancing behind her, though, she saw the skeleton was gaining on her. She didn’t have time to figure out puzzles right now. She took a running leap and got to the other side of the water. She did the same thing in the next room too, never stopping in her run.

The next room, though, didn’t seem to have any other ways to pass on. It was just a large cave filled with strange talking flowers, and there were glittering stones all around on the walls and ceilings. For a moment, Hannah forgot about her pursuer and gazed up at the stones. They reminded her of stars in some ways. The whispering flowers said something about wishes, and she wondered if wishes could be made here; whether or not those wishes could come true.

As Hannah leaned against the far wall, she wrapped her arms around herself and whispered, “I wish I could find a way out of here and escape that skeleton. I wish I could find a safe place.”

All of a sudden, the wall behind her gave way and she fell through it. Hannah wobbled but regained her balance. So wishes do come true!

She continued forward onto a dock. There didn’t seem to be any way to move on from there, but then she saw a strange little monster sitting at the edge of the dock, floating in the water and looking carefree. When it spotted her, its eyes lit up with joy and excitement.

Hey, hey!” it called out. “3G for the ferry. I’ll carry you across to the other side!”

Hannah immediately went over to the monster, relief washing over her. “Yes, yes, thank you.” Seeing no other way to be carried, she stepped onto the creature, as that seemed to be what it wanted her to do. Quicker than she realized, it dove underwater with her on it, but then a moment later it reemerged in front of a completely different dock. Hannah stepped off and found she wasn’t even wet.

Thanks for stepping on my face!” the monster chimed. “Here’s 3G.” It then handed her three pieces of gold. Hannah blinked but took it without opposition. Though it was strange, she realized she didn’t have any money of her own, so it was a good thing that the monster was giving it to her rather than making her pay. She hadn’t thought of it sooner because she was just so desperate to get out.

She continued moving forward, and found a quiet little area with a table next to a mouse hole. She paused there and looked behind her. Seeing no signs of the skeleton, she figured she was safe for the moment. Hannah reached into her backpack and looked through the supply of food she had there and found a small piece of cheese. She smiled and set it on the table for the mouse. “You can come get it whenever you like.”

Hannah slid her backpack back over her shoulders and continued walking. The water around her seemed to be glowing, and she couldn’t help but stop and stare at how beautiful and serene everything down here was. She wandered down the path for a time, listening to the strange whispering flowers that grew around her, until she came to a small patch of some sort of seaweed, which she had seen growing in other areas of the marsh.

Think I may have gotten lost,” she mumbled, wandering around and sighing a bit. “This adventure turned out to be worse than I imagined it would.”

it’s about to get a whole lot worse.”

Hannah spun around, and there was Sans, standing blocking the path, his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt. She tensed up, reaching for her backpack, ready to throw something else at him if she needed to.

S-stay away!”

Sans sighed and shook his head. “listen, kid, im getting real tired of this game of tag, so i’m just gonna go ahead and end it now, if that’s okay with you. well, i’m gonna do it whether or not you’re okay with it, really.”

Hannah grasped the ballet shoes in her bag and got ready to throw them. “I’m not going anywhere with you!”

Sans stared at her for a time, then his eye sockets grew dark before the left one gave a bright blue glow. Suddenly, Hannah was floating up in the air. She let out a gasp, dropping the shoes in surprise, which landed in the patch of sea grass.

shoulda done this in the first place, but i guess i was hoping you would come quietly. eh, what a dork i am. well, let’s get going now. my partner’s waiting to meet you.”

Hannah flailed in the magic grasp of the skeleton, but nothing she did let her escape. “Stop, let me go! Please, let me go!”

sorry, kid. pleading’s not gonna help you now.”

Hannah’s heart began to feel cold, and it ached for Toriel. It ached for home. She had accepted she wouldn’t see her family again, for the most part, but now it was really hitting her. And she wouldn’t see Toriel again, either. And now she realized she had broken her promise to come back safely.

I’m sorry.


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