Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Part 3, Chapter 5

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is chapter five of part three.  I just shouldn’t be allowed to write anymore.  This is awful and I apologize for it.  I just can’t write cute things without them turning into something incredibly dark.  I’m so sorry.

Oh yes, there had been some text in WingDings originally, but apparently WingDings won’t post on here, so I took it out (because you weren’t supposed to be able to read it anyway so it’s not as if you’re losing out).  However if you want that text [in a translated format] I can add it in the comments.

Please enjoy.

Part 3
Part 3 – Hannah’s Integrity

Chapter 5 – W.D. Gaster

we got another human.”

Oh, is that so? Bring them in, I wish to see them alive. Experimenting with the souls alone isn’t leading to much, so I feel like this will go better.”

Hannah was dropped to the ground at someone’s feet. She shivered and looked up to see a tall man standing in front of her. He had a strange white face, and Hannah wasn’t sure if he was a skeleton as well, or if he was some other strange creature. He wore a white lab coat and had a badge on his chest that had the name W.D. Gaster printed on it.

Oh, dear. Are you alright, my child? You look shaken. I hope Sans wasn’t too rough with you.”

Hannah slowly sat up, and Gaster held his hand out to her. She hesitated for a moment then slowly took it and got to her feet. He smiled down at her, but she couldn’t help but be unnerved by him, especially after what she heard him say.

Look, I don’t want any trouble,” she said in a quiet voice. “Just… just let me go back to the Ruins. Let me go back to Toriel, and-”

Toriel?” Gaster’s eye sockets grew wide at the mention of her name. “You have seen the queen?”

Queen?” Hannah blinked and took a small step back, but a shiver went up her spine when she saw Sans standing there. “I don’t-”

Ah, so that’s what she’s doing there. I suspected as much, but… well, it doesn’t matter, I suppose.” He stepped around Hannah and stood before Sans, then he said something in some sort of dialect that Hannah could not understand.

Sans nodded his head then left the room. Hannah wasn’t sure if she should feel better about his departure. This Gaster guy didn’t seem much better; if anything, he was far creepier, despite his seemingly kind exterior. He turned to her with a smile and held his hand out to her once more.

Do you have a name, child?” he asked, still smiling warmly at her.

Hannah,” she said, hesitantly taking his hand. His bony fingers wrapped around hers, giving her a chill, and he began leading her deeper into the complex they were in.

A lovely name. My name is W.D. Gaster. I am the king’s Royal Scientist. My job is to create and experiment and find new ways to channel our magic to make our lives down here easier. One of those ways is by searching for a solution to destroying the barrier that’s keeping us all trapped here.”

Hannah swallowed as they continued down the hallway, which was dark and somewhat steamy. There was a strange smell that hung in the air, and she wrinkled her nose at it. “The king wants seven human souls to destroy the barrier, right?”

That is correct. However, we are searching for an alternative solution. One that does not require us to take any human souls. Though, he’s already taken two souls. We’re working in hopes we don’t need to take anymore.”

A glimmer of hope shone in Hannah’s eyes. “Does that mean you’re not going to kill me, then?”

Gaster stopped just in front of a closed door and he seemed to sigh a bit. “Well… to be honest, I cannot promise you that. I am acting under the king’s orders. I wish to run a few tests with you still alive, but if I do not get any promising results, he will most likely do to you what he did to the others.”

The hope fated and was replaced by a stab of fear pressing into her heart. “I… I wasn’t even supposed to come here. I was trying to-”

Hush, child.” Gaster laid a finger on her lips and gazed into her eyes. Despite his being hollow eye sockets, they seemed to have some sort of inner glow that looked like fire. He gave her a pat on the shoulder and led her into the room. “I know you are frightened. I know none of this is fair to you. But there’s really nothing we can do about it. I apologize.”

The room they entered had many strange things in it. There were several beds that Hannah later realized were operating tables, and in the center of the room was a huge machine of some kind. It looked intimidating, though she had no idea what it was for; she really didn’t want to find out, either. She saw on either side of the machine were glass cylinders that contained glowing hearts: one orange and one cyan.

Gaster lifted Hannah off her feet and had her sit on one of the operating tables, giving her what she figured was supposed to be a reassuring smile, but she found that she couldn’t stop shaking. As he went over to the large machine to inspect it, a small yellow lizard monster wearing a lab coat came in. She looked up at Hannah and gasped a little.

O-oh my god, a real live human! Sans told me you had one, but I never thought I’d get to see one! This is amazing!”

Yes, Alphys. I need you to help me with preparations for the machine. We’re going to try it.”

O-oh, right, of course.” Alphys gazed at Hannah for a few more seconds before turning and going over to help Gaster. Hannah stayed still on the operating table, wondering if there was any way she could sneak out of the room without them noticing. She had a feeling that would be a bad idea, but she wanted to try; any hope of escape was better than just giving up.

When Alphys and Gaster didn’t seem to be looking, Hannah slid off the table and made her way to the door as quickly and quietly as she could. She made it out of the room just in time to walk right into Sans. She gasped and stumbled back, and he just gazed at her with his permanent grin.

‘sup, kid? goin’ somewhere?”

I-I was just-”

Sans, the machine is ready!” Gaster called from in the room. “Bring her in here and let’s get started.”

whatever you say, Ding.”

Sans grabbed Hannah by the wrist and pulled her back into the room, planting her back onto the operating table and making her lie down. He and Gaster both restrained her with leather straps then before going back to the machine. Hannah let out a cry of fear and started trashing against the restraints.

Stop, stop, let me go, please!”

G-gaster,” Alphys said, looking nervous. “Are you really sure we should be doing this? Is this going to h-hurt her?”

We have to do it, Alphys,” Gaster said as he put on a pair of protective goggles. “This is for the future of all monsters, remember? I don’t like hurting people anymore than you do, but sometimes you’ve got to resort to drastic measures.”

Alphys glanced toward Hannah, sweat pouring from her forehead. “Uh, uh… a-alright, if you say so.”

Fire up the machine.”

No, no, stop, please!” Hannah’s screams were muffled as Sans switched the machine on. It made a terrible whirring sound and the entire room was filled with white light.


Nothing. We didn’t get anything through this. Just more wasted effort. I was really hoping this one would work, too. It looks like… we may have to resort to the king’s plan after all.”

Does that mean we have to deliver her over to him?”

I’m afraid so, Alphys. I was really hoping she would be the first one we could keep. Such a pity.”

I’ll take her. The king seemed to be counting on this plan working, too. I think he was really hoping this wasn’t going to happen.”

What do we do now? Should we just keep working on the machine? It could be that our calculations were off, not that it’s actually not going to work.”

It could be that soul power only works outside of the body. I’m sorry, we’ll have to give her up.”

Of… of course. I understand.”

Sans, make the final arrangements, would you?”

Already on it, boss.”


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