Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Intermission

My Undertale fan fiction, The Six Human Souls.  This is the intermission between parts 3 and 4.  I wasn’t originally planning to write this even, but I got the idea and I just had to.  A good portion of this is log entries from the True Lab in the game, but all of the entries with the [REDACTED] next to them are things that I’ve written myself.

The portion where it says [WingDings REDACTED] was Entry 17.  Again, WingDings doesn’t actually work on here so I took it off.  If you don’t know what Entry 17 is, go look it up, you’ll find it easily.

Please enjoy.


Lab Reports

ENTRY NUMBER 1: This is it… Time to do what the King has asked us to do. We will create the power to free us all. We will unleash the power of the SOUL.

ENTRY NUMBER 2: The barrier is locked by SOUL power.. Unfortunately, this power cannot be recreated artificially. SOUL power can only be derived from what was once living. So, to create more, we will have to use what we have now… The SOULS of monsters.

ENTRY NUMBER 3: But extracting the SOUL from a living monster would require incredible power… Besides being impractical, doing so would instantly destroy the SOUL’s host. And, unlike the persistent SOULs of humans… The SOULs of most monsters disappear immediately upon death. If only we could make a monster’s SOUL last…

ENTRY NUMBER 4: I’ve been researching humans to see if I can find any info about their SOULs. I ended up snooping around the castle… And found these weird tapes. I don’t feel like ASGORE’s watched them… I don’t think he should.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: Even after all our hard work, we still couldn’t make things work. I feel really bad for that human. They looked so scared when we were doing the test and I just… But Gaster said these are the sorts of sacrifices we have to make as scientists. We must do all we can for the greater good of our people, no matter what it costs.

Still, it feels wrong. I mean, after looking at that child’s face, I just…

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: Gaster’s been working on recalibrating the machine and finding a way to extract the power from the SOULs we have. I told him we should be careful when doing this, because we could end up destroying the SOULs if we put too much juice into the machine.

Sans says that I worry too much, and that he’ll be monitoring the whole process. We can shut it down if the readings on the souls get out of hand.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: They told me that while they’re working on the DT Extraction Machine I should work on my own projects. I get the feeling that’s their way of saying they don’t need me around, or that they don’t want me around. I went back to work some more on Mettaton’s body, since the last one was just a prototype.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: Gaster is always making out his reports in that weird language of his. I can never read anything he sends to me. Sans is the only other one who can read it, or understand it when Gaster speaks to him like that. Does he not trust me enough to speak out in the open?

I get that Sans and he go way back – though I’ve never been sure if they were just old friends or if they’re related somehow, and they’ve never bothered to clarify – but it’s still so unfair. I’m Gaster’s lab assistant, and he said that I would probably become the Royal Scientist if anything happened to him, because Sans didn’t like that sort of responsibility.

So if he thinks I would be his replacement, then why doesn’t he seem to trust me all that much? Am I really that much of a loser?

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: Gaster asked me for his help today! He said that they were going to run another test on the DT Extraction machine. Since I was the one who provided most of the information about SOULs and their power, he thinks that I should be the one to extract it. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he does trust me, and I was just worrying over nothing. This does make me feel a little bit better.

ENTRY NUMBER 5: We’ve done it. Using the blueprints, we’ve extracted it from the human SOULs. I believe this is what gives their SOULs the strength to persist after death. The will to keep living… The resolve to change fate. Let’s call this power… “Determination.”

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: The machine worked! We’ve extracted concentrated amounts of determination from the souls we’ve got. I’m just amazed that it worked at all. So this determination really is a physical substance. Now we can begin testing it on monsters. I sure hope this works.

ENTRY NUMBER 6: ASGORE asked everyone outside the city for monsters that had “fallen down.” Their bodies came in today. They’re still comatose… And soon, they’ll all turn to dust. But what happens if we inject “determination” into them? If their SOULS persist after they perish, then… Freedom might be closer than we all thought.

ENTRY NUMBER 7: We’ll need a vessel to wield the monster SOULs when the time comes. After all, a monster cannot absorb the SOULs of other monsters. Just as a human cannot absorb a human SOUL… So then… What about something that’s neither human nor monster?

ENTRY NUMBER 8: I’ve chosen a candidate. I haven’t told ASGORE yet, because I want to surprise him with it… In the center of his garden, there’s something special. The first golden flower, that grew before all the others. The flower from the outside world. It appeared just before the queen left. I wonder… What happens when something without a SOUL gains the will to live?

ENTRY NUMBER 9: things aren’t going well. none of the bodies have turned to dust, so we can’t get the SOULs. i told the families that i would give them the dust back for the funerals. people are starting to ask me what’s happening. what do i do?

ENTRY NUMBER 10: experiments on the vessel are a failure. it doesn’t seem to be any different from the control cases. whatever. they’re a hassle to work with anyway. the seeds just stick to you and won’t let go…

ENTRY NUMBER 11: now that mettaton’s made it big, he never talks to me anymore. …except to ask when i’m going to finish his body. but i’m afraid if i finish his body, he won’t need me anymore… then we’ll never be friends ever again. …not to mention, every time i try to work on it, i just get really sweaty…

ENTRY NUMBER 12: nothing is happening. i don’t know what to do. i’ll just keep injecting everything with “determination.” i want this to work.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: I overheard Gaster and Sans talking about some project they were working on. They seemed really secretive about it, and they kept slipping into that secret language of Gaster’s. But then I heard Sans shouting at him. He sounded really angry. I don’t know what they were arguing about, but finally Sans said he had to leave to go take care of his brother. He stomped past my lab and looked… furious. I’ve never seen him that way before.

I asked Gaster about it later and he told me it was nothing. Obviously I didn’t believe him. Besides that, there was something in his eyes that made me think that he was… I don’t know? He seemed really sad. He told me he had some work to do and asked me how I was coming along with Mettaton, which was my hint that I should go and continue my own work.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: I took a break to get a late night snack and I found Gaster in the break room, looking somewhat… well, he didn’t seem to be all there. I asked him what was wrong and he just started rambling about things I couldn’t comprehend, sometimes slipping into his own language which only made it harder to understand what he was saying. But from the tone in his voice and the way he was acting, I feel like…

Like he’s about to do something terrible.

ENTRY NUMBER 13: one of the bodies opened its eyes.

ENTRY NUMBER 14: Everyone that had fallen down… …has woken up. They’re all walking around and talking like nothing is wrong. I thought they were goners…?

ENTRY NUMBER 15: Seems like this research was a dead end. But at least we got a happy ending out of it…? We sent the SOULS and the vessel back to ASGORE. And we called all of the families and told them everyone was alive. I’ll send everyone back tomorrow. 🙂


ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: Gaster injected himself with determination. I found him just as he was doing it, so it was too late to stop him. He started laughing like he had gone mad. I told him that it wasn’t safe to test it on, well… on living subjects. Why is he…?

But he didn’t stop there. He locked himself in his lab testing chamber after that, and I couldn’t get the door opened. I called Sans and he got over here immediately. He started pounding on the door and screaming for Gaster to open it. That was when I decided it was best for me to leave. That look in Sans’ eye was, well… pretty scary.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: what has he done

ENTRY NUMBER 17: monster’s physical forms can’t handle “determination” like humans’ can. with too much determination, our bodies begin to break down. everyone’s melted together…

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: What’s happening? What is this light? I-I’m losing mysel

[WingDings REDACTED]

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: It feels like I’ve lost something. Like I’m missing a piece of my memory. What happened? I can’t… remember.

ENTRY NUMBER 18: the flower’s gone.

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: Sans just told me something… very strange. First, he said he couldn’t handle the responsibility, so he packed up his things and left. Before he left, though, he told me to go through all our remaining entry logs and change them. Anything that references “we” he wants me to change. I don’t know what’s gotten into him all of a sudden. He’s acting like he knows something I don’t, though.

Then, just before he left, he gave me this badge and said, “You’re the Royal Scientist now. Good luck.” I don’t get why he said that. I’ve always been the Royal Scientist… haven’t I?

ENTRY NUMBER [REDACTED]: I found something strange. It was some sort of data log, but it was in these strange symbols that I couldn’t make out. I don’t know why, but looking at them fills me with this sense of dread.

ENTRY NUMBER 19: the families keep calling me to ask when everyone is coming home. what am i supposed to say? i don’t even answer the phone anymore.

ENTRY NUMBER 20: ASGORE left me five messages today. four about everyone being angry. one about this cute teacup he found that looks like me. thanks asgore.

ENTRY NUMBER 21: i spend all my time at the garbage dump now. it’s my element.


2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction – Undertale: The Six Human Souls – Intermission

  1. Im really enjoying this fanfic, are you going to write and more? I cant find anything past the final part of part 3. (I’ve already read the intermission)

    • I have not written anymore past the intermission yet, no, but I’m hoping to start writing it again real soon as I’ve got some time off of my own original projects now so I can get back to this.

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