Character Post – What Christmas Means to Us

Well another Christmas has come and gone.  While I have become rather cynical about Christmas (at least the way I celebrate it), I can’t deny that there are still aspects of it that I enjoy.  I do still enjoy sappy, cheesy stuff around Christmas, and I realized that because I kept imagining my characters celebrating it and what sorts of things they’d be doing.

So for this post, I’m just going to let my characters take over for a bit to talk a bit about Christmas.  How they celebrate it and what it means to them.  I may do more posts like this in the future so I hope you enjoy it.

Christmas at the Draculesti Household
Even vampire lords celebrate Christmas.  Well, these ones do, anyway.  Let’s take a look at the Draculestis and the humans they hang out with to see what sorts of things they get up to during Christmas.

Vlad: Well, to be perfectly honest, if it weren’t for the fact that I live with the Van Helsings, I probably wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas.  After living for over five hundred years, you sort of start to get tired of things like this.  But I do enjoy seeing their daughter enjoying herself.  Mina makes me feel alive like no one else can.  She always makes sure to include me and it is impossible for me to say no to her.  She’s such a darling.

Mina: Christmas is great!  I get to stay up late the night before, and then I get up really early!  But no one else is around usually so I just go and sit with Vlad and make him tell me stories until Mom and Dad wake up so we can open presents.  We have a big breakfast and an even bigger dinner!  It’s all great.  Oh, and now that Arthur is here with us, it’s even better!

Arthur: I mean, I never really celebrated Christmas all that much growing up, since my dad was so devoted to his trade.  He would never take a break even for holidays, because he said monsters don’t either.  Well, clearly some do.  *Ahem* But now that I’m with the Van Helsings, they treat me like a member of the family, as if I were their own son.  It’s… it’s nice.  Well, except that year we all went over to Mr. Alucard’s house for Christmas.  That was just awkward.  I can see why Vlad disowned his own son now.

Neculai: I just adore Christmas!  I always throw huge parties!  I mean, usually no one comes to them, but sometimes I can get my family to join in!  Reluctantly, of course.  But I do think I’m making headway with them.  Well, even when they don’t come, I do have my girls.  They enjoy it quite a bit, I think.  But really, Christmas is a time to be with your family.  Father refuses to see me as family, but deep down I know he does still hold some fondness in his heart for me-

Vlad: No I don’t!

Neculai: … Well, even so, I get to spend time with him at times.  Him and my son, even though neither of them seem to like it.  I’m just happy to be with them.

Lagatto: If it were up to me I would just stay at home and read.  But then again, I’d do that all the time no matter what day it were.  But, apparently it’s not up to me, because my partner always ends up dragging me around somewhere else for Christmas.  Either the Van Helsing’s house, or, on some awful years, the house of my father.  It really is an awful time of year.

Hope: Lagatto’s just a grump.  And extremely anti-social.  If it weren’t for me, he’d probably end up rotting in some dark hole with a bunch of moldy books.  But no, I’m there for him!  So I inject some much needed holiday cheer in his life.  We go to the Van Helsing’s usually, but yeah there was that time we went to Neculai’s.  That was… interesting.

Lagatto: It was hell.

Neculai: You guys are so mean!

Christmas at the Elissen-Black Household
Let’s look in on a slightly more normal household and see how they celebrate Christmas.

Damen: Well, actually we didn’t celebrate Christmas all that often after we got married.  Caroline and I never made a big deal out of things other than to get a day off and relax.  We’d go up and visit her family, of course, which was not exactly free of stress, but it wasn’t too bad.  It was after Eryn was born that things started getting harder.  We still didn’t celebrate it ourselves, but then her family decided on a whim that they’d come to our house for Christmas, and they started acting very… judgmental over the fact we had no Christmas decorations and we didn’t get any presents for Eryn.  Who, again, was just born.

Caroline: My parents are tradition-freaks, especially when it comes to Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, they have good intentions, but they can go a bit off the deep end at times.  We explained to them our reasoning behind what we did.  We were planning on doing a “traditional” Christmas when Eryn was old enough to actually understand it and get excited about it.  They sorta nodded their heads but still seemed upset about it.  Whatever.  It’s our life, not theirs.  We can do what we like.

Damen: I think we started doing a more “normal” Christmas when Eryn was about three.  Actually, it was when she started asking questions about Christmas.  I guess she had been watching TV and wondered why we didn’t have a tree or anything.  So that was it.  TV destroys lives, let this be a lesson to us.

Caroline: We still don’t go crazy about it, but we do have some decorations.  I’ve always liked the way Christmas trees look in the dark.  Just a simple glow.  It’s really nice.  Oh, and of course, seeing our daughter so excited is a joy every time.  Just seeing her face light up at the sight of her presents.  A couple times she woke us up early.  We didn’t let her get away with that, but we held her in our arms in bed.  It was just a wonderful little moment.

Christmas in the Fráfall Graveyard
And now we go to this strange little world of eternal winter, filled with fluffy beast monsters and cold undead monsters.  A world where the things they value the most are what make you warm – both physically and emotionally.

West: Well, as a skeleton, I can’t say that I can enjoy this holiday the way most people do.  I mean, I’m in higher standing than most undeads are, and that’s just because I’m good at inventing and fixing things.  But still, it’s hard.  I don’t really get out much, anyway.  I don’t see the point.  But everyone else in the graveyard won’t have it.  They sort of make me join in with them?  Ah, I don’t have a problem with it.  I do enjoy spending time with them, even if I may not act like it.  It’s nice.  We’re all like… a family.

Sephtis: West’s an idiot and he always has been.  Well no, he’s really smart, but he’s an idiot.  He acts like none of this stuff really matters and yet the few times it seems like people have forgotten to do anything for him he starts complaining about it in such a way that it’s like, “Oooh, everyone forgot about me again.  I knew this would always happen, oh well, I’m just an old skeleton, it doesn’t really matter.”  Pfft.  What an idiot.

Mara: It’s an interesting time for us, really.  The other monsters celebrate it in their towns the way humans do, I think, but being undead makes things different for us.  Heh, no one wants to spend time with a ghost, right.  Rather ironic, considering that famous story, right?  Oh well.  Cherise and I spend time together and we’re pretty much the ones who made this old graveyard actually do things.  Before we moved in, it was just West and he obviously didn’t have any family to spend it with.  I mean, there’s Sephtis but he’s not much into celebrating.  And he’s not exactly family either, so I don’t think that counts.

Cherise: Malcolm and I have it a bit different than Mara, West, and Seph.  We’re undead, sure, but if vampires can get blood we temporarily become part of the “warm” monster community.  Not that there’s much to drink around here.  We pretty much just make lots of tomato soup.  It’s nowhere near the same, but it’s a sufficient substitute I guess.  Oh, but I’m getting off track.  Mara and I like to decorate the graveyard and try to make it a little more homely looking.  We drag Mal to do it with us even though he doesn’t like it.  He acts like it, anyway.  I think he actually does.

Malcolm: Christmas is awful and I hate it.

Cherise: No you don’t, stop being a weeny.

Malcolm: *Sigh* Okay, fine, I don’t.  It’s… it’s pretty nice, I guess.  We go to town and get each other presents.  It’s not easy to do, though.  They don’t exactly like us that much.  Cold monsters aren’t looked upon fondly, y’know.  All the king’s fault, that.

Cherise: Oh my god, Mal, would you just talk about what you’re supposed to?

Sephtis: We try to make the best of what we have, but in the end it really is just any other day.  But… but it is that one day where we all feel extra warm inside.  So I guess it’s cool, or whatever.

West: It’s our most anticipated of days, really.  Now, if only the king would let up on us graveyard folk a little, it really would make things great.


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