Story Idea – Bone Chills

a43362f3ea7dd2f70c94754b99f71eebAnd at last I’m finally writing another novel, and for once it’s a brand new idea as opposed to just rewriting an old idea that I’ve had for a long time, which seems to be what I often do.  I got this idea while I was doing NaNoWriMo this past year and I had been intending to do it during this year’s NaNo, but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone and it got extremely developed in the course of just a few days, so that’s what I’ll be writing in the coming months.

Originally this story was inspired by Undertale, but pretty much the only evidenced inspirations that exist now are the general environment, the “warm” monsters walking around, and of course the skeletons.  Other than that, it’s become it’s own thing, which I’m quite happy about.

When Asroe is forced to stay at her Aunt Fleur’s for the weekend, she desperately searches for something to do so she doesn’t die of boredom.  She finds an old graveyard down the hill from where her aunt lives and, quite by accident, falls into one of the graves and directly into another world.  She wanders this world for a short bit, trying not to freeze to death in the blistering cold, only to be rescued by a man named West, who happens to be a skeleton.

West and his housemate Sephtis now desperately find ways to try to keep Asroe warm and alive, not only having trouble finding her food she can eat, but also needing to keep her presence hidden from the other denizens of their society.  If the king should find out she’s there, he would surely kill her.  But there’s an even worse monster lurking in the shadows of their graveyard than even they know.

This story is going to be a semi-dark fantasy, but it’s somewhat humorous and pretty much going to be cute and fluffy.  Oh, there’s a plot, and there’s dark stuff coming in later, but the majority of it will be cute fluff.  Who doesn’t like cute fluff?  Yes, skeletons have a great capacity to be cute and fluffy, what are you talking about.  [Yes, I’m still Undertale trash, this novel’s existence proves it.]


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