Stream of Consciousness #1

I’m sick.  And I’ve been running out of ideas for blog posts lately.  So here’s something new I’m going to try.  I’m just going to write a stream of consciousness post that may end up sounding like a fever dream due to my being ill.  This could end up sounding deep, interesting, humorous, or downright bizarre.  I don’t know, I’ll let you guys decide.  In any case, here’s a look into my fever-addled mind.  Enjoy.

My cat is purring on the couch above me, and it sounds really nice and soothing, but then my dad turns on the radio again and drowns it out, and I sigh, and I cough twice.  The sky outside is pure white, and the reaching branches of trees paint the horizon, looking like tendrils trying to swallow up the bright white void of the sky.  Telephone pole.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I watched a video of that stupid game.  It’s not even scary, nor is it well made.  It’s one of the worst knock-offs I’ve seen, and there’ve been a lot of knock-off games in that sort of vein.  Why does that one always manage to bother me and get into my head so I can’t sleep?  Well, I left my bed and went to the couch and was able to sleep there instead.  My cat slept with me, pressing his nose against my face and smearing me with the moisture that’s always on it.

Stardew Valley.  Stardew Valley.  Stardew Valley.  (Go play it.  Actually don’t, you’ll never get anything done again.)

My dog is licking the floor.  Why does she do that all the time?  It’s really weird.  My cat is curled up in the corner, her chest rising up and down rhythmically as she breathes.  She looks happy as she sleeps.  I wish I could fall asleep as easily as cats do.

This was a weird post and I don’t know how to end it so I guess I’ll end it here, I hope this wasn’t a waste of everyone’s time okay goodbye forever now.  I’m sick.


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