Of Beauty and Rage – New Writing Blog

So, recently my friend Megstiel and I decided to do something a bit crazy together.  After much planning and plotting, we would like to announce that our new co-owned writing blog, Of Beauty and Rage, is ready to take off.  Yes, this post is nothing but a big advertisement.


I’ve talked before about my stories dealing with guardian angels before, and how I have multiple.  Well, Meg wrote a story about an angel once, and after she had finished it she wanted to write more stories, and since I had done the same thing I decided to help brainstorm with her and do a lot of world building.  After that, I sort of “borrowed” the world building we had done for her for myself, then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we just snuck cameos of each others’ characters into our stories?”

Well, that’s what we were going to do at first, but then we got into it deeper.  It started out when we were just writing Lucifer fan fictions together, since we’re both way too invested in that show for our own good.  I had made the self-indulgent idea of putting my characters into that universe because I thought they’d blend well together, but then something happened after that.  Now, Meg and I do a lot of role playing, both for the purpose of character development, and also just for fun.  But it was around that time that one of my characters decided to meet her Lucifer for no other reason than the fact that I had proposed the idea to do the fan fiction idea.  And oh, did things get interesting then.

Not long after that, though, when we were role playing again with random characters, my character Vlad ended up meeting her character Uriel, and they fell in love within a period of just three days, give or take.  And then Meg started coming up with the idea of Vlad and her being together in her story universe, and a huge story was thought up right on the spot.  And it didn’t stop there.

All of a sudden, our characters were just mingling together and they worked so well and we were coming up with all these stories about them together and we just decided, “Let’s make this all canon and actually tie our stories together into one huge co-authored series.”  And so that’s what we’ve been up to for about the past month or so.

We really have no hopes of traditional publishing ever panning out for us in this huge endeavor, considering the magnitude of it all, but we are so passionate about these stories and they mean so much to us that we want to share them with the world.  So we decided to make a blog for it and post all our stories there.  And that’s just what we’ve done.

If you’re interested in reading our angel stories (now with the inclusion of vampires as well), please go and check out our new blog.  We’re posting full stories on there; drabbles, short stories, and novel length stories, as well as art that Meg makes for the characters.  Now, starting out, we may not have a whole lot of content to post all at once, but we’re hoping to get out at least one thing each week, if not more.

We hope you’ll join us and at least take a look at the thing we’re pouring our hearts and souls into.  If you’re interested, please check out Of Beauty and Rage.


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