Story Idea – Ordinary World

Camp NaNo is upon us once again, so here I am with my next novella project.  This is technically a prequel to another novel I wrote, although I’ll be rewriting that story again after this one is done, but the order in which they’re supposed to be read makes this one a prequel.

Abigail and Axel Wellers are brother and sister living on an old farm.  They often go into the woods together and play a lot of make-believe games.  This is to escape the world that their parents are trying to force on them by making sure everything they do is “perfect”.  When Axel goes away to summer camp, Abigail finds herself all alone in her world.  Until an angel appears to her.  And along with him, a demon.

This is yet another story in my Ashen Wings series with Cecil the guardian angel (set to go on our Of Beauty and Rage blog at some point after it’s finished).

The namesake of this story comes from the song Ordinary World, by RED.  The song doesn’t expressly go with the storyline I’ve got going here, but it does go along with something I allude to at the end of the story, and plus I just like the title.

I’m rather excited about this story because I finally get to get back into the genre that I like to call “psychological fantasy”.  That being kids using their imaginations to get into a fantasy world, so all fantasy elements are “psychological”, in a way.  There’s going to be some angst and pain in this story, but it will hopefully have some lighter, happier moments in it as well to balance that out.

I’m quite looking forward to writing this, so I hope you’ll stick with me as I post about it.


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