Review – American Horror Story: Freak Show

Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities, a traveling freak show that’s settled down in the town of Jupiter, Florida.  Elsa Mars, the proprietor of the business, goes on a recruiting mission and finds the most curious freak she’s ever seen: Siamese twins Dot and Bette.  She brings them to the show to keep them safe from the police after they’re put under suspicion for murder.  There is a murderer on the loose, but this murderer just so happens to be a horrifying clown who is also kidnapping people to make them watch him perform.


When I saw the first episode of this season I wasn’t so sure I would want to keep watching as a series of horrible incidents had already happened that made me rather uncomfortable and unsure whether I would want to spend time with all these people for twelve more episodes.  Although as I did finish the season up, I found myself coming to care for many of the characters (while outright hating a couple others).  This season again pulls the same trick of making you hate a character in one episode and then later like them – or at least feel sympathetic toward them – in the next.  Except for two characters.

I was also initially afraid to watch this show due to the aforementioned killer clown that was supposed to be in this series as I’m not fond of clowns in general.  To my surprise and relief, he actually wasn’t in the show all that much, nor did he really strike me as the traditional idea of a killer clown so it didn’t get to me too much.

My complaints from the previous season of both it being less horror oriented and the fact that it didn’t tie up all the loose ends were put to rest in this season.  It was terribly horrific and, despite quite a few subplots happening all at once, I do believe most of them were tied up as far as I can remember.

This season gave me quite the surprise as in the later episodes it ended up tying in to season 2.  One of the minor characters from Asylum ended up being a minor character in this show, and we were shown how she ended up in Briarwood.  Along those same lines, they mentioned the character of Hans Grueber from season 2 as well, so that gave me quite the thrill to see callbacks and to realize that, despite each season being different, they are in fact connected in some small way.

This season also had the largest body count of any of the seasons so far, so that was rather impressive.  Despite the fact that I did sympathize with and like many of the characters, I still sat back and questioned many of their morals and just shuddered to see all the things they did to the people who wronged them.

This season was great.  Screw the conman and the rich kid, they both got what they deserved in the end.

I’ll see you next week with my review for Hotel.


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