Story Idea – Monsters in My Mind

Ah it’s that wonderful time of year again: National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo.  (And here I am posting about it nearly halfway through the month but whatever).  So here I am, working on another story.  Technically speaking, this was the story I had been attempting to (and failed) writing last year, though this year it has a completely different premise, though it’s under the same title.  It is going much better than last year did.


The Strach Institute is a sanitarium for children who suffer from delusions of monsters chasing after them; essentially the fear of the boogieman.  All of the patients there have their own monsters they suffer from, and it’s the institute’s hope to cure them of these delusions.  Or at least that’s what the children’s parents are told.  Rebecca finds out it’s a much different story once she arrives.  The staff there does believe in these monsters, but as the days go by, Rebecca starts to suspect that they might not be trying to help her get rid of her monster.  In fact, it seems something far more sinister than she could ever imagine is happening, and it has something to do with her arrival.

I said this was technically the story I had been attempting to write last year, but it really is nothing at all like the original version.  A completely different premise and even a different main character.  While I’ve been attempting for around five years to perfect a story I came up with in my dream world, things have just kept changing and evolving until it’s reached this point and it’s no longer what it once was.  Still, I am much happier with this concept than any other concept I’ve used thus far, so I feel confident in it (to some extent).

So wish me luck as I attempt this newest incarnation, and there will be excerpts in the future.  Stay tuned.


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