Review – American Horror Story: Roanoke

My Roanoke Nightmare is a paranormal documentary show detailing the events of what happened to Shelby and Matt Miller in the home they purchased out in the middle of nowhere, North Carolina.  Strange things kept happening until finally they had no choice but to face the reality: they were living on haunted grounds, which just so happened to be the true sight of the lost colony of Roanoke.  This is their story of how they survived.


So season 6 of American Horror Story just finished this week, and I happened to decide binge watching it at just the right time to catch the season finale as it aired.  Since I finished watching up all the other seasons a couple weeks ago, I figured I might as well go ahead and give my thoughts on this season.  And I must say, it surprised me from the first second of episode one.

This season was not presented in the show’s usual format of fictional storytelling.  This time around, as I said above, it’s done to look like a paranormal documentary show, with interviewing the survivors while also having actors portray them in a dramatic reenactment of everything that they said they had gone through.  There’s something interesting about presenting a story in that way when you know death is on the line for these characters, because if we see them being the ones telling the story, that threat is automatically taken away because we know they survived.  That’s not to say other people didn’t die, though, and they were certainly still in danger themselves regardless of knowing the outcome of their survival.

Oh, but it throws a curve ball halfway through the season.  The documentary show ends, and they want to create a “second season”, and they do so by making a hidden camera reality show.  I won’t say much more than that for fear of spoilers, but let’s just say that’s when things start getting especially gruesome.

Now, the thing that drew me to the show from season one was my love of the characters.  All the characters were extremely well written, and even the ones I hated from the start ended up stealing my heart (not literally, thankfully, as some probably would try to do just that.)  This season, however, due to its format I believe, made it more difficult for me to really get invested in the characters like I have in previous seasons.  Now don’t get me wrong, the characters aren’t bad or poorly written at all, I just didn’t feel the same connection to them as I have in previous seasons.  The main draw of this season was the horror, atmosphere, and mystery of everything going on.

Speaking of horror, I believe this season may be one of the most disturbing yet, which again I believe is half in part because of the format they chose to do it in.  Not only that but a lot of things are left unanswered, but I think it was less due to it being a plot hole and more due to the fact that no one else knows or could possibly get the answers they want, so we the audience won’t get it answered either.  And in this case, to me, not getting those answers just made everything feel a whole lot more frightening.

There were also a couple of callbacks to previous seasons, which I always love dearly.  Particularly something that happened in the last episode, but again, I’m not going to spoil it.  All I’ll say is fans of earlier seasons may want to see this one.

That does it for American Horror Story for at least a year, but having watched the entire series in a whole month (plus another week for this last season), I am most definitely a fan of this show and when new seasons air, you can bet I’ll be eating up every second of it, and I will certainly give my thoughts on seasons to come.

Beware the cycle of the Blood Moon.


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