Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×02: Lucifer, Stay, Good Devil

Continuing onward with watching the first season of Lucifer, we come to the second episode entitled Lucifer, Stay, Good Devil.  Expect more great episode titles from here on out, all of which are lines that come directly from the episode in question.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

We open this episode seeing something that happened in Lucifer’s past, though we’re not sure how recent it was.  He confronts a street preacher who’s making a big scene talking about the end of the world and how “the devil is in all of us”, to which Lucifer tells him otherwise and that humans do plenty of bad things on their own and give him far too much credit.  The preacher gets annoyed at him because he’s just trying to make money and doesn’t actually believe in anything he’s saying.  Lucifer gets angry that someone would be so dishonest just to make a few bucks and he shows the preacher his true face.  (This will come up in a later episode.)

We then see that he was just talking to his therapist Linda this whole time and telling her all about how he is, in fact, the devil.  She responds to this with, “I’m willing to work within your metaphor.”  Lucifer claims to be “better” after his recent bout of feeling mortal but Linda doesn’t believe him and confronts him about the fact that he’s changing and just doesn’t want to admit it.  Later, Amenadiel confronts him once more with the same thing: he’s changing and doesn’t want to admit it.  Lucifer tells him to shove it.

Meanwhile Detective Decker is investigating Lucifer, considering he got shot six times and walked away without a scratch on her.  He continues to tell her that it’s because he’s the devil but she refuses to believe that.  He wonders why he doesn’t affect her like everyone else and she says, “Looks like we both have our mysteries.”  She then gets a call and looks very interested in it and runs on down to a crime scene, which Lucifer follows her to uninvited.

The son of a celebrity was killed, having his car run off the road by a paparazzo, one that Chloe is quite familiar with.  She and Lucifer interrogate him a bit and they get just enough information to realize that he was not the one to do it and that he’s clearly protecting someone else.  While they’re on the hunt for the true killer, Lucifer wants to know what history Chloe has with this paparazzo.

Lucifer eventually confronts the paparazzo to get the juicy details, only to find out that when Chloe was 19, after starring in a rather infamous movie called Hot Tub High School, her father died.  This particular paparazzo went to crash the funeral to get a picture and Chloe punched him and destroyed his camera just as he got the photo.  After that he started feeling horrible about himself and his particular line of work and he wanted to try to change.

Their search for the true killer leads them to this younger paparazzo that was the protege of the one they previously took in and they realize that it was essentially a frame job.  While Chloe looks for solid evidence so she can bring the real killer in, Lucifer and Maze cook up a plan to deal out some good old fashioned punishment, which is his specialty.  Lucifer and Maze both kidnap the two paparazzos and have them deal out their own punishment on each other by giving them each a gun and seeing who will shoot first.

Chloe gets there before anything can happen and tries to stop them and Lucifer is struck by her words as she tries to talk them down.  He then prays to Amenadiel to tell him that he was right; that Lucifer is changing, but he still refuses to go back to hell.  Amenadiel delivers a dire warning before leaving.  Chloe sees another strange thing happen that she can’t explain but still refuses to believe that Lucifer might actually be the devil.

In the end, Chloe goes to visit the guy from the previous episode who had shot her.  He’s in an insane asylum it seems and when she mentions Lucifer to him he starts going crazy and banging his head against the wall until it bleeds, screaming about how he’s the devil.  Chloe is left to question whether or not Lucifer really is who he says he is.  It’s a chilling and terrifying side to the character we’re slowly growing to like and it’s leaving us, the audience, to question what’s going to happen as well.

While writing out that synopsis I actually figured out one of the key themes of this episode is people who are changing or wanting to change.  Lucifer is changing, though he doesn’t want to admit it.  The paparazzo that Chloe had a history with was trying to change for the better because he saw that what he was doing was horrible.  There’s also a subplot that I hadn’t mentioned with Chloe talking about the movie she was in to her daughter Trixie.  She didn’t want Trixie to know about it, but in the end she does confront her and ends up saying that she had made mistakes in her past, but she’s changed and that’s not her anymore.  (Trixie then tells her she already knew about the movie anyway so Chloe worried about that for nothing).

At the start of this episode we also see Chloe investigating Lucifer, trying to figure out what sort of trick he might have pulled, looking for a bullet proof vest or something as she staunchly does not believe that he’s actually the devil.  We also see Lucifer investigating Chloe because he can’t understand why he doesn’t affect her like he does everyone else.  He doesn’t get the answers he’s looking for either (and won’t until season 2), though he does get to know a little bit more about Chloe’s past and just her as a person.

The truly chilling scene at the end where we discover the fate of the man who shot Chloe from the previous episode solidifies the fact that Lucifer is changing.  Before he truly started to change further, he made a man go completely insane, but now that he’s beginning to change he’s starting to see that maybe there’s a better way to go about this.  We won’t see that change really until later episodes, but this is the start of his character development arc.  Perhaps we didn’t see what he was really like all that much before the beginning of the show, but we do get to see that he is, in fact, changing.  In fact, the scene at the beginning of this episode with him showing his true face to the pretend-preacher only for him to run scared and probably go insane is a good parallel to the last scene in the episode.

In this episode we also get to see a bit more of Maze’s character.  Throughout the episode she’s giving Lucifer disapproving looks and at one point goads him on until he yells at her and does a scary red eye flash, which she was longing to see; she wants the devil back.  But then Chloe comes in and the devil disappears and Maze is disappointed.  Then Lucifer wants to punish the killer and Chloe tells him no and Maze just gives him a look which essentially convinces him that he should definitely take matters into his own hands and Maze is all too delighted.  When it ends with Chloe getting her way, Maze is once more disappointed, and we begin to see her hatred and beginning jealousy of Chloe.

A solid episode with an ending leaving you shivering and wanting to see what happens next.


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