Stream of Consciousness #3

Looky here, I had nothing planned again so you get another one of these posts where I spew words out at random and see if anything comes out coherent at all.  People seemed to enjoy the last two of these posts I made so hopefully these aren’t too annoying.

This time I’ll be writing while listening to my Lucifer playlist.  So if any of this sounds suspiciously like fan fiction for Lucifer, well… that might be why.  Here we go.

They’re locked in combat, both moving so fast it’s hard for the other to react in time.  Their fight is like an elegant dance, though deadly with knives and whips.  She leaps over him, throwing a knife toward his neck, but he spins to the side, narrowly dodging it.  He turns to her with a fiery gaze, wings stretching from his back, their tips sharp as razors.  She straightens and narrows her eyes, gripping a whip in her hand which suddenly bursts into flames.  He grins at her challengingly and she snaps the fire whip toward him, flames spitting out and seeming to come alive, curling around him like a serpent. – Pro Anti Anti, by Liars

She’s no angel.  Though she does live up to her name of Beauty, she’s the queen of horrors.  Destroying innocence and purity.  Mother of all witches, in a sense.  She’s always watching, always observing.  She knows all and will find just the right way to tear you apart piece by piece.  Pray for your soul; if she ever catches you in her sight, nothing short of a miracle will save your life.  The golden tigress stalking in the night. – The Day is My Enemy, by The Prodigy

A priest walks into the bar and sits down to have a drink.  The devil sits down beside him and tells him he’d best leave, his God wouldn’t want him to be in such a place as that .  The priest grins at the devil and says, “No, I think I’m exactly where I need to be.  Wouldn’t have met you face to face if I weren’t here, would I?”  The devil stares at him in confusion and the priest goes on.  “What would be the point of my faith if I didn’t go up against someone like you every once in awhile?  I’ll have another shot.” – Kitty Hawk Break Science Remix, by Ki:Theory

That’s all for me until next time.


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