Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×04: Manly Whatnots

Continuing on with watching Lucifer, we come to episode 4, Manly Whatnots.  This is a turning point episode and marks the end of Act 1 of this season’s story.  A lot of interesting things happen in this episode, so let’s take a look.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


This episode opens with Chloe in the shower, remembering all the strange things she’s seen Lucifer and wondering just who or what he really is.  When she gets out of the shower she hears a sound downstairs.  She wraps a towel around herself and grabs her gun, ready to shoot the possibly intruder.  When she gets downstairs she finds Lucifer in her kitchen making her breakfast.  She’s horrified, both at the fact that he’s there and the fact that she has dropped her towel.  What an opening.  Then Dan walks in with Trixie to get something she had forgotten.  Awkward.

Lucifer is thrown out of the house and he doesn’t understand why and runs to see his therapist Dr. Linda to tell her his horrible problems of being thrown out of a woman’s house for the second time because this has never happened to him before.  Eventually Linda comes to the conclusion that Lucifer is just making Chloe look more intimidating to him than she really is and he needs to take back his power.  He interprets this as he needs to have sex with her.  Linda says that’s not what she meant at all but he doesn’t listen to her.  Of course.

Meanwhile Chloe is supposed to be working a case on a missing person incident.  Although she is homicide they’re asking her to do it because their suspect runs a big Players Expo and the only way they can see to get in is through Lucifer, who was invited to the event.  Chloe reluctantly asks him and he jumps at the opportunity.  He also asks Chloe point-blank to sleep with him.  Chloe of course refuses but he doesn’t seem to get the hint because he’s dense like that and just can’t understand how she could refuse him when literally no one else ever has.

During the expo, which is supposed to help men become “players” so they can get any woman they want, Lucifer makes an embarrassment of himself (and Chloe) by saying how he’s way better than any other guy in there and knows exactly what he’s doing but still can’t get Chloe to sleep with him.  He later tries the tactics that were taught at the expo.  They also do not work.

At the same time the investigation is going on, Amenadiel approaches Maze and tries to get her to tell him anything she can about Lucifer – any sort of weakness that he could use to get Lucifer to go back to hell.  Maze refuses to cooperate and tells Amenadiel to shove it.

At one point Chloe goes to see Lucifer and he decides to show up wearing his birthday suit since he had seen Chloe in the buff the day before.  Chloe is horrified, but then she sees scars on his back.  He says they were from when he cut his wings off.  She tries to touch them and he stops her and he has a revelation then – something you can see in his eyes.  I’ll get back to that later.

Eventually the missing girl is found and it turns out she was never missing at all and this was an elaborate hoax concocted by her and her brother to get revenge on the big Player man himself even though he said he truly loved her, though he had apparently taken advantage of her two years prior and he didn’t remember.  Lucifer goes to punish her for trying to murder the man who was legitimately changing, but then Chloe sees a flash of his true face in the reflection of a mirror and she gets scared.  He tells her to shoot him so she’ll realize he is who he says he is (which is something he’s been saying throughout the episode).  She shoots him.  To his horror, though, it hurts a lot and then he sees he’s bleeding.

He’s not immortal any longer.

He tells this to Maze who is horrified and just wants to go back to hell right away because this is dangerous, but Lucifer says, “On the contrary, the fun has just begun.”

As I said before, this is a turning point episode and it’s the end of the first act.  A lot of important things happen in this episode, the most important obviously being the fact that Lucifer gets shot and bleeds to find out he’s becoming mortal.  But there’s more than that.  We begins pursuing Chloe and trying to get her to sleep with him actively, she sees the scars on his back and we find out he cut his wings off.  There’s a specific line that Maze says to Amenadiel that encapsulates the theme of this episode.

“No means no.”

Lucifer doesn’t understand that someone could ever refuse him and he starts being an idiot and thinking that he should just try harder and then it’ll work.  The moment Chloe tries to touch his scars and he stops him he gets this look in his eyes and he realizes that if he wants her to respect his no, he should be respecting her no as well.  Does he stop making innuendos and asking her if she’ll have sex with him after this point?  No.  But he stops being so pushy about it and just makes mention of it in passing rather than trying so hard to get her to do it.  It’s an important character change, even if it is small and subtle.

The fact that this is a lesson that is taught while they’re investigating a Player’s Expo just hammers the fact in better.  These are men who are objectifying women (Lucifer’s words) and just trying to get them to sleep with them in any way they can.  We see the consequences of what happened when this man did such a thing to a girl.  He took advantage of her.  She thought there was something more when there wasn’t and it was just “research” for his book.

But at the same time Lucifer tries to defend the man’s case because he has changed and this girl just wants to murder him for his past crimes.  Lucifer makes a point to say “humans are always trying to repay evil with evil”.  Revenge doesn’t get anyone anywhere.  So while he is still in his punishment mindset, he’s also leaning more toward the idea of justice than petty punishment for the sake of revenge which is interesting to think about.

Although Chloe had been starting to believe that Lucifer might actually be the devil, the fact that she shot him and he bled solidified to her the fact that he was, in fact, just a man.  Though that makes you wonder how she brushed aside all those other things she saw him do that seemed very inhuman.

We’ll continue Lucifer’s adventures in being mortal as we begin Act 2 of the first season.  Until next time.


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