Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×05: Sweet Kicks

Lucifer analyses return.  Looking at episode 5, Sweet Kicks.  Lucifer tries to instigate a gang war in LA.  Let’s do this.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Lucifer and Maze are at some sort of fashion/art show, checking out the very expensive designer shoes that some lovely models are wearing while walking down the runway, holding swords to look dangerous.  Lucifer, having just found out that he can be hurt, is having too much fun with the idea of danger.  Maze tells him to stop because he’s being an idiot but he of course does not listen to her.  He goes off to make out with one of the models and then shots are fired and everyone starts running.  Maze has to drag Lucifer away and then they find someone has died from being trampled by the panicking crowd.

Chloe is put on the case to find out who shot into the crowd that inadvertently caused the girl to be trampled to death.  With horror in her eyes she sees Lucifer go in to her boss’s office only to find out that he’s been put on the case as a consultant and Chloe must, once again, work with him as he has connections that will help them on this case.  It turns out he knew Benny, the artist who opened the fashion show and had done a favor for him in the past.  They’re given information that sounds as if things could be leading toward the direction of a gang war.

At one point Lucifer gets Chloe to take him to a bar that basically all the cops in the LAPD go to, despite the fact that she said everyone there hates her.  This point is proven when they go to the bar and everyone starts lobbing insults and dirty looks at her.  Chloe tells Lucifer a little bit more about the case involving the cop who got shot that made everyone hate her so much and Lucifer tells her about how he likes making deals with everyone in exchange for them doing something for him.  She can’t believe people do that but he says everyone takes those deals.  They leave the bar after Lucifer punches a drunk cop in the face who said some rather rude things to Chloe.

Meanwhile Amenadiel and Maze have met up to talk about the recent development, though Maze doesn’t let him know that Lucifer is mortal, just that she’s changed her mind about helping him.  He asks for something to help him figure out a way to get Lucifer back to hell and she tells him about Dr. Linda Martin.  Amenadiel then goes to infiltrate Linda’s office by pretending to be a therapist who just moved into the next office over, and he gets her to trust him to tell him all about her insane and stressful patient.

Eventually their investigation leads them to a guy named Yellow Viper, who used to be best friends with Benny, but he ended up going to prison and now he’s out on parole.  There’s evidence that suggests he could have been trying to kill Benny for revenge after getting sent to prison.  When they go to confront Yellow Viper, a bunch of people from the rival gang show up to kill him for revenge because the girl who died was their cousin.  Lucifer and Chloe almost get caught in a shootout, but then Maze comes to save the day.

Eventually the real perps are apprehended as it turns out Benny was the one who actually had the shots fired and Yellow Viper was framed.  Benny is taken down and justice is served for the dead girl.  Lucifer delivers on his end of a bargain he made with the police Lt. and he is made an official civilian consultant for the LAPD, thus ensuring that he will be Chloe’s full time partner.  Chloe begrudgingly accepts this fact and then locks Lucifer out of her car and drives away, leaving him in a bad part of town.

Maze is still angry at Lucifer for being so stupid, though he seems to have realized he was being reckless and maybe his mortality is actually a bad thing, though he still shows no signs of wanting to leave.  He accuses Maze of just being jealous of the detective and this makes her more angry.  She pays a visit to Chloe while she’s sleeping with the intent to kill, though Chloe wakes up and Maze disappears before she can go through with it.

This episode starts with Lucifer wanting to explore his newfound mortality.  It’s something new and exciting and dangerous, and to him that’s fun.  The fact that he is trying to instigate a gang war just to test out how far he can push things shows how reckless he’s being.  Maze sees this and wants him to stop but he absolutely will not listen to her, so she finally goes to Amenadiel because she doesn’t know what else to do.  Amenadiel even says something about her switching sides and isn’t she supposed to be the loyal soldier to Lucifer, but she shoots back with saying she just wants what’s best for him, and considering he’s doing stupid things which will almost certainly get him killed, convincing him to go back to hell is, in her mind, definitely what’s best for him.

Chloe is focusing in on the fact that Lucifer makes deals with people.  He ended up making a deal with Benny a long time ago and as a result Benny didn’t go to jail but Yellow Viper did and, as Chloe points out, if Lucifer hadn’t made that deal, Yellow Viper wouldn’t have gone to jail and Benny would have and then that fashion show wouldn’t have happened and that girl wouldn’t have died.  Lucifer thinks this notion is ridiculous as he has no control what happens after people make deals with him and people need to take responsibility for their own actions.  Chloe seems more annoyed at the fact that everyone seems to think it’s a good idea to take deals from him in exchange for him getting whatever he wants.  In the end he does get what he wants after making a deal with Chloe’s boss so he can be Chloe’s partner and work with her all the time.

Maze is having issues beyond just Lucifer being stupid and reckless and nearly getting himself killed.  He’s also being a jerk to her.  She tries to walk away from him and he tells her that she can’t because her entire purpose of being is to protect him, so no matter what kind of trouble he gets into she’ll always be there to protect him.  She does protect him at one point and, although he’s bragging about Maze’s great skill to Chloe, when Chloe punches one person he congratulates her and praises her as if she did all the work and Maze hadn’t really done anything and he doesn’t even bother thanking her or saying anything to her.  He does sort of say thank you at the end of the episode, but it’s more along the lines of “well I knew you’d come because that’s your purpose after all”.  He says she’s jealous and she says she isn’t – but she obviously is.  At one point he leans in close and it looks like he’s about to kiss her, but then he walks away without another thought and Maze is left alone.  That’s when she goes to see Chloe and considers killing her in her sleep.

Also in this episode we get Amenadiel pretending to be a therapist to get close to Linda for her to potentially spill any weaknesses of Lucifer’s to him.  Along with that we hear about Chloe’s problems in the LAPD with everyone there hating her for what happened.  Both of these are important points for the larger story throughout the season, setting things up.

The next two episodes are a sort of two-part story arc with huge developments for the characters and the overall season arc.  Stay tuned for that.


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