Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×06: Favorite Son

We have another large turning point episode here in what I would consider to be a two-part story arc.  This is Favorite Son.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode starts with Lucifer playing the piano and singing the song Sinnerman.  While he’s singing it cuts to a warehouse where someone is trying to take out a storage container.  A security guard begins checking with him to make sure he has clearance to take the container away, but then the guy strangles the security guard and kills him, taking the container and ending the scene.

Chloe is interrogating someone, playing good cop/bad cop with Dan (she’s the bad cop) and it turns out they’re doing it to their daughter to try and get her to fess up to eating chocolate cake when she wasn’t supposed to because she is lying about it.  Dan gets Trixie to spill it almost immediately and she says she did it because Lucifer told her it was alright to do whatever it was you wanted.  Dan is annoyed that Lucifer would be anywhere near Trixie and telling her things like this and gets angry at Chloe.  Chloe confronts him about not being there for Trixie some nights they plan for, then she gets a call for a case.

Lucifer is called in to the case only to walk right back out because he thinks the case looks too boring.  Chloe is annoyed at him considering he’d been trying so hard to work with her and when he finally is officially doing it he runs off.  He goes back to Lux only to find out from Maze that something of his was stolen.  He tries to brush it off, saying he doesn’t care, but she convinces him by telling him it will ruin his reputation by letting whoever stole from him get away with it.  He returns to Chloe and tells her he’s now interested in the case, not because of the murder, but because of the theft.  She becomes incredibly suspicious because the warehouse that the container was stolen from was filled with contraband items.  Lucifer refuses to tell her what exactly it was that was stolen from him.

Chloe asks Dan to go and check out the books at Lux because she’s suspicious that there’s probably some sort of criminal activity going on behind the scenes and checking them out will show them whether or not that’s the case.  Dan goes and has to deal with Maze who at first is trying to seduce him while also asking him personal questions about his relationship with Chloe.  She ends up knocking him out and tossing him naked into Chloe’s bed with the hope that it would make them have sex so they would get back together and Chloe would no longer be around Lucifer.  That doesn’t work and Dan explains that relationships take work and it brings him to the realization that he has not been trying hard enough with his own relationship.

Lucifer and Chloe end up finding their way to a biker gang as there is strong evidence that looks like one of the bikers killed the security guard.  They end up on a stakeout and Chloe tells Lucifer that she feels like for the first time he’s not being honest with her and she doesn’t want to be right in the idea that he’s actually a criminal because then she’d have to arrest him and she actually likes working with him.  He assures her that he has and never will lie to her and she asks him again what was in his container.  He tells her it was Russian dolls.

They go after the guy who stole the container and killed the security guard, Lucifer chasing him down with him running scared.  He confronts the guy on a rooftop where he’s cornered and the guy keeps saying he just did the job but someone else wanted them stolen. Lucifer asks him who stole them while letting his evil eyes flash and the guy is terrified beyond belief to the point of jumping off the roof.

They find the container and open it and, just as Lucifer had said, there is a trunk filled with Russian dolls and nothing else.  When Chloe leaves, Lucifer opens a secret panel in the back of the container only to find it’s empty.  He goes and talks to Dr. Linda who, during the course of this episode, has been talking to Amenadiel who has been trying to manipulate her into getting her to say something that will make Lucifer return to hell.  Linda starts telling Lucifer that while he may be a fallen angel he can rise if he just tries but then he freaks out and starts saying he can’t and, in a rage, he screams he can’t because “they were stolen from me” and punches a hole through the wall.  Then he leaves.

The end of the episode he reveals exactly what it was that was stolen from him: his wings.

Oh boy did a lot happen in this episode.   Let’s start with Chloe and Dan, though.  They start out doing the parent thing and it looks like they’re fairly good at it, though it is incredibly obvious that Trixie is more likely to listen to Dan than Chloe for no other reason than he’s slightly less stern with her and, as we find out later in the episode, he’s more likely to spoil her and she’s good at manipulating him to get what she wants, whereas Chloe won’t take that.  Dan immediately gets upset and we’re reminded that they are in fact separated when Trixie mentions Lucifer and he sort of makes an insinuation that Chloe and him are probably in some sort of relationship and he doesn’t want Lucifer anywhere near Trixie.  They also then argue about spending time together as a family with Taco Tuesday but he makes an excuse that he can’t make it because of his work.

When Dan goes to see Maze – and she does all this stuff to him – he gets a wake up call from her sheer insanity of thinking that making them have sex would fix their marital problems.  He says smashing two people together like dolls isn’t going to fix anything.  Relationships take time and effort and work… like it’s your job.  And as he says this he realizes that is exactly why his relationship has been failing, because he hasn’t been working at it.  Earlier he had overheard Chloe talking on the phone with her mom and telling her that she wonders why she ever thought Dan would try to put in any effort with their relationship and that sent him on a guilt trip.  At the end of the episode, though, we see him trying to work at it by going to Taco Tuesday despite having had something he needed to do, but he decided making time for them was more important.

Meanwhile we have Chloe and Lucifer’s conflict.  For the past 5 episodes, Lucifer has been doing all he can to try and work with Chloe when he had no reason to be (yet somehow managed to every time), but as soon as he is officially allowed to work with her on any and all cases and she calls him up for his help he decides the case is too boring and runs off.  Strike 1.  He comes back and says that the stolen items from the case were actually his, but Chloe gets suspicious because everything in that warehouse was contraband and he refuses to tell her what it was exactly that he had stolen.  Strike 2.  Finally he goes on a lead to try and get the items back by brutally interrogating someone and smashing them into the ground, which is obviously not standard procedure, and at that point Chloe has had it with him and tells him he can’t rejoin her on the case because it was a conflict of interest. Strike 3, you’re out Luci.

Chloe has serious trust issues with him and, although in all the previous episodes she made it clear how much he annoyed her and how much she’d rather not have anything to do with him, she reveals in this episode that she actually does like working with him and she would hate to have to arrest him if it turned out he was doing something illegal.  They have a real heart to heart and Lucifer restates the fact that he is not a liar. That he would never, ever lie to her.  And it’s true… though that doesn’t mean he can’t stretch the truth or just happen to leave out bits of information here and there.

When Lucifer goes to Dr. Linda about his problems, she is trying to get him to figure out his identity – who he really is, who he wants to be.  He doesn’t want to, though.  She later confronts him (after talking to Amenadiel) and embraces his “metaphor” of being the devil while telling him that he was God’s “favorite son”.  The Light Bringer.  This upsets Lucifer and he doesn’t want to hear it, but she keeps telling him that God sending him to hell wasn’t a punishment but an act of love, which makes him more upset.  These were obviously things Amenadiel told her to tell him to try and get him to go back.  But it made him angry, oooh did it make him angry.

Also during the scene where he was confronting the killer/thief, he was scaring the guy.  The guy said he had seen what was in the container and he was clearly freaked out by what he saw.  He’s horrified to find out they belonged to Lucifer after Lucifer shows him his true face.  He jumps off the roof.  Lucifer screams, “No don’t!” but he’s too late.  Chloe sees it just as it happens then he turns to her with a look of shock on his face and says, “I couldn’t stop him.”  This is an incredibly poignant moment in the season because before this point he was showing his face to practically all the bad guys they encountered, whereas after this – after he sees someone kill himself because of it – he doesn’t do it again for a long, long time.

Lucifer’s struggle in this episode is with his identity.  Something precious was stolen from him – at the end we find out it was his wings.  His wings are integrally tied to his identity of who he is, or was.  When Linda tells him he needs to rise he says he can’t because he doesn’t have his wings any longer.  Chloe is having trust issues with him, not because he’s the devil, but because she’s starting to think that he’s a criminal – he’s the bad guy.  In his mind she’s seeing him the way everyone else sees him, which he hates. When he’s ranting angrily in Dr. Linda’s office he’s saying how all of humanity has villainized him and acted like all their own bad deeds were his doing – “Oh, the devil made me do it!  I have never made anyone do anything they didn’t want to!”  He says what happened to him wasn’t just unfair, it was unjust – playing back into the ideals of punishment vs justice and he’s sliding toward justice.

The significance of him showing his devil face to that man and him killing himself as a result and – as I said – he almost never shows his face again for the rest of the season is part of this whole thing.  Perhaps he thinks that because he showed his face that man died due to the fact that perhaps he really is an evil monster and he doesn’t want anyone else doing what that man did.  Or maybe it was because of the way Chloe looked at him when she saw what happened – as if it was his fault.

There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll leave that until the next episode, which will give a conclusion to this short arc.  Until then.


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