Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×07: Wingman

A look at the second part of this short little story arc, here is episode 7 of Lucifer, Wingman.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode starts with Maze seducing a guy and getting him to come up to the hot tub with her where she then proceeds to waterboard him.  Lucifer is trying to get information out of this guy as to what happened to his wings, and it seems they’ve been using this method on several other people and have gotten nowhere.  Lucifer decides that they’re going about this the wrong way and decides they need to get some outside help, much to Maze’s disappointment as she was quite enjoying torturing people.

Meanwhile, Dan is pressuring Chloe to close her ongoing Paumeddow case because Malcolm, the cop who’d gotten shot and has been in a coma for months, is going to be taken off life support and if he dies while they’re still an open investigation against him it would cost his family dearly.  Chloe takes that day to do one more full investigation of the crime scene.  Lucifer comes to see her to cryptically ask for help as to what to do with his own investigation and then he runs off before she can get him to help her on her own case.

Lucifer calls Amenadiel and informs him that his wings are missing and asks for his help in finding them.  Amenadiel tells him that it’s his own fault they’re missing so he should find them himself.  Lucifer goes back to Chloe to ask for her help but she gets him to help her with her case first – and Dan is going with them, much to Lucifer’s displeasure.  The three of them go to the scene of the crime and Chloe tries to reenact what she saw, explaining everything to them to get both Lucifer and Dan’s perspective on the case.  Dan keeps trying to say Malcolm was definitely innocent while Chloe is sure that he was a dirty cop and someone else was there who shot him and the other two guys there.  Lucifer is too distracted by his own problems to really be of any significant help.

They get a lead that his wings are going to be auctioned off at some private auction with a lot of supposedly religious relics and artifacts.  Lucifer goes to the auction and Amenadiel decides to tag along to help him, as he says he can’t let Lucifer mess this up.  Humans, as he says, should not be exposed to any piece of divinity.  They get into the auction and the two of them share a genuine brotherly moment, bonding over how dumb humanity is.  Amenadiel also finds out about Lucifer’s mortality situation and says all he has to do is wait for some pitiful thug to end his life and he’ll go back to hell whether he wants to or not.

Chloe comes in to warn Lucifer that the FBI is going to raid the auction just as the wings are unveiled.  Everyone stares and gasps a little and Chloe says they look gorgeous, and that’s when the raid happens.  Panic ensues and Lucifer asks Amenadiel to do his little time slowing trick so he can get to the wings before anyone else can.  When he gets to the wings, however, he realizes they’re fake – though clearly an incredibly well made imitation if they were able to fool him for even a second.  Chloe gets an idea for her case and Lucifer, stubborn as he is, refuses to go with her and instead goes after his own lead to get his wings back.

Chloe and Dan return to the scene of the crime and find a secret trap door in the floor along with a piece of evidence that suggests Malcolm was shot by another cop.  She goes to the precinct to say that she’s officially closing the investigation against Malcolm, though in reality she’s looking for a dirty cop.  Lucifer goes after the guy who was in charge of the auction and finds that his wings have been mounted in this man’s home.  He begs Lucifer not to take them away because he can’t live without them.  Lucifer, of course, takes them, but not before finding out that the guy was tipped off about the wings.  Lucifer finds out that it was Amenadiel’s doing all along.

While Amenadiel tries to get Lucifer to reattach his wings, Lucifer decides he has other plans and promptly sets the wings on fire.  Amenadiel loses his temper and begins beating Lucifer in the face until Lucifer screams, “Fall as I did!” which makes him stop.  Later back at Lux, Maze says she cleaned up the mess and Lucifer sounds as if he’s going to apologize to her but she cuts him off and says she’ll follow him forever because they’re a team.  It’s revealed that Maze kept a single feather from the wings to keep safe and hidden away.

It ends with Malcolm being taken off life support, only to miraculously regain consciousness as Amenadiel steps away from the room and walks out of the hospital.

Well wasn’t this a ride.  Two large things happened in this episode that affect the course of the rest of the season.  We finally get to see more about the case that Chloe’s been working on that has made pretty much everyone in her precinct hate her.  Lucifer is being self-absorbed and not really caring about anything but his own problems – what a shock.  In his quest to get his wings back he starts working with his brother and accidentally reveals a vital piece of information which was that he’s becoming mortal, and Amenadiel is obviously going to use that against him.

I feel like this episode was mostly for character development and plot setup for the rest of the season.  We get more information on Chloe’s case and at the end of the episode we see her case being resolved in a sense by Malcolm being revived by Amenadiel – but for what?  Chloe and Dan share some nice scenes in this episode and we can sort of get a better feel for their relationship as it is now, especially as it relates to this case.  Dan keeps insisting that Chloe is wrong but Chloe won’t let it go.  He says he’s trying to do her a favor, but really he’s just making things worse for her.  When at last she finds evidence, though, he agrees to go along with her and help her out rather than disbelieving her.

Ah, Lucifer and Amenadiel’s relationship in this.  For a few glorious minutes they are actually acting like brothers who like each other and it’s wonderful to see them getting along.  They talk about things in the good ol’ days and share a good laugh, but it doesn’t last long and they remember they hate each other.  It goes even more downhill when Lucifer finds out Amenadiel was doing this all just to try and get Lucifer to go back to hell on his own.  This only serves to push Lucifer away ever further which is why he decides to burn his wings to make sure he can never go back to hell.  Amenadiel snaps and Lucifer mocks him while being punched repeatedly in the face.  Fall as I did!

I feel like there’s not much more I can say about this episode without going into spoiler territory for the other episodes, so I don’t think I’ll go much further.  While Dr. Linda wasn’t in this episode at all, she makes a glorious return in the next episode with an even bigger part than usual.  This episode was the end of the second act of the season.  In the next episode we will see Lucifer as he is “reborn”, officially never to return with the burning of his wings.  Until then.


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