Story Idea – Never Be the Same

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun and it’s been my tradition to write short little novellas during this event.  I’ll be doing that again this year.  Both rounds of camp this year (April and July) I’m going to be writing a novella that is essentially the same story but told from a different character’s perspective in each.  Both of these stories are set in the Of Beauty and Rage series and will be appearing on that blog at a later point.

The title of this story is tentative and potentially will be changed at a later date, but for now I’ve named it after Never Be the Same by RED, though it only sort of fits the story.

Caroline Ellison is starting the next step of her life, having started college out of state.  When she meets a strange man who seems to enjoy playing devil’s advocate, she has to start thinking about things in a new way, especially when he seems to pop up everywhere she goes and she can’t quite tell if it’s out of coincidence or if he’s stalking her.

Let’s see what happens as I try to write this story without any sort of clear outline, that’s a good idea, yep.  Wish me luck this month, guys, I’m not sure how well I’m going to be able to pull through this one.


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