Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×08: Et Tu, Doctor?

The beginning of act three of this season and we see a sort of transition with the formula for the episodes from now on.  This is episode 8 of Lucifer, Et Tu, Doctor?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Lucifer is having a birthday celebration at Lux.  Maze points out that the devil doesn’t have a birthday but he says that it’s his “rebirth”, as after he burned his wings from the last episode, he feels like a whole new person, whoever the hell he wants to be.  Chloe stops by to give him a little birthday present and Dan comes with her.  The sight of Dan being there makes Lucifer feel incredibly odd and unhappy, which he later goes to talk with Dr. Linda about.  Meanwhile, Dan and Chloe go off to celebrate with the police force because Malcolm, the guy who Chloe had been investigating and had been taken off life support in the last episode, made a miraculous recovery.  They are still investigating him under the table and he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to divert suspicion away from him.

Lucifer starts telling Dr. Linda about his problems and she tells him that he is simply jealous, but he refuses to believe he could possibly be jealous and instead insists that the problem must lie with Chloe being obsessed with Dan instead.  After this, the case for this episode begins: a therapist was murdered, and his specialty was in “cheater-therapy” to help marriages.  Because the case is about a therapist and the clients are potential suspects, they need to look at their files, but they need another therapist to look at them to protect confidentiality.  Lucifer enlists his own therapist, Dr. Linda, to be the one to do it (by sleeping with a judge to get her to make Linda be the one to do it.)

Lucifer is more interested in getting Linda to psychoanalyze Chloe during this case than to actually do the job they’re supposed to be doing.  He continually makes comments toward Chloe about her love life and her supposedly being obsessed with Dan and he’s getting more and more irritating by the moment.  Along with that, he keeps trying to get people to explain jealousy to him to prove that he is definitely not jealous.

During the case, Chloe has a run-in with Malcolm, as he tricks her into meeting with him in private, telling her that it must have been a cop that shot him and that maybe she should back off from the case, or she might get shot.

Linda rides along for the case and she ends up taking Chloe’s side on the issue of Lucifer being so annoyed with her supposed obsession about Dan.  Linda tells him he’s jealous and he takes it as a personal attack and says that she has betrayed him.  He runs off and somehow solves the case by being a self-absorbed narcissist.  While he does in fact prove that he has been jealous all this time, he still refuses to admit it.

Chloe and Dan get a small break in their case with who shot Malcolm and find his partner, who has appeared to have killed himself and left a suicide note confessing that he was the one who did it and couldn’t handle the guilt after Malcolm recovered.  They don’t seem to believe it, however.  After Chloe and Dan share an intimate moment, it’s revealed that Dan was the one who really shot Malcolm and Malcolm knows it – he was the one who killed his partner and made it look like a suicide, and Malcolm is now threatening Dan.

Linda tells Lucifer that they shouldn’t be sleeping with each other anymore and keep their relationship strictly professional.  Lucifer then finds out that Amenadiel was posing as a therapist to get close to Linda and use her to get to Lucifer, and he realizes that Maze was the one who told Amenadiel about Linda.  He confronts Maze about this and she tells him she did it to protect him, but he says that she just did it because she wanted to get back to hell so bad and was only thinking of herself and he finishes by telling her they’re through and walks away.

The themes of today’s episode are: jealousy and betrayal.  The theme of jealousy is glaringly obvious throughout the episode as Lucifer is jealous but refuses to admit he is and is trying constantly to prove he’s not (but just further proving he is).  Every time he sees Chloe with Dan, or if she just offhandedly mentions him in some way, he gets extremely jealous and defensive and starts attacking her essentially.  He keeps saying there’s something wrong with her behavior and won’t even consider it might be himself.

When both Chloe and Linda tell him he’s being ridiculous, he feels like they’ve both betrayed him, because what they say is different from what he says.  Later in the episode, however, we get to see someone who legitimately did betray him: Maze.  And what did she betray him for?  Because she wanted to go back to hell, but it wasn’t just that.  She only started doing this after Lucifer met Chloe.  Because Maze is jealous.  This point is further accentuated by the fact that in the scene where Lucifer confronts Maze about this, the song in the background has lyrics saying, “I’m hellbent on loving you” which you could see as being from Maze’s perspective and it being her motivation for betraying him as she did.

Character development for Linda!  This episode really is the point where we see just how important of a character she is to this series.  She’s come a long way since her introduction in the pilot where she seemed like just a silly character who really wanted to sleep with him, though even in that episode she see right through him at the very start, which was the real foundation for their relationship and the defining trait of her character at that point.  Now, in this episode, she says she should stop sleeping with Lucifer, because it’s unethical, and because apparently his charm is starting to wear off on her.  Cutting that part of their relationship off actually gives them more room to grow closer to each other, interestingly enough.

Another bit of character development that happened in this episode is with Dan and Chloe’s relationship.  Not only do we finally find out the reason why they’ve separated – which is that Dan apparently just never made time for Chloe or Trixie because the job was more important to him than them – but now he’s starting to make time for them.  He’s trying to be part of the family again.  At the end of the episode they share a kiss and it looks as if they may be ready to get back together in the near future.

But oh, that little revelation about Dan being the one to shoot Malcolm could completely ruin everything for them.  But that’s something that will be happening throughout the remainder of the season to keep an eye on.

I said at the beginning that this episode is the start of the next act and that the formula for the storytelling seems to take a small shift here.  It will become more obvious in the upcoming episodes, but this episode seems to be the start of an arc in which Lucifer has some sort of issue which he’s denying he has, but in the end will learn a lesson about it and realize that he does, in fact, have that issue.  Like being jealous.  It’s fitting that this should happen in this episode which started with him saying how it was his rebirth into becoming someone new.  Now he has to learn how to deal with all of his emotions that he’d previously been suppressing.  He’s learning to become human.

In the next episode (which is my personal favorite episode), we’ll start seeing what becomes of these new developments.


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