Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×10: Pops

This episode is honestly my second favorite from the series, after the one before it.  Here is episode 10 of Lucifer, Pops.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Someone has died right in the middle of a grocery store and Chloe and Lucifer are on the case.  It turns out to be the head chef at a high end restaurant that was, in fact, one of Lucifer’s favorites and now he’s mourning the loss of his favorite food.  They head to the restaurant to start interviewing all of the employees/possible suspects, but before they can get to that Chloe’s mother shows up.  Lucifer starts fanboying over her and she invites him to have dinner with her and Chloe that evening.  Chloe is obviously annoyed by her mother while Lucifer is starstruck.

While they interview the employees of the restaurant they find out all of them saw Javier as a sort of father to them, though at the same time he was tough and demanding.  Eventually they get to Javier’s son Junior, who had been on the outs with his dad.  Lucifer takes a special interest in this due to his issues with his own Father and begins projecting onto the case and trying to apply everything going on to his life yet again.

Maze ends up going to talk to Dr. Linda, saying how she’s stuck and needs to learn how to become more “normal”.  Since Linda is helping Lucifer, Maze thinks she’ll be able to help her too.  Linda tells Maze that maybe she needs to make more personal and emotional connections with people around her and get friends.  Maze thinks that’s stupid and runs off.

Meanwhile, Malcolm tells Dan what he’s planning to do with the gun they stole from evidence, that he’s planning on killing Lucifer.  He tries to appeal to Dan, saying how of course he should hate how Lucifer is always spending time with his own wife, especially considering he’s so dangerous.  Dan is stuck between going along with Malcolm or turning him in.

Halfway through the case and Junior is looking like the number one suspect on the list, Chloe gets a call and runs off to find her mother trying to take Trixie off to an audition looking rather ridiculous.  Chloe gets into a fight with her mom, digging up old history between them, and suddenly they realize that Trixie has disappeared.  They start panicking and looking for her, unable to find her, but finally Chloe gets a notification that Trixie ordered a ride from an Uber to take her to Lux, where she’s looking for Lucifer.  She ends up talking to Maze instead and manages to charm Maze and befriend her.

After confronting Junior on his own, Lucifer realizes that Junior must not have been the killer and then to prove this to Chloe he takes Junior over to Chloe’s to cook them all dinner.  An extremely awkward scene follows with Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, and Chloe’s mom all arguing over various things.  Dan leaves with Junior to take him down to the station for more questioning but just before leaving he says that he was looking for just one reason to stick up for Lucifer, leaving Lucifer very confused.

They soon end up finding the real killer, who burns down the restaurant and Chloe and Lucifer narrowly make their escape.  The killer is caught and Junior is off the hook, but Lucifer is upset because he thought he was so like Junior but it turns out that he wasn’t… or was he?

Maze goes back to Dr. Linda to tell her that she made a friend, who just happened to be an eight year old girl who wandered into the bar.  Linda is happy but also says maybe she should find a friend who’s of legal drinking age.  Maze then asks her if she’s doing anything later.

Dan confronts Malcolm and says that Lucifer should definitely go down, but he refuses to let Malcolm kill him and is going to bring Malcolm in.  Malcolm end Dan struggle and Malcolm ends up knocking Dan out.  He replies to a text from Chloe about her wanting to get back together with Dan and in the next scene she’s drunk at Lucifer’s penthouse saying that Dan broke up with her through a text.  She tries throwing herself at Lucifer but he stops her, and they’re both confused by this turn of events considering how much he’d been wanting to get with her this whole time.  She gets upset because she thinks she’s turning into her mom with how much of a mess she is and Lucifer reassures her that she’s not going to turn into her mom.  After all, he didn’t turn into his da- And he has a sudden realization of how much he’s truly changed and is mildly horrified.

This episode is focusing on Lucifer’s daddy issues.  Parental issues in general, really.  He begins projecting onto the case the moment he hears all the employees thought of the owner like a father, and then, just after Chloe was saying there’s no reason to want to kill your parent/parental figure, her mom shows up and starts being annoying as all get out.  The main suspect ends up being the deceased’s own son, and throughout this case they’re going back and forth as to why you might not like your parent(s).

For Chloe, she can’t stand her mother because she always thought her mother seemed childish and like Chloe had to be the adult in the family.  Her mom was always pushing her to do things she didn’t want to do and she hated it, and then when she sees her trying to do the same thing to Trixie she explodes, but she doesn’t realize how that might sound to Trixie who is listening just in the other room and then runs away.

In Junior’s case, he was never who or what his father wanted him to be.  He got addicted to drugs and had a girlfriend his father didn’t approve of, so he left the country.  Lucifer was sure that Junior wanted his dad gone so he could just escape for good, but Junior got clean and came back to tell his dad how he had changed, and his dad was proud of him.  He says that, even though his dad was hard on him, and maybe pushed him to do things he didn’t want to do, he still did help shape him and mold him into the person he became.  Lucifer doesn’t understand this at all and says “it doesn’t apply to me in the slightest”.

Lucifer keeps insisting that his dad is horrible and terrible and pushing him into things that he never wanted to do, but here perhaps we get the feeling that maybe Lucifer’s view on this matter is skewed.  Junior said he wanted reconciliation with his dad.  Lucifer starts looking uncomfortable when that subject is brought up, like maybe he thinks he should do the same, but he’s still running away from doing something like that.  Could that be the case?  Even at the end of this episode Chloe talks things through with her mom and they reconcile with each other.  Chloe may be mad at her mom and annoyed with her attitude and actions, but they do still love each other.

There’s this running thing throughout this episode that, whenever someone mentions God, Lucifer gets incredibly annoyed.  At the beginning of the episode he was trying to seduce a woman by feeding her a strawberry and she exclaimed “Oh, God!” and he was offended and ran off.  He heard it again while a couple people were going to town on each other and was horrified that his dad was ruining sex for him.  Then it comes full circle at the end of the episode when, after he told Chloe that they weren’t going to turn into their parents, he just stops, looks up into the air, and says “Oh, God.”  He’s changing, and he doesn’t know if this is a good thing or not.

Fun fact: there’s a deleted scene for this episode where Dan is getting Maze off the hook after she apparently beat a guy up at the bar who touched her inappropriately and she’s about to be arrested.  He tells her that she needs to learn to actually act like a human being.  Presumably that’s why she ends up going to talk to Linda about how she should be normal.  This episode also has one of my favorite scenes when Trixie goes and meets Maze.  The two of them together are just adorable and precious.  (But Maze, please don’t give a child alcohol again).

This is one of my favorite episodes because there’s a lot of great character stuff happening throughout it and it’s weaved together with their case in a more personal sense than it usually is (like bringing the suspect to dinner).  We see more family dynamics between all of them.  Again, the scene between Maze and Trixie is one of my favorites in this season.  And then at the end we’re starting to see that maybe Lucifer is beginning to come around – perhaps what happened in the previous episode helped with that.

What’s going to happen to Dan?  What about Lucifer and Chloe after she fell asleep in his arms from getting drunk?  Find out in the next episode and see Lucifer once again making an ass of himself. Like usual.


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