Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×11: St. Lucifer

Returning once more, this time with episode eleven of season one, St. Lucifer, in which Lucifer thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but what’s new there?

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Chloe wakes up in Lucifer’s bed with her clothes strewn all around the room and she’s absolutely horrified as Lucifer goes on about how wild they were last night, only for him to reveal that they did not, in fact, have sex.  She storms out and tries to pretend that night never happened, though Lucifer is having way too much fun talking about it even though they didn’t sleep together.

Cut to the case in progress as they begin investigating the death of a philanthropist named Tim Dunlear.  He apparently had a somewhat shady past and was somewhat of a womanizer but then changed his ways and did a lot of good charity work.  Lucifer decides to make this case all about himself yet again by saying he and Tim were two of a kind simply because he didn’t sleep with her when he so easily could have.

Lucifer begins getting way too invested in things, going so far as to hold a charity event at Lux.  Chloe is annoyed with him because, while he’s off pretending to be so kind and charitable, he’s essentially not listening to her at all and just wanting to do his own thing rather than actually being concerned with catching the killer, so she goes off on her own to do things herself.

Meanwhile, Dan has been kidnapped by Malcolm and was locked in some basement.  Malcolm is clearly insane and starts saying how he’s going to kill Lucifer and make it look like Dan did it, since he has a motive and he put Dan’s fingerprints all over the murder weapon.  Later he talks to Dan about how he went to hell, and even though it was just a few seconds it felt like decades.  He was starved of food, of human interaction, of life.  He’s gone completely insane at the prospect of ever going back.

Maze goes off and finds Amenadiel since Lucifer still refuses to talk to her.  She’s bored and lonely and she can tell that he is as well.  She went off to ruin his night but in a strange turn of events they actually start enjoying each other’s company.  A little too much in fact.

Malcolm goes to try and kill Lucifer, but Lucifer is able to talk him out of it, telling him that Amenadiel tricked him.  Amenadiel apparently had promised Malcolm if he killed Lucifer he wouldn’t kill Malcolm or send him back to hell.  Lucifer says that angels are forbidden from killing humans and also tells him that when he does eventually die anyway he’ll still go back to hell.  So he offers Malcolm his coin that he’s had since the first episode, saying that it could potentially get him out of hell.  Malcolm leaves with the coin and doesn’t kill Lucifer.

While Lucifer talks with the wife of the deceased Tim Dunlear, he realizes that she actually was the one who killed him.  Before he can do anything about it, she pulls a gun on him and shoots him dead.  Dan has escaped and comes running in to try and stop Malcolm only to find that he was too late, Lucifer is already dead.  Or is he?  Lucifer sits up without so much as a scratch.  He goes to confront Mrs. Dunlear and is about to get her to reveal the truth when Chloe comes and already has the proof that she was the killer and she announces it in front of everyone at the charity event.

Lucifer starts talking to Maze again after he had the brush encounter with death and realizes life’s too short to hold grudges, and Maze tells him she slept with Amenadiel, then says that she can be Lucifer’s inside woman to get any sort of information or anything else out of Amenadiel for him.  Lucifer then talks about how he was shot but didn’t die and he doesn’t understand it, and he’s even stabbing himself with a knife with nothing to show for it.  He gets an idea and runs off to see Chloe where she talks about how she feels vulnerable around him.  He cuts himself with his knife in her presence and sees that he’s bleeding now, saying it appears she makes him vulnerable as well.  Literally.

This episode, Lucifer has changed from the devil into his alter ego known as Saint Lucifer, but he’s not as saintly as he wants to believe he is, he’s only doing these things for selfish gratification.  Why is that?  After he chose not to sleep with Chloe he said that he got this rush and he wanted to feel it again.  He thinks that “doing good deeds” will give him that rush, but every time he “selflessly” does something for someone else, he doesn’t get that rush.  It’s only after he does something for a truly good cause, not because he wants to for self-gratification, but because it’s the right thing to do, that’s when he actually gets that rush again.

We see Lucifer doing a bunch of ridiculous things in this episode, from stripping down naked to give his expensive clothes to a homeless man, to going to a charity luncheon and singing to a room full of sad repressed rich women.  He volunteers to host a huge charity event at Lux and when Chloe asks him for his help he keeps brushing her off because doing these things that he thinks makes him a saintly sort of person is more important to him than the case.  And Chloe is upset, because it feels like he’s abandoning her to be something he’s not.

So in this episode, Lucifer is learning about what true selflessness is.  What actually putting others before yourself means.  It’s not to feel good about yourself (or get a rush of pleasurable feelings), it’s just because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s easy to spot the difference between someone who’s pretending to be a good person and someone who actually is a good person.  Chloe finds that out while trying to get around the Dunlear’s lawyer who keeps telling her to keep her nose out of it, because they’re good people.  Because the lawyer was a good person who just wanted to aggressively protect his clients.  In the end, that’s what helped her to get him on her side, along with a good bit of evidence to back up her suspicions.

Let’s talk about Malcolm.  Ever since he came back to life he’s been eating a lot.  I mean a lot.  Practically every scene he’s in, he’s eating something and he keeps talking about how amazing it tastes.  Well, now we know why: in hell, he was starved for what felt like decades.  Starved for food, starved for people, starved for life.  And now that he’s got a second chance, what’s he going to do with it?  Indulge himself.  Take everything he wants to the extreme.  He was in hell and his second chance was to take everything he can.  I find this point interesting because as soon as Lucifer got out of hell, he essentially began doing the same thing.  Indulging on life’s pleasures.  Sex, drugs, partying, the whole nine yards.  But he’s starting to change.

Maze feels lost and without a purpose since Lucifer doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore, so she goes to find Amenadiel, since he’s the only other supernatural being there who she could talk to about any of this.  She blames him for what happened, which is fair.  He tries to throw that blame back on her by saying she willingly betrayed Lucifer, even though he kept pressuring her into doing it in the first place.  They have sex.  Maze comes back and says she could use this for Lucifer’s advantage, because she still wants to be with him.  This is a key moment in her character arc that continues on through season 2.  I’ll talk about it more later when I get to the last episode of this season.

And then we have our big reveal in this episode.  Since episode 4 we’ve been led to believe that Lucifer is mortal and he could die.  But he’s shot and survived.  How could that be?  Then he went to see Chloe and he was able to cut himself.  So, as he said to her, it seems she makes him vulnerable.  How could this be?  Well, that’s going to be explored in the next episode.

There’s a deleted scene for this episode where Dan comes down and sees Chloe after he’s escaped and he tries to explain himself but she’s too pissed off at him to let him say a word.  It’s rather heartbreaking because you know how much it hurt Chloe but at the same time it wasn’t Dan who did it, and oh yeah he was just beaten up and kidnapped.  Give the poor guy a break, Chloe.

In the next episode, we’ll be seeing Lucifer dealing with a cult of Satanists.


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