Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×12: #TeamLucifer

And we continue with the next to last episode of season 1, #TeamLucifer (no that’s really the title). In which Lucifer meets a cult of Satanists who are all just a bunch of dorks.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

This episode starts with what appears to be some sort of satanic human sacrifice, only to later find out it’s weird kids who find this sort of thing kinky.  But then something happens and the girl being “sacrificed” is killed for real.  Meanwhile Maze is throwing knives at Lucifer to test and see if he’s vulnerable to anything specific, which of course he isn’t.  Maze points out that it’s obviously Chloe that he’s vulnerable to and he’s just in denial.  Chloe comes in at that moment and says she needs his help on a case, only after mentioning how he’s been avoiding her for three whole weeks after their little heart to heart chat.

They go to a theater where the scene of the crime is and there’s a large crowd out in front chanting “Satan is here but God is near”.  A street preacher, who was seen at the start of episode 2, recognizes him and starts saying how this is all his fault, though police keep him away.  They go inside and find the body of the dead girl in the center of a pentagram, and on her back were carved the words “Hail Lucifer”.  Things just got interesting.

During the investigation, Malcolm starts getting way too friendly with Lucifer and Lucifer is visibly uncomfortable with him.  But he’s also uncomfortable being too close to Chloe, as he keeps running off without her and standing several feet away from her at all times.  She can’t understand what his problem is and he keeps making dumb excuses.

Eventually they find their way to this cult of Satanists, but it’s made entirely obvious that they don’t actually believe in any of the stuff they’re doing and they’re just being elaborately dumb cosplayers.  The high priest of the cult reveals that he actually hates being there and he thinks the whole thing is stupid, but then he starts talking about how the victim’s boyfriend was an actual creep who wanted to perform animal sacrifices and that he apparently stole a real sacrificial dagger.

While Lucifer and Chloe are talking, he mentions how angels can hurt other angels and then he starts believing that Chloe might actually be an angel sent to kill him and that’s why he’s vulnerable around her.  He bribes Trixie for information and he eventually gets Chloe to show him her back just to make sure she doesn’t have any wings or scars where wings might have been, and of course there aren’t. She thinks he’s being weird and that this might have something to do with his own scars.

They get a lead on where to find the boyfriend and are led to a warehouse where they find him. Hanging suspended from the ceiling, looking as if he were crucified. They also find the word Morningstar painted in the warehouse, and at that point Chloe decides that it’s in Lucifer’s best interest that he not work on the case anymore because it could involve him on a very personal level, whether he did it himself or some crazy person who was inspired by him was doing it.  Lucifer feels betrayed and goes to complain to Dr. Linda about it, dragging her out of bed and to her office to do it.  She tells him that if he’s so afraid of being vulnerable he should just stay away from Chloe, but he says he doesn’t want to, so she tells him he shouldn’t.

During all of this, Maze has been sleeping with Amenadiel.  Amenadiel is upset because he says he failed in his mission and that sleeping with a demon just made things worse, but he seems to really like her, and she likes him back.  Lucifer told her to kill him, though, so he’ll be out of their hair once and for all.  Maze is just about to, but hesitates, and then Amenadiel gets angry and storms off to go confront Lucifer.

Lucifer goes home, but not before being confronted again by the street preacher who says he wants to destroy Lucifer.  Lucifer threatens him and then Malcolm steps in to defuse the situation and take Lucifer home himself.  He’s acting way too chummy with Lucifer and sounding rather mad, and then Lucifer notices he has red paint on his hands, just like what they found in the warehouse.  Malcolm confesses that he killed those people and he did it all for Lucifer because he somehow got it in his head that Lucifer would be pleased by this.  Lucifer is most certainly not pleased in the slightest, not only because people are blaming it on him, but because that is not what he stands for in the slightest.  He isn’t a killer.

Amenadiel comes just in the nick of time to keep Lucifer from breaking any of Malcolm’s bones and they have a big fight where Amenadiel says he’s upset Lucifer used Maze against him.  Lucifer blames Amenadiel for Chloe making him vulnerable, though Amenadiel doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about.  Maze comes in the middle of the fight and tells them they both used her and she’s done with them. She tells them to just kill each other and leaves, and they both realize what they’ve done.

Chloe comes to Lux to find Lucifer’s face all messed up while he has a drink.  He starts talking about how sad and betrayed he feels because everyone blames him for everything, and then she pulls her gun on him because she finds the street preacher in a puddle of blood with a bullet through his head.  She tells Lucifer he’s under arrest for murder.

This episode has a lot packed into it, most of which are continuations of little subplots that were started in previous episodes.  Maze’s story line, why he’s vulnerable around Chloe, the street preacher all the way back from episode 2, and most importantly Malcolm.  The central theme of this episode is all about Lucifer and how he’s the devil, and what people think the devil really is.

The little satanist cult was found to be ridiculous and people who didn’t actually seem to believe in what they were doing, that they were just playing essentially.  “Pretending to be evil” as Lucifer put it.  They all supposedly thought they knew who Lucifer was and what he wanted, but he screamed at them, telling him he didn’t stand for any of this and that they should take the situation more seriously considering a girl was dead.

When he confronts Malcolm, Malcolm is acting as if he was the true satanist, unlike the other ones.  He was doing this all for Lucifer, probably to repay him for sparing his miserable life.  Maybe he thought if he served Lucifer he would never have to suffer through hell again.  Oh but how wrong he was.  He doesn’t know anything about Lucifer, he just thinks he does.  “The whole world does.”  Lucifer once again goes off, saying how he’s tired of people blaming everything they do on him.  And what do you know, a body is found in his club and it’s blamed on him.

There’s also a theme of betrayal going on throughout this episode.  Lucifer feels betrayed by Chloe because of her making him vulnerable, and then when she kicks him off the case for being too personally involved.  Amenadiel feels betrayed by Maze when she tries to kill him.  Chloe still feels betrayed by Dan because he still hasn’t been able to tell her that he didn’t break up with her through a text.

Let’s talk about Maze.  She said to Lucifer that she was just sleeping with Amenadiel to manipulate him for Lucifer.  Lucifer tells her Amenadiel has to go and she should just kill him.  In her interactions with Amenadiel, though, it’s obvious that she likes him.  She says that, even though she’s had sex with a lot of people, it’s different with him.  Oh, and when she confronts the two brothers when they’re fighting she calls them out on how they were both just using her to manipulate each other.  This moment is essentially where her character arc that goes through season two really begins (technically it began with Linda telling her to start making friends, but).

At the beginning of this season, Maze was fiercely loyal to Lucifer, even though he was doing things she didn’t agree with.  Amenadiel was trying to get to Lucifer through her and eventually she caved, not because she was on Amenadiel’s side, but because she wanted to go home as well as protect Lucifer.  Lucifer found out and pushed her away.  She then got close to Amenadiel and she saw that as a way to get back to Lucifer, but then later realized that she actually did like Amenadiel.  But she didn’t want to betray Lucifer again.  She was caught between them both.  Both of them were manipulating her and now she’s done.

There’s another interesting thing I noticed, and that’s the way the two murders happened, or rather the positions of the bodies.  The first was in the center of a pentagram, and the second was hung like a crucifix in an upside triangle.  Why are those significant?  Well, Malcolm was the one who killed both of them and Malcolm has Lucifer’s coin.  On one side of the coin is a pentagram, and on the other side is a crucifix in an upside down triangle.  It seems that Lucifer really did inspire these killings, and not in the way anyone would have thought.

In the next episode, which is the season 1 finale, we’ll see if Lucifer really does go down for murder and what happens with Malcolm.


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