Episode Analysis – Lucifer 1×13: Take Me Back To Hell

And here we are at last with the season 1 finale, Take Me Back To Hell.  Is this the end of our sad little devil?

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Lucifer is being held up by Chloe and several other police officers.  She tells him to come peacefully to the station but he refuses to do so, instead feeling betrayed and like he might as well accept his role as the Evil Devil he’s been cast as.  He goads a younger policeman into shooting him and when a shot is fired he’s disappeared.  Somehow no one questions how he could have just vanished in the blink of an eye and they begin looking for him and it turns out Amenadiel was the one to save him from his death.

Amenadiel confesses that he was wrong in his actions and that what he did has caused more harm than good and now he wants to go stop Malcolm himself and he wants Lucifer’s help in finding him.  Half of what brought him around to this was when Maze yelled at them and made them realize how they had used her – how they had hurt her.  Now he wants to make things right.  Lucifer, though he still feels betrayed and is ready to go back to hell, agrees to get Malcolm first and they go on the hunt.

Malcolm has stolen one of Maze’s knives from Lux while the police check around for evidence.  They find a gun that was presumably the murder weapon used to kill the preacher.  It was the same gun that Dan stole from evidence before.  When Dan sees this, he instantly realizes that Lucifer is innocent and he decides to finally tell Chloe the truth about everything.  She does not take it well.  Between shooting a man and gaslighting her, it’s safe to say that she’s pissed the hell off.  But she says that maybe there’s a way he can make things right.

Lucifer and Amenadiel go to have a talk in Amenadiel’s “office” and then Linda walks in and thinks that Amenadiel (“Dr. Canaan”) is stealing her patient, but then they tell her the truth: they’re brothers and Amenadiel was just trying to get Linda to manipulate Lucifer for him.  She is understandably pissed.  She’s in the middle of lecturing them when Lucifer takes something she said the wrong way (again) and runs off with it, leaving her confused and annoyed.

Chloe goes to find Maze to ask for her help in finding Lucifer and they have a nice chat in which Maze eventually comes to respect Chloe somewhat.  They go to Malcolm’s house to look for him and are met with a shotgun.  Malcolm’s wife was shooting at them because she thought they were Malcolm himself.  She’s terrified of him, because ever since he came back to life he’s changed.

Lucifer and Amenadiel go to Dan’s office at the station to get some information from him.  Dan seems somewhat resilient to Lucifer’s little “what do you desire” trick at first which impresses Lucifer, but he gets what he wants in the end and they once more disappear in the blink of an eye.  The two angelic brothers track Malcolm down to an old brewery where some sort of crime organization is hiding out and there is a glorious fight scene between them and the goons, and they defeat all of them without killing them.  Brotherly bonding through violence.

Just as Chloe and Maze show up to find Malcolm, and just before Lucifer can catch him, Malcolm stabs Amenadiel with Maze’s knife, mortally wounding him.  Maze tends to Amenadiel and tells Lucifer to go after Malcolm, but Chloe has scared Malcolm off with a few well placed shots first, confiscating the money he came there to get to skip town.  Dan says they have the evidence to clear Lucifer’s name and he turns himself in for stealing the gun used to kill the preacher.

Maze takes Amenadiel back to Lux, but he’s dying.  The demon dagger mortally wounded him, not to mention Malcolm stabbed him really good.  Amenadiel says he’s going to die, but Maze won’t let him.  She brings out the feather she had taken from Lucifer which she’d been hiding as Amenadiel said only something divine could heal him.  She says she kept it because she thought there’d be some way to get them back home using it, but instead she places it on Amenadiel’s wound.  The whole room lights up with a bright, divine light as his wound begins to heal.

As Dan is led away, Chloe gets a call from Trixie only to find out that it’s Malcolm holding her hostage.  He wants the money and he tells Chloe she can’t tell anyone else about it because she doesn’t know who at the station could actually be on Malcolm’s side.  She goes to meet Malcolm to get Trixie back and give him his money and he gets ready to kill her, but then Lucifer comes in to distract him long enough for Chloe to get away.  Unfortunately, Lucifer doesn’t realize just how insane Malcolm is, because he shoots Lucifer, telling him he wants him to feel that pain and suffer.  Too bad he gave Malcolm his coin to get out of hell already.

As Lucifer lies dying on the floor, he begins praying to his Father, saying he will do anything so long as He protects Chloe.  He dies and goes to hell, only to find that one of the doors in hell is wide open which should not be.  Then he comes back and surprises Malcolm and Chloe shoots him.  Malcolm says he’ll come back since he has the coin, but he realizes he doesn’t and Lucifer pulls it out of his pocket and tosses it into the air, watching it burn up as its single use was finished.  Chloe can’t understand how it was he died and came back, but for the moment she doesn’t really care because she’s just glad he’s alright.

Lucifer returns to Lux to find Amenadiel asleep.  Maze is nowhere in sight.  Lucifer tells him how he talked to Father and made a deal.  Apparently someone escaped hell and now he has to go find them and bring them back.  But he’s scared.  He’s terrified.  Amenadiel asks who could possibly scare him so.  Lucifer says that the person who escaped hell is: Mom.

What a wild ride this one was.  Lucifer and Amenadiel working together, Chloe and Maze working together, Malcolm kidnapping Trixie.  And ultimately I believe the theme of this episode is also the theme of the entire season, if not the entire show: redemption.

The entire season Lucifer has been trying to prove he’s not the Big Bad Evil Devil that everyone thinks he is, but here he sees that even the person he trusted the most, Detective Decker, apparently thinks he is.  So he’s just given up.  There’s no reason to stay any longer, so he might as well go back to his old life of being the lord of hell.  But Amenadiel, the person who’s been trying to get him to go back all this time, says they still have a job to do on Earth.  Both of them.  Amenadiel knows that he did bad and now he’s seeking to make it right – to redeem himself.

Dan is looking to redeem himself as well.  After all he did to Chloe – shooting Malcolm and then covering it up which made Chloe an outcast – when Lucifer asks him what he desires he says he wants redemption.  And that’s all Lucifer wants as well, even if he never outright says it.

And then there’s Malcolm.  He was given a second chance, supposedly promised redemption by an angel.  But what did he do with his second chance?  He didn’t change his ways, he just got more and more insane.  And it’s here, at the end, when he shoots Lucifer, that Lucifer gets his redemption.  “Protect Chloe.”  And he was sent back from hell to do just that.

Maze in a way also redeems herself when she heals Amenadiel.  She gives him the thing that she thought she could use to get home.  Home, the place she so longed to be but couldn’t get back to on her own.  Now she’s sacrificed the only thing that could get her back there to save Amenadiel’s life.

Redemption and sacrificial love intertwine all throughout this episode.  Dan “sacrifices” himself (turns himself in) not only to prove Lucifer’s innocence, but to try and make things right by Chloe after what he’d done to her.  There was Maze’s sacrifice to save Amenadiel, and before that Lucifer almost let Malcolm get away to go back and save Amenadiel himself.  And as Lucifer lies there dying, he begs for Chloe to be kept safe, that his sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain.

So that wraps up this season, but there’s still that one burning question left at the end: who is Mom?  That will have to be left until we get to season 2.


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