Novel Excerpt – The Vampire in My Basement (Chapter 13)

As I just finished writing the first draft of this story, I thought it would be a good idea to have an excerpt from the next to last chapter.  Being that it is the next to last chapter there are spoilers, but that’s not exactly a problem as the rest of this story probably won’t be seeing the light of day for a long time anyway, and by the time it does it will have changed significantly.  SO.

Warning: this chapter is far more intense and leans on the side of horror and isn’t particularly comedic and features violence.

This excerpt starts about 3/4th’s of the way into the chapter and stops at the end.

Please enjoy.

Note: This is an unedited rough draft.

Why do we have to hide?” Mina said with a frown.

Because I want you to be safe.” Laura leaned down and laid her hands on Mina’s shoulders, looking her in the eye. “I know you’re good at it. Just stay hidden and be safe. We can’t protect you when we’re going to fight these guys. Do you understand?”

Mina nodded her head a little. “I understand. We’ll go hide.”

Good, we’ll come find you when it’s all over. Isaac, let’s go.”

Isaac followed Laura out of the room as Meryl turned her attention to the man on the floor. “You girls go,” she said, “I want some privacy.”

Mina took a step away then took Cassie’s hand and ran out of the room with her. Cassie followed close behind her and asked, “Where are we going to hide?”

I know somewhere safe,” Mina said, “just follow me.”

They ran back through the main part of the house, being as quiet as they could and watching for any other men. They got to the door to the basement and Mina glanced at Cassie. “This is where Vlad stays, so it should be safe.”

Cassie nodded and the two girls slowly made their way down the steps into the dark basement. It seemed even darker than usual, Mina thought as they went down, but hopefully no one would think to come down there. When they got to the bottom of the stairs Mina pulled Cassie toward Vlad’s room.

When she opened the door there was a loud gunshot and Cassie let out a scream, falling to the floor. Mina gasped, her eyes wide, and it was then that she noticed Mr. Belmont was standing there with a gun in his hand. He walked over to Mina slowly, never taking his eyes off her and pointing the gun at her head.

You know something, Mina? You’re a very smart girl, but you’ve always been a terrible student. I’m not going to miss teaching you, you little brat.”

The fire in the fireplace suddenly burst to life, giving the room an eerie glow. Strange shadows danced over the walls and there was a hiss in the air. Mr. Belmont glanced around, and although it was clear he was trying not to look phased, he was obviously scared.

Mina backed away from him slowly while he was distracted and she started to hear whispers all around her, though she couldn’t make out what they were saying. Mr. Belmont cursed and spun around. “Where are you?”

Another quiet, yet distinctly menacing voice spoke out above the whispers. “You call me a monster? Well, in that case, I think it’s time I prove to you just how much of a monster I really am.”

Mr. Belmont backed away, his hand shaking as he pointed the gun at Mina. “I’ll kill the girl before you get the chance!”

Mina’s eyes grew wide as she saw Vlad suddenly appear right behind Mr. Belmont, but he looked different. He was taller, paler, more terrifying, and pale wings stretched out from his back. He grabbed Mr. Belmont’s arm and leaned down to say, “You won’t get the chance.”

He twisted Mr. Belmont’s arm with a sickening crack and Mr. Belmont screamed. Mina shuddered at the sight and took another step back. Vlad turned to look at her, and his eyes were indeed glowing red, looking like fire. When she had backed out of the room entirely, the door slammed shut in front of her, and then all Mina could hear were screams that soon died away.

A shudder went up her spine and she turned to see Cassie lying on the floor. She rushed over to Cassie and knelt down beside her, looking her over. Her shoulder was bleeding but the wound didn’t look too terrible. She would live, probably, Mina thought.

Mina carefully pulled Cassie closer, propping her up in her lap and holding onto her. “It’s going to be okay,” Mina whispered. “We’ll be okay.”

She wasn’t quite sure how long she was there until the door opened again. Mina looked up with a little shiver and saw Vlad standing there, looking like himself again, and she swallowed.

What happened to Mr. Belmont?” she asked.

Let’s just say he won’t be bothering anyone ever again,” Vlad replied, then he quirked his lips and murmured, “and I won’t be needing to eat again for quite awhile either.”


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