Character Dynamics – Developing Large Groups of Characters

Often times I’ve seen stories that have large casts of characters but often end up only really focusing on one or two while essentially ignoring the other characters or just not giving them much development.  Recently I’ve been rewatching a couple shows I like and noticed that both of them had a cast of seven main characters and somehow had all of them fleshed out and developed quite well and I started really diving into how those worked out.  So I’m going to tell you what I found, and how it even applies to some of my own characters, and maybe you can apply these techniques to your own stories and see if it gets you anywhere.

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Stream of Consciousness #3

Looky here, I had nothing planned again so you get another one of these posts where I spew words out at random and see if anything comes out coherent at all.  People seemed to enjoy the last two of these posts I made so hopefully these aren’t too annoying.

This time I’ll be writing while listening to my Lucifer playlist.  So if any of this sounds suspiciously like fan fiction for Lucifer, well… that might be why.  Here we go.

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Story Idea – Demon’s Lullaby

The title of this story may look familiar if you’ve been following my blog for a long time.  I did write a version of this story back in 2015, but now I’m doing a new version which is significantly different and I think much better.  It certainly reflects who I am as a writer now over back then (with its themes and such).

If you like magic, fantasy, or comedy, this will probably be of interest to you.

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Movie Review – A Monster Calls

Last year I read a book entitled A Monster Calls, which when I read the synopsis sounded like it was right up my alley.  Monsters and nightmares are kind of my thing in case that wasn’t obvious by now.  But what I got when I read the story was something entirely unexpected and it became one of my favorite books ever just like that.  It was a story that dealt with emotions and loss in a way that I had never seen before and I loved it dearly.

And then one day I happened to find out they were making a movie based on this book and I got incredibly excited.  Finally, for once I could see a movie based on a book where I read the book first even before I knew about the movie.  That doesn’t happen like… ever.  And I just saw that movie this past week so I’m going to give my thoughts on it now.

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