Finding Your Identity & New Beginnings

I’ve been struggling for awhile trying to figure out who I am – as a person and as an author, but as I’ve gotten older and been writing more I’m just now starting to feel comfortable with what I’m doing.  And what I am is not the identity I had when I first created this blog, and because of that I think it’s time for a change.

As such, this is going to be the last post on this blog, so pay attention to the end to find out what my next ventures will be, but until then I want to talk about finding your identity some more.

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Story Idea – Gravity Lies v.2

Yes I did write this story once before just last year, but now I’m rewriting it because I realized that I could make it better.  This time around, instead of being from the perspectives of the two human characters, it’s from the perspectives of the two angels that are with them.

Having written the first few chapters already I am far happier with this version than I was with the original version, especially in terms of how it fits in with the rest of the series it’s part of.  This is also technically the first story in that series and I want it to start off appropriately and I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it justice.

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Writing Perspectives – First Person or Third Person?

When I start writing a new story, one of the things I have to figure out is whether I want to write it in first or third person.  Usually it’s third person, but on occasion it’s first person.  I’ve also done a couple stories with multiple POVs and I’ve done first and third interchangeably with those stories.

I’ve also seen other people struggling to figure out whether or not their stories should be first or third person.  I’ve also seen people criticize certain POVs because they just don’t like them.  I started thinking about the purpose of different POVs on an analytical level and so I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.

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Novel Excerpt – The Vampire in My Basement (Chapter 13)

As I just finished writing the first draft of this story, I thought it would be a good idea to have an excerpt from the next to last chapter.  Being that it is the next to last chapter there are spoilers, but that’s not exactly a problem as the rest of this story probably won’t be seeing the light of day for a long time anyway, and by the time it does it will have changed significantly.  SO.

Warning: this chapter is far more intense and leans on the side of horror and isn’t particularly comedic and features violence.

This excerpt starts about 3/4th’s of the way into the chapter and stops at the end.

Please enjoy.

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Story Idea – The Vampire in My Basement

For Camp NaNo this month I was going to do one story and then scrapped it at the last minute, deciding to do something else with it instead.  But I still wanted to do Camp NaNo so I decided I wanted to work on one of my vampire stories.  And so here we are.

This is the first story in what I plan to make a very large series.  It’s a comedic children’s/middle grade story about a family of vampire hunters (the Vanhelsings) and Vlad Dracula.  I wrote a story in this series back in 2014 and it was the most fun I ever had writing probably anything, so now I’m refining the ideas better with this one.

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Analysis – Lucifer Season 1 Overview

Now that I’ve gone over each episode individually in previous posts, I wanted to talk about season one of Lucifer as a whole.  As a side note, season 2 has just recently finished airing and I may talk about it briefly in this post, but I’m going to try to keep it to a minimum because I don’t want to go into too much detail about it until I start covering that season itself.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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