A directory of all the posts I’ve written that are just thoughts on writing or art or such things, not fiction or reviews.

On Writing
– Post-NaNo Thoughts (2014)
– The Importance of Music and Art
– Story Types
– Undeserved Misfortune
– Romanticizing Romance
– Exploiting Suffering in Writing
– Why I’m Not A Christian Author
– Passion and Complacency
– How to Critique – Tips and Advice (7-part series)
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Different Drafts
Part 3: General Feedback
Part 4: Combing Prose
Part 5: Copy Editing
Part 6: Nitpicking
Part 7: General Guidelines
Unsolved Mysteries
On Writing Dreams
NaNoWriMo 2015
Character Development
The NaNo Dilemma
Dream Captive – What’s Become of Me
World Building – How Much is Needed?
Does Your Story Need a Dragon?
Plot vs. Character
Prologues – Don’t Skip
Personality Tests – How They Relate to Character Development
Sexuality in Storytelling
The Rough Draft
Writing Over Powered Characters
Show & Tell – When It’s Appropriate
Writing Emotionally
The Importance of Writing Partners
Atmosphere – How to Weave It Through
A Matter of Perspective
When the Stakes are High
Finding Your Story’s Aesthetic
How Writing Fan Fiction Can Help Your Original Content
How AU’s Can Be Helpful For Writing
Representation – Writing Female Characters
– Character Dynamics – Developing Large Groups of Characters

General Thoughts
– Surrealism – The Art of Dreams
– Vampires vs Christianity
The Importance of Art to Us
Technology vs. Nature
Quiet Moments
Beauty in Simplicity
A Matter of Opinion
– Year in Review and What’s to Come

Stream of Consciousness
SoC #1
SoC #2
– SoC #3

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