Novel Ideas

Last Updated: June 10th, 2016

This is a basic overview of the stories I am/have been working on.  Many of them are in series’s, but I have a couple individual stories as well.  This is just to get an idea of the sorts of stories I write, because these things are my life and my passion and, one day, I hope I can actually give them a draft that does them justice.

Individual Stories
Demon’s Lullaby – YA Comedic Dark Fantasy
The story of Lyra Indaril, a girl with a natural magic talent for taming and controlling demons through her singing.  She uses her talents for profit by taking care of anyone’s demon problems when they call on her, but when she meets the Wizard Zultio, she finds herself caught up in the middle of some terrible dispute between demons where not only are their lives at stake, so are their souls.

Bone Chills/Heart Warming – Middle-grade Comedic Dark Fantasy
The story of Aster Rose (“Asroe”), as she spends a painful week at her Aunt Fleur’s during the summer, only to stumble upon a portal to another world, a world of eternal winter.  Now while she stays in the house of a couple skeletons and plays board games with a ghost and a vampire, Asroe has to evade the notice of the king of this world, who would devour her if he found out about her presence.  While Bone Chills focuses on Asroe’s growing relationship with her friends in the graveyard, its sequel Heart Warming focuses on her adventure to find her way home and restore order to the world after accidentally unleashing a terrible disaster.

Novel Series
Of Beauty and Rage Series – Dark Supernatural Slice-of-Life
This series originally started out as something I was doing for myself, but then I ended up somehow mixing my stories in with some stories that my friend was doing and we made a huge series out of it together.  It’s about guardian angels and archangels and people dealing with life.  If you’d like to know more about the series, head over to our story blog, Of Beauty and Rage.

Lyndon Tales Series – YA Horror Urban Fantasy
This is a series about three sisters who, after their parents are killed by some terrible beast, are taken in by a witch and taught magic.  They essentially become magical girls and go about fighting off different terrible monsters, defending children who are all being haunted by their own personal boogieman.  I want to take inspiration from creepypastas and things like that for many of the stories in this series.

Draculesti Series – Middle-grade/YA Comedic Horror
This series is all about vampires.  It focuses mainly on the Draculesti clan, the three Vampire Lords: Vlad Dracula, his son Neculai Alucard, and his son Lagatto.  Vlad and Lagatto are in the employ of the Van Helsings, the oldest family of monster hunters around.  The Vampire Lords have their own reasons for helping out the hunters, but the main reason is because Vlad was tired of fighting with them and never being able to be slain so he decided to join them.

Story Worlds
Because I have a menagerie of story worlds with ideas for stories in them but nothing particularly solid just yet, but I wish to show them off regardless.  Certain stories connect to different story worlds in small ways as well.

The Etern – Supernatural Dark Fantasy
The Etern are a group of beings which are the embodiments of different aspects of creation: three existence aspects, three fate aspects, three dream aspects, and Time.  The existence aspects are Life, Death, and Shison; the fate aspects are Fate, Destiny, and Chance; the dream aspects are Morpheus, Mephisto, and Mephala.  These ten beings govern reality, living in an outside dimension and watching over everything.

Traumreich – Psychological Fantasy Horror
Traumreich is essentially the world of dreams.  It was created by Morpheus, Mephisto, and Mephala of the Etern.  There are three realms in Traumreich, each ruled by one of the three Etern: Yume, the realm of dreams, ruled by Morpheus; Timor, the realm of nightmares, ruled by Mephisto; Visare, the realm of good dreams, ruled by Mephala.  There is also a fourth realm to their world, but it is separate from the others and ruled by none of them.

Paracosm – Psychological Fantasy Horror
Paracosm is the fourth realm of Traumreich, but it’s so different that it’s considered a separate world on its own.  Paracosm is essentially the world of imagination.  Its “rulers” are a pair of brothers known as Priatel and Strach.  Priatel is the quintessential imaginary friend of all children, whereas his brother Strach is the quintessential boogieman.


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