Short Stories

A directory I’ve short stories I’ve written and posted on my site.

Lonely Souls on a Lonely Sky (Flash Fiction, 599 Words – Genre: Steampunk Fantasy)
Of Frost Dragons and Ice Wizards (Short Story, 1,627 Words – Genre: Fantasy)
Dream of Me (Short Story, 1,266 Words – Genre: Psychological Fantasy)
Terror in the Dark (Short Story, 1,379 Words – Genre: Horror)
No Way Up (Short Story, 1,790 Words – Genre: Horror)
Cradle of Forest (Short Story, 1,428 Words – Genre: Fantasy)
Break Me Down (Flash Fiction, 924 Words – Genre: Supernatural)
Shadows (Flash Fiction, 972 Words – Genre: Supernatural)
Let It Burn (Flash Fiction, 311 Words – Genre: Emotional)
Hymn For the Missing (Flash Fiction, 479 Words – Genre: Emotional)
Die For You (Flash Fiction, 211 Words – Genre: Christian Emotional)
Same Disease (Flash Fiction, 339 Words – Genre: Emotional)
Hold Me Now (Flash Fiction, 745 Words – Genre: Emotional)
As You Go (Flash Fiction, 418 Words – Genre: Emotional)
Because I’m Her Daddy (Short Story, 1,331 Words – Genre: Emotional Slice of Life)
The Blood That Binds Us (Short Story, 1,761 Words – Genre: Emotional Slice of Life)
Caged Heart (Flash Fiction, 434 Words – Genre: Dark Surrealism)
Somnolence (Short Story, 1,149 Words – Genre: Psychological Horror)
A Terrible Tantibus (Short Story, 2,923 Words – Genre: Horror)
The NaNoer’s Conundrum
(Flash Fiction 1,052 Words – Genre: Meta)
Damen/Cecil (Short Story, 2,540 Words – Genre: Slice of Life with Horror)
If I Were Sober (Flash Fiction, 900 Words – Genre: Emotional Slice of Life)
The Christmas Dance (Short Story, 1,512 Words – Genre: Romantic Comedy)
How Vlad Saved Christmas (Short Story, 1,642 Words – Genre: Comedy)
You Are My Sunshine (Short Story, 3,062 Words – Genre: Slice of Life)
Shadows on the Third Floor (Short Story, 1,809 Words – Genre: Horror/Ghost)
Sans-Sariff (Short Story, 7,875 Words – Genre: General/Horror)
The Prince and the Storyteller (Short Story, 7,956 Words – Genre: Dark Fantasy)
When He Died (Flash Fiction, 875 Words – Genre: General/Religious)
Nuclear (Short Story, 3,754 Words – Genre: Supernatural/Psychological)

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